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Getting Started

New to the server? Head over to /tp factions for a quick tutorial on how to start in the survival worlds! The quest there will provide all the tips you need to get started with your factions!! Below, there is more information laid out for different popular topics. Most, if not all, new player questions have answers that can be found right here!! If you don’t see your answer, don’t hesitate to send a message to H: Help chat, or make a staff ticket in game with /ti c [message]

How to Chat!

MassiveCraft has a custom chat channel system. The base command is /chat. The available chat channels are

  • Faction
  • Trade
  • Help
  • Recruitment
  • General
  • PvP
  • RP-OOC
  • Local.

Each of these channels has a specific use. Keep the channels on topic, or warnings will be issued by staff. Faction Chat is a private chat for your faction mates, this chat is not moderated except within extreme situations, and there is no specific topic. Standard server rules still apply. Trade chat is used for selling items, auctioning items, and advertising your services or wares. Help chat is for any questions you may have, or answering the questions of others. Recruitment chat is used for trying to get members to join your faction, or asking to join someone else’s faction. General chat is for anything appropriate, and within the MassiveCraft rules. PvP Chat is a slightly deregulated chat made for PvPers to banter. RP-OOC is a chat channel used in Roleplay for global OOC chats. Local chat is only seen by nearby players, and is generally used for RP, however it is not a specific chat channel. To switch chat channels, you can use /chat focus [name], or you can shorten it by using “f:”, “t:”, etc.

Helpful Tips!!


Join r: chat to see a recruitment advertisements from the factions of MassiveCraft! Read the messages that are being announced, and choose which faction looks best to you. Generally, you would direct message the leader/officer that is online in the faction, and politely ask to join. The leader will send you an invitation, which can be accepted by doing ./f join [faction name]. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to make a ticket or ask somebody. Once you join a faction, do /f home to get to the faction’s main home, where you can start the process of getting set up in your new faction. “f:” moves you to the faction’s private chat, where you can converse with your new leader and faction mates.


You don’t want someone to steal your stuff, now do you? Well you’re in luck! MassiveCraft has a custom lock plugin that can be used from anything to securing your personal items, making a shop, to making a chest where people can donate to you. The basic command is /lock, with the rest of the commands branching out from there. To start, do /lock create [name]. This will create a new lock, and automatically select it. From there, you can either use ./lock punch, or ./lock tool. They both accomplish a similar task, however punch will turn your fist into a lock tool, and it will continue locking and unlocking items until you repeat the command to disable it. Each lock you create has a regal cost. A single chest is 3r, a double chest is 6r, and so forth. Each block included in a lock is 3r, and you cannot re-obtain the regals through unlocking the block. Note: A Door lock includes the block below it. Once a chest is locked, red particles will be emitted, and you will be the only one allowed to access it. Locks override factions permissions. If you want to add someone else to your lock, do /lock edit roles add [lock rank] [username]. If you want to give factionwide access to the lock, include a “f” in between the rank and name. On the MassiveCraft forums, there is a Tutorial


MassiveCraft has a unique plugin called MassiveTraits. You can use traits to enhance your PvP, or to just simplify building and travelling. Each player gets 150 trait points, to be used however you see fit. You can do ./t list to see a list of all the available traits. A trait with a green + number will use up some of your trait points, and a trait with a red negative number will give you additional points to spend. Green traits are positive effects, while red traits are negative. There is no limit to how many times you can change your traits, to add a trait to your build just do /trait add [name]. To remove, do /trait remove [name]. Bear in mind that you must stand still for 1 minute, and take no damage for 5 minutes in order to be able to edit your traits. The base command for traits is /t, if you want to explore more deeply into what each trait does.

Custom Recipes

MassiveCraft has a number of custom crafting recipes because structures do not spawn on our survival maps, nor is the nether or the end available. These recipes are all shaped crafting, meaning the blocks specific are required in the exact position and quantity in order to get the final product. Consult the Custom Crafting Recipes page for more details.

Important Links

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