Milôt Bloodline

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Milôt Bloodline
Pronunciation Me-low
Origins Pays-Sud, Regalian Archipelago
Niche Extravagant party throwing illusion Vampire that shields other Vampires from detection

The Milôt Bloodline is a more obscure Bloodline hailing from Pays-Sud in the Regalian Archipelago, one of the relatively newest Bloodlines. The first Milôt Bloodline Vampires were once Alais Vampires who migrated with the Ithanian emigres from Ithania to Pays-Sud during the Gem Boom of the region. Sharp population growth in the region made being a Vampire more and more difficult however, with the sudden increase of state control of local guard forces and rapid militarization and education of the people on the danger of Vampires meant that many Alais Vampires were caught, despite their best attempts to remain hidden. Through the actions of what was rumored to be the Unspoken God of Mystery and Deceit, these once Alais Vampires struck a bargain to become Milôt under the leadership of Prince Valerois Honnête Dubois II. Unlike the Alais Bloodline however, the Milôt Bloodline did not spread rapidly, remaining very contained for a very long time, before reaching Regalia finally. Even to this day however, the Milôt population is small, purely because Milôt are not overly concerned with Vampire politics or spreading their Blood Curse. Over the centuries, the waning presence of the Arch Demon meant that Milôt (as the most diluted Bloodline) were able to pull themselves further and further away from the mind control of the Void, thus establishing obsessive ambitions of their own in entirely different directions. Nowadays, it is rare to find two Milôt that have aligned ideals and plans. While they might work for the same Coven, both might have intentions from completely different contexts, to move their future in entirely different directions. Milôt can as such also be called the most unpredictable Vampire Bloodline, though as always, the most predictable thing about them, is that they throw the best parties.

Milôt Mentality

All Vampire Mentalities are presented as general guidelines. This means Characters should follow them to about 80% and apply some leeway where applicable to help their roleplay along. This Mentality should never be an obstacle to roleplay, so if you have questions, please send in a ticket to Lore Staff. As for the list below, it mostly operates from the assumption that the reader is not yet in a Coven, or is playing a solo-Vampire. Even though the description mentions "Enemy Bloodlines" or bloodline conflicts, these conflicts only arise insofar Vampires are not working together, or in the same social setting. For example, a Cratos and Wyrden would hate each other due to opposing themes of ideology, but this would not result in them constantly attacking each other inside the same Coven. They would rather be snarky/snippy with each other before a Dorkarth interceded and gets them to calm down. Their hatred towards one another would only express itself outside of Covens or situations where they don't need each other.

  • General Demeanor: Prefer playing an independent anti-combat entertainer that can seamlessly flow between social groups and do whatever they want and their desires demand, but are very apathetic to the Vampire cause.
  • Regarding Loved ones: May choose to not infect or even inform their family of their status at all, the more Vampires are involved, the more complicated their lives become.
  • Regarding State Loyalty: Are generally apathetic to state governments, preferring to comply so as to not draw attention, but they would not go out of their way to help any government unless it got them something explicitly they wanted.
  • Regarding the Regalian Empire: They are generally apathetic to the Empire as a whole, but enjoying the riches that globalized trade and imperialism brings, allowing them to taste the riches of far off exotic lands.
  • Regarding Friendship: They generally have very superficial friendships, discarding people left and right if they are no longer entertaining to be around, but for those who bring joy and pleasure, friendships can be genuine.
  • Regarding Religion: They are absolutely anti-Religion because Religion is a major obstacle to debauched behavior which Milôt engage in. Any prior faith is immediately abandoned.
  • Regarding other Vampires: Milôt are immensely apathetic to other Vampires or their causes. They can still host Vampiric parties for them and enjoy them, but they have no special attachment to Vampirism.
  • Regarding other non-Vampires: Milôt are just as indifferent to non-Vampires, hosting parties for Vampires and non-Vampires alike, seeing all merely as puppets in their stage play of self indulgence.
  • Regarding Cahal: Milôt are apathetic to Cahal, if not slightly fearful of them. Due to the Cahal habit of going after Vampires, they avoid Cahal as much as they can.
  • Regarding Curing: Milôt generally hold a bottle for special occasions close at hand at home, with enough Vampiric blood to re-infect themselves. They are very casual about curing, because they know they can be instantly re-infected.
  • Primary Objective: Fun and debauchery, nothing much else to it.
  • Enemy Bloodlines: None outright, but they are sometimes chastised by the Wyrden for being too self-indulgent and not aiding in the survival of Vampirism.

Vampire Base Kit

Vampire Base Kit are the Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to at all times. Vampire Base Kit Abilities are always roughly the same between different Bloodlines, with only incremental changes (such as Blood Eyes I or Blood Eyes II). Vampire Base Kit Abilities are inspired by the theme of the Vampire Bloodline, but detached from utility versus combat balancing. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Milot Base Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Servile Collar 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Servile Collar 1

Servile Collar 2 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Servile Collar 2

Afflicted Life 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Afflicted Life 1

Blood Feeding 1 Control Power Direct Touch Grants the user Blood Feeding 1

Blood Eyes 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Eyes 1

Blood Curse 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Curse 1

Vampiric Form 2 Full Shift Self Grants the user Vampiric Form 2

Cursed Soul 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Cursed Soul 1

Vampire Form Rules

Vampiric Forms are alternate appearance versions of the Vampire’s normal form that give creative liberty to the player in terms of design, with some noted limitations. All Vampiric Forms (per bloodline) have some basic rules so that a Bloodline can easily be read from their appearance, however beyond that, many different aesthetic aspects can be modified at will. It is required to produce a “Vampiric Form” section on the Character Application, detailing in a Paragraph what your character’s Vampiric Form looks like. Having a separate skin for Vampiric Form is not required, strongly recommended for immersion. Vampire Forms are usually more fantasy-like than normal appearance, so players are encouraged to be wild with their designs.

  • The Milôt Vampire Form must have the majority of their body colored in pink, magenta or purple, or a combination of them.
  • All Vampiric Form additional body parts must be aesthetic and non-functional unless defined otherwise by Abilities.
  • Vampire Forms may not closely resemble other Transformations or Afflictions, and must be unique from other Bloodline aesthetics.
  • While in Vampire Form, the character does not have to be recognizable, but can be, if the player wants.
  • Designs of Vampire Forms are permanent, and remain consistent between Bloodlines with only color or minor changes depending on rules.

Bloodline Ability Kit

Bloodline Ability Kit is the list of Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to only while in Vampiric Form, unless they have Vampiric Form II, in which case they can always use them. Not all Bloodline Ability Kits have the same number of Abilities, as not all Abilities are born equal. Each Kit is roughly balanced between combat or utility functions, depending on the theme of the Vampire. Milôt Vampires in particular are utility / anti-combat, and as such have more utility Abilities than other Bloodlines. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Milot Bloodline Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Vintar Born 1 Toggle Passive Event Venue Grants the user Vintar Born 1

Vintar Born 2 Toggle Passive Player Region Grants the user Vintar Born 2

Illuviation 1 Target Illusion Emote Distance Grants the user Illuviation 1

Mind Wall 1 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Mind Wall 1

Mind Wall 2 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Mind Wall 2

Mind Wall 3 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Mind Wall 3

Mind Wall 4 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Mind Wall 4

Flux Shift 5 Body Alters Self Grants the user Flux Shift 5

Soul Burden 1 Target Curse City-Wide Grants the user Soul Burden 1

Sustenance Gift 1 Object Enchant Self Grants the user Sustenance Gift 1

Cursed Draw 1 Control Power Consumption Grants the user Cursed Draw 1


  • The Dubois Family, while having a founding member within the tale of the Milôt Bloodline, is not wholly a Vampire infested family. Only specific members of the Dubois family have been Milôt Vampires, though the name does invoke a certain prestige within Vampire circles because of their history connected to Vampirism.
  • Many Milôt Vampires have wineries, wine specifically made by Milôt Vampires is usually called Shilôt Vintage among Vampire Society. The quality as opposed to age is usually defined by the degrees of seperation from Royal Blood used in the mixture of the wine. The highest form is 1 Sanguine, being Imperial, with 2 Sanguine being Royal, 3 Sanguine being High Noble, 4 Sanguine being Low Noble, 5 Sanguine being Aristocratic, and 6 Sanguine being all other forms of commoners.
  • Milôt Vampires, despite what one would expect from their name, are actually not active in Ithania at all. The Milôt consider Ithania home territory of the Alais, and as such only occasionally pass through, never setting up permanent base in the home turf of another Bloodline.

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