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Official Name Mint
Common Name Green Herb, Nature’s Candy
Classification Herb
Common Use Culinary, medicinal, cosmetics, utility
Origins Regalian Archipelago
Habitat Cool and wet regions

Native to the Regalian Archipelago, but now spread across Aloria by the Ailor, Mint is an oddity in how many uses it has. Usually found growing in cooler, moist areas and often wherever the Regalian Empire has made trading contact with, Mint will be found growing sooner or later. The herb has earned a unique reputation as an herb that anyone can have a use for.


Mint has long been a feature of the Regalian Archipelago, with most Ailor scholars believing it to be native to the region. As a result, it was the Ailor of the Regalian Kingdom and other polities who unlocked the plant’s various uses. In the years since its discovery and the rise of the Regalian Empire, Mint has been transplanted to several other temperate climate continents for growing, but also to many others to be sold for use in a variety of potions, recipes, and more. Because of this, it exists in curated gardens but also in the wild of these many continents. Only next to perhaps grass and the Royal Oak, no plant in Aloria has received a greater spread across the world than Mint, simply due to its small size and relatively easy tending time, and it is likely that this plant shall endure for as long as there is temperate greenery in Aloria.


Mint is a very short plant, rarely reaching higher than a foot tall. It is made up of square-shaped stems and serrated leaves, both with a dark green coloration. When Mint flowers, the flowers vary between white and light purple, and point upwards in a star-like shape. One of the first ways someone could identify Mint is by its unique smell, which can only be described as vaguely “cold”.

Uses and Abilities

The Mint plant has multiple utilitiesuses that make it useful for anyone, earning no enemies as a result. The most popular way to use it, is to chew on the plant’s leaves to make one’s breath far more pleasant. Additionally, tea made with mint leaves is also used to deal with stomach issues and chest pains, and the leaves may also be burned as a room deodorizer. Mint can also be used in food recipes and in Alchemy products.


  • There is a growing trend of adding the oils produced by the mint plant to candies during the creation process to add flavor, intended as a replacement to simply chewing the leaves.
  • Mint farms are rare but they do exist, and they are often considered a curious thing considering their generally small scope and small-growing cash crop.

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