Mind Rot

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Mind Rot
Affected Races All
Contraction Bodily fluid contact, vermin bites
Mortality Rate 0.5%
Origins Regalian vermin
Treatment Tea made from Dagruhn's Clove
  • Stunted cognitive functions
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hampered short-term memory

A bane to mages and scholars alike, Mind Rot is a common illness for those who tread where the law does not follow. While harmless in the long term, it eventually whittles its carriers into a constant state of confusion, and can be crippling to scholars or ring leaders.


Mind Rot has been a problem in Regalia ever since the city’s sewers became a regular haunt for the criminal underworld. As interaction with the sewer’s vermin and sentient races became more and more common, diseases eventually bridged the species gap, and have since adapted to infect every known race on Aloria.



There are two ways to contract Mind Rot. The primary, but far less common means is to suffer a bite from one of the city’s many rats. These are practically unseen in populated areas of the city, and this is far, far more likely to occur in the sewers or the city’s poor district. The second, and more common means of contraction is bodily fluid contact with the infected. Commonly, this is saliva through shared food, drink, or kissing.


It’s common Regalian knowledge that Mind Rot does not in fact, rot the patient’s brain. Treatment is in fact, fairly simple. Patients are usually given bitter herbal teas made from Maethdag’s Clove to purge the illness from the body. The taste of the drink is said to be truly unpleasant, but strangely empowering. A few doses are usually required, but these are spaced out over the course of a few hours. After this period, another hour is usually required to rest, but the patient will feel like themselves again.


  • Mages in particular are typically keen to avoid Mind Rot. Due to their scholarly lives, a week or two of suffering Mind Rot can prove a huge setback for their spellcasting and study. It also leaves them unable to cast, which can leave some entirely defenseless.

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