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Sailing Art

Sailing Art includes maritime cartography, sailing, fishing, makeshift boat repair, ocean navigation and sea-side survival. When 10 points are invested, your Character owns a personal Yacht-tier, a non-military vessel that can be used to ferry characters across oceans in Progressions without Proficiency Regals being spent for supplies or the trip itself. This ship cannot under any circumstances be armed, be destroyed, or be used to have any impact on military Progressions, but can generally outrun any military vessel chasing it, and even attempt to speed past blockades (with a fail chance), but cannot carry considerable resources, large amounts of money, or any troops, beyond a max of 10 characters.

Characters with 15 Sailing Art, who are currently reasonably active, may request a reservation for a House-Boat in Regalia, so long as the Character does not currently own another House in Regalia, and the Player's account has not reached the maximum rentable houses yet (Alt house-rental is not allowed). The reservation process involves sending a ticket into the Rp Com Discord Ticket Bot requesting a reservation with a Character Application Link. Reservations can be made so far as supplies last, that is to say, we only have limited amount of house-boats available in Regalia, and once they are all rented, we cannot provide any more, though we will periodically clear out and unrent house boats belonging to characters that do not have 15 Sailing Proficiency, or have gone inactive. When requesting a reservation, please also specify whether to reserve a House-boat in the Altalar districts (available for any Nelfin Character) or a House-boat in the Ailor district (available for all Races), or a House-boat further upstream of the river, so a walk away from the city center (available for all Races). House boats are fairly small, and do not offer as much space as a normal House can, so please only reserve a House-boat when you feel it would really enrich your roleplay.

Hunting Art

Hunting Art includes the creation of traps aimed at trapping animals, the knowledge where to hit certain animals to produce a clean kill, how to track animals, and what signs to look for in disturbed patches of nature to identify whether a person or wild animal has passed by, and what wild animal this was. Hunting Art does not involve the actual killing, but rather the tracking, finding, and know-how of how to deal with such animals, the actual killing is up to whatever Proficiency of whatever weapon the Hunter is carrying at the time.

Horticulture Art

Horticulture Art includes the cultivation of edible plants, vegetables, cereals and grains and herbs. Horticulture does not include flowers or shrubbery tending, as this is part of Gardening Art. Those with Horticulture Art can generally turn any patch of land into a viable vegetable garden, or assist in the tending of edible crops, as well as recognizing edible herbs or useful plants from nature.

Husbandry Art

Husbandry Art is the act of caring for animals, both in the sense of tending to their every day needs, but also acting as a veterinarian, and breeding animals. This Proficiency also unlocks further advantages at certain levels. Not having Husbandry does not mean you don't get to have a domestic Animal. The difference is that you cannot take a Domestic Animal out on the street or out in roleplay with you, unless you have at least 5 points invested, for gameplay reasons. Not having Husbandry Proficiency means your domestic Animals must stay home in your Rental Region.

Points Description
5 Points

The Character can have a Mundane Familiar animal in Regalia, some sort of Domestic Animal such as a Domestic Dog, Domestic Cat, Bird, Snake, Lizard, Turtle, Insects or Rodent. This creature may be with the Character at all times, and can do aesthetic things like reacting to characters, interact with the owner, be fed and petted etc, however it cannot be used for combat, or to fetch items, nor can it be killed without Kill Perms.

10 Points

On top of the domestic animal, the Character has a rideable animal for use in Progressions. This Progression mount cannot be used in Regalia, but grants the character exceptional speed in Progressions, and also allows them to engage in mounted combat in Progressions if they have any Combat Proficiency that is also compatible with horseback-fighting. A Horse is the default option for people with this Proficiency, but each Race also has a unique mount with unique traits for that race. For example, Ithanian Ailor can make use of the Unique "Cheval du Ciel", or a flying horse. If your character is an Eronidas, for example, they cannot have a Cheval du Ciel. For the full list, consult the table below this one.

15 Points

Your Character can do one of two things (or both at the same time). On top of having a domestic Animal of their own, they may also duplicate the reward for the 5 point investment for someone else who does not have husbandry, allowing them also to have a Domestic Animal out in the street, though only so long as the person with this Proficiency can reasonably take care of that animal's needs also. Additionally, your character can also borrow out the rideable animal from the 10 point investment to another person for use in a Progression.

Race/Culture Animal Description Special
Imperial, Heartland Ceardian, Wirtem, Calderliga, Genevaud Ailor Cultures Heerstepper A large, strong, and robust black horse that shrugs in the face of intimidation Cannot be frightened or hurt by arrows.
Ithanian, Leutz-Vixe, Burdigala, Toulonne Ailor Cultures Cheval du Ciel A lithe but athletic white or black horse with large wings and long tail hairs. Can fly in the sky, or gallop on the ground.
Cearen, Dunbrae, Aontaithe, Breizh, Anglian Ailor Cultures Silvershale A white gorilla-like beast from the high mountains that reminisces of a yeti with tusks. Can throw large rocks like a siege engine.
Daendroque, Bragacao, Etosian, Dressolini, Azzizzari Vannhestia A horse-like creature with a mer-like tail that changes as it goes on land. Can glide on the water surface or gallop on land.
Velheim, Fridurfolk, Tarkkin, Zvorun, Krainivaya Ailor Cultures Erkebin A horse-sized ram with curled horns and a thick woolly fur. Can perform heavy headlong charges into enemy formations.
Ânia, Byala, Dvala, Ohrneti, Szabadok Ailor Cultures Zirkand Horse A horse with horns on its forehead and shoulders aimed forwards. Can impale enemies on its front body.
Sihai Qilin A slender deer-like white furred strider with a single long horn on its forehead. Creates a funnel of air in front of its charge that deflects arrows.
Dwarf Morrok A large bald eagle-like bird scavenger with a very testy personality. Can carry a dwarven drop-pod into battle to deploy behind lines.
Qadir Clockwork Charger A bull-like clockwork device that is not really alive and made of Brass metallics. Cannot be killed in battle or wounded.
Songaskia Maaris Cobra A horse-sized black cobra with the rider on its hood. Can spit venom as a projectile itself.
Teledden/Lesarra Altalar Ulaan Shiraal A slender and lithe deer-like horse with elegantly curled antlers and a long tail hairs. Can smell rare earth metals and gems above ground.
Fin'ullen Altalar Mulaan Manta A large semi-aquatic manta with a wide wing span and a very short tail. Can hover in land battle or glide on water in sea battle
Suvial Altalar Dirrin Reptile A horse-sized orange and white salamander that can walk on vertical surfaces. Is immune to Magic from the Void or Exist.
Solvaan Altalar Ilithars A short-haired horse that appears to have satin beige fur, and bright white milky eyes. Allows the Solvaan Sollerian Mist I Ability to travel with it.
Minoor Altalar and culturally assimilated Races Corr'daga A horse-sized jungle reptile with body crests and a bright color scheme. Can run over water and scale trees with ease.
Avanthar and the Qússrakón Ailor Culture Nerrin Alaan A horse with colored scales on its neck and back and forehead. Can telepathically communicate with its bonded rider.
Cielothar Silat Wolf A smaller than horse sized wolf with a reflective fur and fox-like face. Can fight independently from its rider in combat.
Sihndar Qilkar A beast with the body of a bat (without wings) and the head and neck of a plesiosaur. Can jump large distances and grab onto terrain.
Isldar Wyvern A horse-sized Dragonet with wings and a long tail and two legs. Can fly in the sky or crawl on the ground.
Kathar Wyld-Warped Neefaar A house-sized tree-ent corrupted Nenya-kin that moves very slowly on the field. Can house multiple mages or archers along the rider during battle.
Yanar Neefaar A house-sized tree-ent daughter of the Nenya that moves very slowly on the field. Can house multiple mages or archers along the rider during battle.
Maraya Enferena A gasbag-like large insect that can gently float high in the clouds. Can carry a Maraya drop-pod into battle to deploy behind lines.
Allar Two-Claw Raptor A large predatory lizard akin to a raptor with sharp claws used to rend flesh. Does extra damage as a mount in battle.
Slizzar Nerrilisk A horse with a scaled body and a serpentine head with a vile gaze. Anyone caught in its stare is unable to see the Nerrilisk or the rider.
Asha Mehtil A Living Metal spider-like being that carries its rider underneath it. Cannot die/be wounded, and makes the rider immune to arrows.
Eronidas Aaltaar Bok A bison-like animal with a fiery temper and a great gluttony for grass Can perform heavy headlong charges into enemy formations.
Url None Url do not have a special Mount because they are already their own Charge-beast None

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