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Appearance A dough wrap held closed at the top with white filing and a variety of possible toppings resting within it.
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class Lower and Middle Classes
    • Pastry Shell
    • 3 cups flour
    • ¼ cup white sugar
    • 3 Tbsp strutto (shortening)
    • 1 egg
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 1 egg white
    • ½ cup sweet wine
    • 1 Tbsp white vinegar
    • 2 Tbsp water
    • 1 quart oil for frying, or as needed
  • Filling
    • 32 ounces ricotta cheese
    • ½ cup confectioners sugar
    • 1 tsp lemon zest
    • 4 ounces chocolate chips

Nanetti is a well-known pastry export of the Azzizzari Ailor of the southern Regalian Archipelago. Formed of a thin pastry crust stuffed with a mix of sweet ricotta cheese, sugar and chocolate chips, it is also topped with powdered sugar, making it a fine sweet and slightly savory delight. The dish was formed by the handsome twin chefs Aissandru and Aureliu Parisi, whose family has gone to make a name for themselves as a result.


Nanetti was apparently the result of the freak cooking accident in the kitchen of a pair of Azzizzari chefs beginning in 229 AC. Twin siblings, Aissandru and Aureliu Parisi, were well known for their creation of many fabulous foods for their town of Palessima’s yearly Ferragosto, though nothing they made was ever original to them. However, they were dedicated to trying and eventually brought two separate experiences together to create the dish as it is known today. Aissandru brought the pastry shell, and by pure accident, he threw his rolling pin with dough caked around it into a prepared frying pot in anger at the dough’s stickiness. He quickly rushed to fix his mistake but instead chose to let the dough cook, intrigued by the circular yet flat pastry he was forming. He took it out, and saw it as a cradle for a form of filling; his brother Aureliu came up with that idea after an extremely active night celebrating his birthday, and so the sweet and savory white filling was added to a refined pastry shell. The Parisi name became famous, not only for this dish but for their entrepreneur younger brother, a craftsman whose modern descendant currently owns a 50% monopoly on Nanetti Tubes for the creation of the pastry. The dish rapidly spread beyond the Azzizzari lands, becoming popular among the Dressolini and other Warmland Cultures, especially as a suggestive dish among the younger generations of Ailor in the Regalian Empire. Today, the dish remains popular for these reasons and also given its relative ease of creation.


Nanetti has a relatively simple creation process and is broken into two parts: the shell and the filling. First, the flour and sugar need to be mixed together in a medium bowl, before the shortening is also added, and left in pieces no larger than green peas. The center of the bowl should then be cleared for the liquids, consisting of the egg, egg yolk, wine, vinegar, and water, with the whole substance mixed together until the dough is stiff. It should then be removed from the bowl and kneaded to completion on a clean surface for up to ten minutes. More water can be added if any dry ingredients still resist incorporation, before it should be returned to the bowl or a new container, covered, and placed in a cool location for up to two hours. After this time has passed, it can be removed and divided into three equal parts, which should then be flattened over and over until it is as thin as possible without breaking apart. Flour may be dusted onto the dough to aid in this process. Afterward, the sheets of dough should be put onto a lightly floured surface, and then cut out into four to five inches-in-diameter circles. These circles should be dusted with flour and rolled around a Nanetti Tube (or another circular implement of equal effect) before the top edge should be sealed shut with a bit of egg white.

The oil should now be heated to a medium-high temperature in a deep pan or metal container. The shells and attached Tubes should be fried evenly for as much as three minutes, or until golden. They should then be removed and allowed to cool off on a rack. Once the Tubes are cooled off, they should be carefully twisted out of the shells, and used to make more, or taken away to be cleaned. The completed shells can be stored for up to two months, though it is very ideal to fill them immediately. The filling itself is easy to make, and first involves the stirring of the cheese and sugar together. The lemon zest and chocolate should then be folded in, and the whole creation put into a piping bag for dispensing into the shells. They should be filled from the center to the ends and finished off with a dusting of additional sugar and chocolate chips.


  • Nanetti looks unique, being an ovular brown shell of pastry with a prominent, small fold on the top stuffed with a white, creamy filling. While chocolate pieces and sugar often decorate the tops and surfaces of the creamy ends, nuts and some other toppings have been known to be used instead.
  • Nanetti has a sweet smell, but also a faint whiff of cheese given the use of ricotta in its filling.
  • The pastry is extremely light, though with a thin, crunchy outside easily breached by one’s teeth. It has a unique sweet and savory taste combined together, along with dashes of chocolate or the other filing additives that are known to exist.


  • While the most traditional Nanetti are made with chocolate as the sweet additive to the filling and the exterior after creation, some have since opted to use types of nuts like pistachios or fruits like cherries as decoration or filling ingredients.
  • The chef twins ultimately went on to cook for House Lampero, and one of their descendants now serves in the kitchens of Ryker Lampero.

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