Maiden's Bane

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Maiden's Bane
Appearance A cloudy and murky pale blue liquid with red streaks
Application Thrown, poured or splashed
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Dorinn Alchemist, Augustine Barnaby
Potency Half a regular-sized vial
Injectable No
  1. Very powerful and potent foul-smelling mixture that few races can withstand being in the presence of
  2. Burns the nose and eyes at close contact
  3. Especially foul to any Naylar and Varran due to the added Lanarra’s Hand and Axford Maiden

Maiden's Bane, a potion identified by its pale, milky blue complexion and faint streaks of red, was originally intended as a deterrent for animals. Despite this, the alchemy soon found its uses in the hands of pranksters aswell. The potion creates an abhorrently stenched, translucent cloud on impact, that can be used to repel others or create a distraction for the user to flee. It is an easily-made concoction in and of itself, though many struggle with dealing with the odor while brewing it.


The potion was created by a Dorinn alchemist known as Augustine Barnaby, who travelled to Ellador to study flora and collect ingredients to use in his alchemical concoctions. Originally, Maiden’s Bane was created to deter the local fauna that Augustine and his colleagues encountered as they studied the native flora of Ellador and Jorrhildr’s southern border. It wasn’t long however before this mixture, known at the time as “Bear’s Perfume”, found use in other parts of the world where men and women encountered dangerous wildlife.

As it grew in popularity, the concoction began to play a role in the pranks of young Ailor boys, which earned it the new name “Maiden’s Bane”. Others began to experiment with the mixture, adding fireweed, skunk oil, and sulphur to the mix, causing it to become far more potent. Still to this day, the concoction retains its original use in deterring wild beasts, but with the added use of deterring people as well. It has become a must-have when exploring regions of Aloria with dangerous fauna, or even dangerous criminals.


Maiden’s Bane is rather simple to make, albeit a disgustingly scented endeavor. To prepare a bottle of Maiden’s Bane, one must acquire or brew a bottle of Vocadine. Then, the Axford Maiden’s petals should be removed from the raw plant and crushed using a mortar and pestle until it becomes a fine, fragrant paste. It may be necessary to add small traces of water for the paste to retain its moisture. Next, they must chop up the fruit known as Lanarra’s Hand into small lumps and mix it with the Axford Maiden thoroughly. The paste should have a pale blue, milky color, which becomes diluted once mixed with the Vocadine. All the ingredients should be stirred up well, before traces of Sulphur and Fireweed are finally added to increase the intensity of the pungent odor. Optionally, a few drops of skunk oil may be included to extend the longevity of potion. At this point, the Maiden’s Bane is to be sealed in a glass container.

Once combined, the bottle of Maiden's Bane must be placed over a stove and heated in a pot of water until it comes to a boil and starts to fill the unused section of the bottle with gas. The alchemist must take care not to overheat it, less the bottle explode from the pressure of the disgusting fragrance inside.



Maiden’s Bane must be exposed to the air to take effect, either through being poured out, splashed, or having the bottle broken and the contents freed. Once exposed, the gaseous liquid mixture forms a translucent, powerful, and foul smelling cloud, which spreads six meters around the area where it was released. Maiden’s Bane is inert when bottled, and typically has no odor until it is released, as those who brew it place it under a tight seal to prevent the fumes from escaping.


Maiden’s Bane releases a gaseous odor when it is exposed to the air and, from the odor alone, can burn a person or animal’s nose to deter them. It is typically seen as a nonviolent solution to ending conflict or to prevent the user from becoming some animal’s meal. Physically, Maiden’s Bane has no lasting detrimental effects to a person and does not harm their sense of smell, even after multiple uses. Its foul scent only lasts for a period of five minutes, or ten minutes if skunk oil is added, after which the smell quickly fades and the solution becomes an inert liquid. Maiden’s Bane is far more potent towards any Varran and Naylar due to the added components of Axford Maiden and Lanarra’s Hand, which are respectively repulsive to both races. Additionally, only half a vial is needed for the full effects of Maiden’s Bane.

The nectar from a Sleeping Beauty vine has the capacity to nullify the effects of Maiden’s Bane when poured over exposed Maiden’s Bane. This can be achieved in the form of either the vine’s raw nectar, or the derived soap.

Physical Characteristics

Maiden’s Bane possesses a foul odor akin to a strong chemical solution combined with the smell of an aged rotting carcass. Mixing Vocadine and Axford Maiden produces the foul smell of rotten cabbage alone, but creating Maiden’s Bane takes it several steps further. Maiden’s Bane is usually placed in easily breakable vials, as is done with Obscura, and appears as a pale, creamy blue mixture with faint red streaks and the texture of a thin liquid.


  • Even Orcs are heavily impacted and deterred by the concoction. Yanar and Maraya are the only races able to withstand Maiden’s Bane due to their inability to detect the primary ingredient, Axford Maiden; though the potion will still smell foul to them.
  • Ironically, despite the mixture being made to deter wild animals, the creator Augustine Barnaby was mauled to death by a bear.
  • Someone once tried to ingest the mixture and experienced extremely foul flatulence for an entire day. Disappointingly, he died the day later from the effects it had on his digestive system.

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