Middencroft's Decoction

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Middencroft's Decoction
Appearance An opaque yellow syrup.
Application Introduction to bloodstream through open wound or ingestion.
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Alestaire Middencroft
Potency Three or so ingested sips to cause intended effects.
Injectable Yes, faster onset
  1. Hastening of blood circulation.
  2. Blood thinning.
  3. Prevention of blood clotting.
  4. Headaches.

Middencroft’s Decoction is a dangerous poison that causes the rapid circulation of blood. When introduced to the blood system through direct contact or ingestion, it will prevent the clotting of open wounds as well as cause the overworking of the heart. While not inherently fatal on its own, opportune use of the decoction can cause severe mortal bleeding. The poison is popular among vampires, who utilize it to quicken their feeding or bleed their victim extensively over small periods of time.


Middencroft’s Decoction was one of the first entries within Alestaire Middencroft’s infamous ‘The Modern Apothecarium’, and the first example of Dorinn Herbal being used as a harmful alchemical ingredient. In his notes, Middencroft claims that he pioneered the creation of his decoction under the behest of his patron at the time, a notorious Vampire aristocrat. His initial recipe utilized Vocadine, though his variation with the Dorinn Herbal proved to be more effective for dubious reasons. He cites the source of this effect to be the fumes derived from the strong scent of the herbal, and how it may overwhelm the head when smelled. The recipe for Middencroft’s Decoction is so well-circulated that it outshines any of the alchemist’s other entries in his original tome. Simple pedlars who practice bleeding upon their patients will apply a small amount of the Decoction to aid in the process, while vampires save a vial for when they need to feed upon someone in great haste.


Creating Middencroft’s Decoction seems innocent to the untrained eye, as it uses the medical herb Lady’s Shine. The process is somewhat complicated and easy to ruin due to the delicate and unorthodox measures of ingredients. To start, the Dorinn Herbal must be treated with ground Nightshade until the sediments are thoroughly mixed into the alcohol. It is then boiled for two hours in a covered clay pot, and set aside after. In a saucepan, one must cook the dog tallow until it has melted, then sprinkle in the Lady’s Shine until the flower wilts. The melted tallow mixture is then placed in the alcohol, then decocted into a runny paste not unlike gravy. It is completed when the color turns to its characteristic orange-yellow and has achieved the desired consistency.



Middencroft’s Decoction is most potent when ingested, as only a few sips are required to achieve its effects. Many users place it at the bottom of the glass of ale or beer, as the alcohol would hide the poison without diluting its effects. Once someone takes a generous sip or gulp of the beer, they will start taking the poison in moderate amounts. Some also buy Middencroft’s Decoction to oil the sheaths of their weapons, coating the blade with the poison. When the affected blade touches a wound, the poison will linger in the blood and start to circulate much faster than ingestion, albeit remaining for less time.


When ingested, Middencroft’s Decoction causes a rapid response of accelerated blood circulation for up to an hour. The hastening is caused by the thinning of the blood, along with the agitated overworking of the heart. These effects are increased with the spread of the poison throughout the body, causing a positive feedback loop until the poison starts to lose its effect as time goes on. When the Decoction meets open blood from a wound or sore, it enters the bloodstream much faster, increasing its speed but also decreasing its duration.

The Decoction doesn’t work on Vampires. This allows Vampires to drink freely from poisoned individuals without fear of adverse effects.

Physical Characteristics

Middencroft’s Decoction takes the form of an opaque yellow-orange liquid that has the same consistency as gravy. It is best kept bottled, though retains its presence when slathered over a surface. It tends to bubble a little bit when touched with blood.


  • Middencroft lamented during his last days that the general populace had named Middencroft’s Decoction as it was, claiming it wasn’t his best work from his book. He disliked the malicious associations that the poison had attributed to him and his work.
  • Due to the potion base of Dorinn Herbal, it is easy to smell the poison’s strong herbal scent. The fumes from smelling the poison may imbibe the effects of it, albeit for short amounts of time and at a highly reduced potency.
  • Being caught in possession of Middencroft’s Decoction in Regalian controlled territories is punishable by the confiscation of all alchemically related items from one’s household, and a prison sentence of three months.

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