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Nature Sorcery
Magic Schools
Origins Altalar

Nature Sorcery has been part of Aloria for a very long time, dating far back into the Allorn Empire during the early days when Estel taught the Altalar Nature Sorcery to become the stewards of the fauna and flora. As a result, Nature Sorcery has traditionally strongly been attached to the original Estel faithful, but also the Nenya and Yanar. With the Night of the Fallen Star, Nature Sorcery was almost instantly snapped out of the world, but, with the resurgence of the Yanar, Nature Sorcery was slowly re-introduced with many of the Cielothar spreading knowledge of it around the world as a result. Nature Sorcery enjoys a somewhat acceptable level of societal tolerance given its strong utilitarian nature, and helpful boons to regions in need and stricken with natural disasters.

Sorcery Rules

  • All Sorcerers may only choose from 2 different Sorcery Schools.
  • All Sorcerers must pay 4 Proficiency Points per Sorcery Spells.
  • All Sorcerers must have 2 spells in a Sorcery School to use the Mage Empower of that school.
  • All Sorcerers are limited to 5 spells total, regardless of the amount of Schools.
  • Mages may also take Sorcery Spells, but only within their Sorcery School.
  • Mages gain a Sorcery Empower as long as 2 Acolyte Sorcerers are nearby, on their Mage Doc.
  • Sorcerers unlock the Mage Empower as long as their Mage-Master is nearby.
  • Mages can never use the Mage Empower that is unlocked by the Sorcery School.
  • Sorcerers can only be the Acolyte of one Mage at a time but can switch or quit at will.
  • Becoming an Acolyte Sorcerer must be done IC and with both parties OOC consent.
  • In the case that a Sorcery references an “Incantation,” this may be any string of words in any language that the character desires, however it must be audible in emote distance and cannot be whispered or muttered unless specified otherwise. If a specific string of words are referenced, any reasonable synonym may be utilized in their place, in any language.

Sorcery Abilities

Sorcery: Evergrowth [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can cast Evergrowth onto any living plant matter from grass to large trees. This spell is cast through speaking the Evergrowth incantation and then extending a visibly magical tether to the target area (when it concerns small crops or vegetation) or individual larger flora. This spell will then rapidly grow said target as long as the tether is maintained, aging the subject. This Spell can cause edibles to grow rapidly or reproduce, or fruit trees to rapidly regrow their fruits. It cannot, however, revive deceased plants, or be used for any combat function, and if the spell is maintained for too long, plant matter may expire. If Evergrowth is cast onto plant matter that is infected by some sort of decay, disease, fungus, or infestation, it will accelerate the effect and spread it to nearby vegetation rapidly.

Sorcery: Soothe the Beast [Control Spell]

The Sorcerer can impose their will upon a small wild or domestic animal (no larger than a deer) or a character currently in Beast Shift by looking at them. Any character targeted by this spell will automatically know who is targeting them with the intent to control or weaken them. When under the effects of the spell, wild or domestic animals become soothed and relinquish any aggression or rage and return to a calm state. This allows even wild animals to be petted and fed safely without the risk of them fleeing or harming the user. Beast Shift Characters have their Physical Stat reduced by 10 while under the effects of the spell. This effect cannot stack, and the Sorcerer can only target one character or animal at a time with this spell. Leaving the line of sight of the Sorcerer, or knocking the Sorcerer out will remove the effect.

Sorcery: Brambling [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can point both their arms in the direction of a target and speak the Brambling Incantation to cast this spell. A pair of brambled vines will shoot out from the Sorcerer’s hands and wrap around the target’s legs. If a character was moving or flying, they are immediately knocked to the ground. If the target was stationary, having 10 Athletic Proficiency allows them to avoid the spell if they roll above 8 in a /dice 20, while having 20 automatically avoids this ability. These brambles will remain wrapped around the target’s legs for up to 30 seconds, rooting them in place, after which they will dissipate, but they can be cut away easily by anyone not restrained by the spell. Brambling can only affect one character at a time, and the Sorcerer can only cast it once per hour. A character can only be affected by this spell once per hour, so subsequent casts by multiple Sorcerers will have no extended effect.

Sorcery: Woodland Grace [Trigger Passive]

Woodland Grace only triggers if the Sorcerer is struck by a lethal or maiming strike. This strike can be Ability-based, magical, or conventional. This effect will activate if thrust or slashed at by a weapon, shot with an arrow or cast upon by harmful Magic, but will not activate if the strike would inflict small bruises or cuts. When the lethal or maiming strike would land, the Sorcerer’s physical form instead implodes into a gust of leaves or flowers or twigs, which then over the course of five seconds gently flow up to 5 blocks (on a horizontal level) away, before reforming the Sorcerer, unharmed (though not passing through barriers). This effect can only apply once per combat scene, but will not activate when the character is restrained or unconscious.

Sorcery: Halting Infestation [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can cast this spell on smaller areas of vegetation or a single individual to slowly cleanse it of any harmful poisons, venom, or fungal infections. The spell can be activated by chanting the incantation after which the Sorcerer must aim their hands at target, producing a gentle green mist that breaks down the harmful effects. When applied to vegetation, the speed depends on how much is present, with single flowers taking seconds while a whole tree may take up to three minutes. When applied to a person, it immediately halts the effects and any risk of death, however, in order to fully break down the substance, ten minutes of casting is required. Interrupting the spell will result in the substance resuming its detrimental effects. When applied to an area affected by some form of harmful fungal infection, it will immediately halt the spore or noxious fumes production (if any is present) and then break down the fungal infection as the hands move over the surface area.

Sorcery: Familiar Sensor [Constant Passive]

Familiar Sensor is always active on the Sorcerer and the Sorcerer alone. When learned, the ability will summon an adult fist-sized Familiar which appears like an animal of the Sorcerer’s choosing. The animal is made out of a variety of plant matter with glowing green eyes and very limited audible capacity. It can only appear on the Sorcerer’s shoulders, arms, hands, or on top of the head, and when removed will immediately re-appear there. The Sorcerer can make it appear, or keep it hidden in their hair, under hats, or under clothing. The Familiar will appear as if it is sentient (and it can also play with the Sorcerer and have a distinct personality). If any poisonous, infected, tainted, or fungal harmful substance approaches the Sorcerer within a block radius (for example hand-held), the Familiar will begin screeching. Additionally, if within emote distance either plant life or wildlife is suffering from some sort of pain or harm, the Familiar with begin sniffling or sobbing and point at where the suffering is felt. The Familiar is incapable of interacting with the world besides the Sorcerer, and cannot be unsummoned, dispelled, or harmed, though it will not make any sound if the Sorcerer is knocked out.

Sorcery: Wood Singing [Linked Channel]

The Sorcerer can target either living or recently deceased (within 24 hours) wood to reshape it without cutting or building into it. To channel Wood Singing, the Sorcerer must begin the Incantation, which is a continual song, after which they can affect wood substances they are looking at within 3 blocks range and reshape it based on an image they make of it in their mind. The substance must respect the quantity of wood used, meaning that a single tree cannot produce a whole house. Additionally, smaller wooden things take mere seconds, while Wood Singing a larger board or construct requires multiple minutes. Having multiple Sorcerers Wood Singing on an agreed-upon design will speed up the process by halving the time required. If other Sorcerers, however, have different ideas in mind, it will chaotically fluctuate between these forms. Wood shaped through this ability always has a very peculiar wavy pattern in it, allowing it to be identified as “Wood-Sung Wood” easily by anyone with any amount of proficiency in Carpentry Arts. Disrupting the Sorcerer in any way will prevent them from Channeling this ability. This ability cannot be used in combat.

Sorcery: Hidden Pathways [Target Curse]

The Sorcerer can only use this ability on one target, and it must remain on that target for at least 24 hours before it can be re-cast onto someone else. While this is active, the affected individual gains a small glowing hedge arch glyph on the back of their neck, making them immune to any Detection Mechanics, Tracking Abilities, or any other Ability that would track them or magically reveal their location. In order to use this ability, the Sorcerer must speak the Hidden Pathways incantation and press their hands to the forehead of the target. The curse will remain active for up to 72 hours if not broken by the Sorcerer, however, it can be broken by the Sorcerer from any distance as long as the first 24 hours have expired. The Sorcerer can also apply this effect to themselves, but can still only target one individual at all times.

Mage Empower

Mage Empower: Bramble Herd [Beast Shift]

If the Sorcerer is within the eye-sight of their Mage-Master (The Mage they have pledged their support to as Acolyte), they can transform themselves into a bramble and plant matter composed wolf or wolf-sized feline with antlers. This Beast Shift allows the Sorcerer to fight or flee with the speed and ferocity of a wild wolf, while being unable to wield any other weapon. This transformation is instantaneous and cannot be interrupted except by abilities that prevent or revert Beast Shifts. Additionally, any Nature Mage whose spells require or target some form of bramble creature or natural source can use the Sorcerer Bramble Herd as a source or target, as long as they are that Sorcerer’s Mage-Master. The transformation is forcibly undone if the Sorcerer is knocked out, and while wounds do not transfer between the forms, grievous wounds will cause extreme fatigue in the Sorcerer when they revert. The Sorcerers will also revert back if they leave the visual range of the Mage-Master (except if the Mage is still within emote distance but not visible).

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