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Metallurgy is a Proficiency costing Ability buying addition to the main Proficiency page. Metallurgy, generally speaking, is the crafting of items or objects with metals and alloys in a forge or smithy. Metallurgy has a Proficiency cost per so called "Pack" in a similar way to how Sorcery has a base cost per Ability. Each Pack represents one of the below Knowledge Packs, which can be bought for 3 Proficiency Points each. There is no upper limit to the amount of Metallurgy Packs that someone can buy, as long as they have the Proficiency points to afford it. When writing these Metallurgy Packs on your Character Application, you should mention them under your Character's Abilities, and declare the total points cost on the sheet under Proficiency Points spending.

No character has access to any Metal except Iron or painted variants in their backstory without the relevant Proficiency. These Metals may ONLY be gained through IC forging roleplay with Metallurgist characters. You are welcome to handwave in jewelry or other small trinkets of IRL Metals, but nothing else.

Pack Name Description
Utility Metallurgy The Character is able to craft utility items such as nails, hinges, tools and beads of iron, or other metals they have access to with other Metallurgy packs.
Weapon Metallurgy The Character is able to craft weapons including ammunition and parts of weapons. This pack does not include any metals, purely the skill to forge these items.
Finecraft Metallurgy The Character is able to craft soft metals into engravings or decorative items. This pack does not include any metals, purely the skill to forge these items.
Armor Metallurgy The Character is able to craft armor such as platesteel or chainmail. This pack does not include any metals, purely the skill to forge these items.
Iron Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Iron, Ferr-Iron, Steel, and Blacksteel for their Metallurgy Craft.
Bronze Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Brass, Copper, Bronze, Tin and Lead for their Metallurgy Craft.
Ellad Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Omnaleya, Khazalitra, Dhobrøk-Khor and Metalitra for their Metallurgy Craft.
Daen Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Pattara, Nightsilver, Galenata, and Loon-Solay for their Metallurgy Craft.
Farad Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Zankari, Umbooru, Cinnochra, and Modul for their Metallurgy Craft.
Rich Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Gold, Silver, Pyrignis, and Ephamaria for their Metallurgy Craft.
Ailor Family Metallurgy The Character now has access to using Mocra, Laquoria, Flowerite, and Hutter for their Metallurgy Craft.

Skysteel is not included in Any Metallurgy pack. Skysteel can only be found in pre-forged weapon format, and the skill to re-forge it has been lost to time: it is not available at all, except through Progressions.

Metals Table

The following Metals exist in canon Aloria. Many of these Metals are limited to specific Metallurgy packs, so refer to the packs above to see whether your Character can use them. All Metals are generally divided between three categories: Light (meaning less durable but lighter) Medium (meaning average) and Heavy (meaning more durable but heavier). Durability does not affect weapon or armor degradation in Abilities that degrade metals, it is purely for flavor and combat roleplay considerations when fighting others with equal matched skills and weapons. Some exceptions may exist for materials that can only be found in progressions.

Name Class Special Properties Appearance when forged
Iron Medium None Red tinted dull gray
Ferr-Iron Light More brittle Iron Stronger red tinted light gray
Steel Medium None Dull silver
Blacksteel Heavy None Very dark gray, bordering on black
Brass Medium None Golden with a more yellowish dulling
Bronze Medium None Yellowish brown with a light gold hue
Cinnochra Medium None Deep crimson red
Copper Light None Brown with a sheen or red
Ephamaria Medium None A gold-like metal with an orange hue
Flowerite Light When struck with any other object, produces a harmonious tonal C noise that resonates Hot pink
Galenata Medium None Dark gray silver with sparkle lines in it
Gold Light None Golden
Lead Light None Dark grey
Laqoria Light Sparkles with a diamond-like brilliance Light blue with marbled streaks of white
Metalitra Heavy None Dark gray with a sheen of dull gold
Dhobrøk-Khor Heavy None Beige almost wood-like color with red lines and cracks in the metal
Khazalitra Heavy None Silver-like with cracks of azure blue marbled in
Mocra Medium None Very light pink like Himalayan salt with an opaline sheen
Nightsilver Medium Produces a dusting of star-like glitter when moving Dark night sky blue
Omnaleya Heavy Produces a deep pitch buzzing noise when moving A deep burgundy red with darker brown cracks running through it
Pattara Light Smells like freshly cut grass and flowers Silver with a rich green hue
Pyrignis Medium None Silver-yellow metal with strong reflective capacity
Silver Light None Silver
Zankari Medium When submerged in water, causes it to appear like blood A dull dark brown with a very light red reflective sheen
Umbooru Heavy Produces a rattle-snake like sound when moving Ivory white
Tin Light None Dull gray
Skysteel Medium Can cut through Plate steel as if it is made of paper Silver with a light blue glow and glowing dust falling from it
Modul Heavy Produces a howling wind noise when moving When forged, Modul looks like actual bone
Hutter Heavy Produces a distinct smell of pine resin and needles A dark gray metal with brown lines in it that resemble the rings of trees
Loon-Solay Light Produces a mist-like dew following its movements Ceramic-like white

Special Permission Metallurgy

One additional function exists for Metallurgy, regarding Registered Metals. There exists a Metallurgy Registry Special Permission on the Forums that allows for the registration of unique metals for a forger that only they can use. The pre-requirements for this Permission is that the user has had a Metallurgist character for over 2 months, that Metallurgy is the main “theme” or “aesthetic” of this character, and that they have invested at least 15 Proficiency Points in Metallurgy. If all these conditions are met, the user may submit an Argumentation-Free Permission Application, including 2 unique metals that only they have access to as Metallurgists. When approved, these Metals will be added to the Registered Metals list. Inactive players will not have their Metals removed from this list to preserve canon materials.

Registered Metals

This list will show all Registered Metals belonging to player Characters from Special Permissions. These Metals never require a pack for the registering person, and can only ever be forged by another person with direct supervision and help from the registering person. Even attempting to reforge the metals results in destruction of the metal.

Character Name Class Special Properties Appearance when forged
Desmond Kade Maravaal Heavy Silver lines glow cyan or light blue when exposed to water Imitation gold with marbled lines of silver
Desmond Kade Elegtiss Medium The colder the weather, the stronger the white glow on the metal Ivory-like with a blue sheen
Mavetel Lithandril Heldaal Heavy When coming into contact with liquid, the black marbling has a strong green glow. White Tungsten with black marbling, and a light green sheen.
Mavetel Lithandril Nenkagite Medium The golden parts sparkle, and leave behind a glittery afterimage. Vibrant Red-Orange, with gold color at any sharpened or shaved areas.
Keldo Artimis Pallalitra Medium Glitters and shines like stars when in pitch-black darkness. Similar to Silver, except whiter and with purple streaks embedded into it.
Keldo Artimis Kamelite Light When hit with excessive force, it will start to pulsate an orange-white glow, changing back after some time. Very dark grey steel-like metal, similar to Black-Steel but a distinctly more grey color.
Fe'roris Charonist Heavy When swung or exposed to heat, it echoes faint ghostly howling. Black with dull green sheen and faint face-patterns.
Fe'roris Trustyll Medium Changes between one of two appearances depending on the user. Silver and White mixed metal, or gold and black mixed metal.