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Appearance A thin, oily liquid with orange or yellow mist
Application Inhaled from linen
Proficiency Requires 2 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Charlotte Trumbelle
Potency 4-6 drops
Injectable No
  1. Wakes someone from unconsciousness.
  2. Stirs those who are faint.

Melodin is a thin herbal oil, used commonly for its sharp, intoxicating taste that snaps people from a fainting-spell, and with the inclusion of the spice Dragonflower, can potentially awake an unconscious person. The chemical is extremely commonplace amongst noble women, and having it on hand is commonly seen as a mark of wealth, especially the design of it’s container, the trumbell.


Charlotte Trumbelle, being a Regalian healer of significant stature, was tasked with designing a concoction that would wake a patient who had become faint, which often occurred in her line of work. She soon took to her gardens, and with basic mint and lavender, made a mixture of oils sharp enough to snap someone from a fainting-spell. This was then, and still is, used commonly in the Regalian clinic on patients.

It was only in the last 14 years that the chemical has been adopted by the public for general use. The addition of Dragonflower was made at this time, to add a further kick to jolt the target to consciousness. Now, a vial is often carried amongst higher classes, occasionally carried by guard charters in times of high tension, and very infrequently by other commonfolk.


First, mint leaves should be cut into several strands, or crushed if dried. These leaves must then be scraped into a container. After this, the chosen alcohol is poured into the same container, making sure the leaves are completely submerged. This mixture must be shook lightly, then left for several hours to allow the oils of the leaves to mix with the alcohol. The mixture may then be poured into another container, the leaves strained completely from it. Each of the steps above must then be repeated with Yuntia Cactus fluid. Finally, cut up petals of dry Dragonflower are to be sprinkled and lightly stirred within the thin liquid.



Melodin may be dabbed from its container onto a handkerchief, towel, or any type of linen. This may then be pressed against the unconscious or faint person’s mouth, or one may pinch the afflicted’s nose with the linen. After this is done, the head of the person is often lifted gently upward should they be on the floor, to allow a healthy circulation of air and avoid asphyxiation.


If the one Melodin is being used on is merely faint, the cloth will touch the lips with a slight tingling heat and sharp herb taste, leaving a short sting. Once the vapor enters the mouth, a strong herbal, minty coolness will travel down the throat and fill the sinuses, flushing out any mucus present. This sudden freshness and slight heat will usually bring someone to their senses.

Should the person instead be completely unconscious, the spicy, almost barky, petal flakes will unpleasantly scratch and tickle the back of the throat. This, along with the clinical cold of the sharp lavender and mint, will cause an inhalation reflex to occur, meaning the person will breathe sharply in despite being unconscious. Furthermore, the unpleasant and irritating itch of spice and bark will cause a harsh coughing fit for around a dozen seconds, causing blood to rush rapidly to the brain, restoring healthy blood flow and therefore consciousness

Physical Characteristics

The mixture itself is a colourless oil, only slightly thicker than the consistency of water. The dragonflower included gathers at the bottom, spreading upward to form misty, thin wisps of weak orange or yellow. Often, small parts of petal also drift within the upper part of the liquid.

Melodin is usually found in small vials or bottles. More often, a container specifically made for Melodin is used, known as a Trumbell - after it’s original creator. This vial is a thin, delicate glass cuboid with a larger, spherical bung. The glass itself has often elegant designs, with thin patterns popping slightly from the surface. Commonly, the glass will also be painted with floral colours, and some even depict lavender plants curling around the container’s length or on the bung. As Trumbells are rather expensive, many noble women see them as a way of displaying both their wealth and elegance. Many see the traditional designs of Trumbells as exclusively feminine, and as such more masculine versions have been produced. These usually favor warmer colours, the dragonflower chosen within the mixture usually a deeper scarlet. The bung is also often shaped to the likeness of a dragon’s head.


  • Due to the chemical’s requirement of certain glands to irritate (in order to cause an inhalation reflex) , Melodin only affects human races.

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