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Official Name Nelfinite
Common Nicknames Elven Iron, L’eballoei
Proficiency Requires 30 points in Smithing
Origin Daen
Uses Armor and Weapons
Rarity Uncommon
Accessibility Noble/Player Orders

Throughout history, Nelfinite has found its way through to the wondering eyes of many illustrious rulers and the upper class. A hardy and reliable metal, Nelfinite was very popular in the early years of the Elven Empire where wealthy Elves wore armor made of this metal and those more interested in the material arts wielded weapons forged from it into battle. Its beautiful appearance struck as much fear as it did admiration into the enemies of the wielder. Over time, three grades of the material emerged, but due to recent events, it is rare for Ailor to possess it. Some say it is the Elven antithesis to the Ailor Blacksteel, as it resembles many of the features and the elegance of the other metal.


Nelfinite is so old that it’s practically impossible to trace its origins. It was first forged during the early time of the Elven Empire. As with all weapons and items that require physical strength, only the Altalar untrained in magic used weapons forged from Nelfinite. Armor made from Nelfinite, however, became a common sight among the rich, even if they were a mage. By the time of the Fifth Void Invasion, only a scarce few groups and members of society actively made use of Nelfinite. The Cataclysm that followed as well as the Elven Empire’s collapse greatly reduced the amount of Nelfinite available, as well as knowledge of the metal. In 75 AC, the Ailor of Daendroc acquired the metal and worked it in various pieces for local leaders and rulers. This trend continued as it was introduced to more and more people, the metal becoming tied to high prestige, honor and wealth. Recently, however, the metal has greatly fallen in standing. Multiple recent conflicts against Elven nations in Daen by the Regalian Army has resulted in the purge of this material from many Ailor hands. However, it is still a useful metal, and some Ailor cling onto it, hoping none will call them a heretic.


There are three different states that Nelfinite can be in, all of which have their own distinct properties. In fact, each of these different options were designed to be stronger and more durable than the previous version.

Pure Nelfinite

Nelfinite is, in its most pure and unadulterated form, a golden metal with swirls and a definite luster. When forged into ingots, pure Nelfinite has a series of purple swirls that run through the metal and give it more character and beauty than ordinary metals. This spiraling effect tends to resemble Metalitra, as the Dwarven counterpart has black swirls within it as well. The difference between the two is that Nelfinite swirls are retained even when forged into armor and weapons, while the swirls in Metalitra are not. Pure Nelfinite is the most common form of Nelfinite, and it is the form that accompanied the early Elven Empire. It also is only a little more durable than Ferr-Iron, so it’s not too impressive.

Advanced Nelfinite

Advanced Nelfinite is Nelfinite that is put through half the process of “Smooth Strike Forging”. Midway through the forging process, Nelfinite gains a brilliant cyan sheen that is eventually drained out if the process is continued. Some smiths favor the look of Advanced Nelfinite over Nelfiria, so they stop the process once the cyan color has been reached and mold it into a weapon from there. Advanced Nelfinite is so exceedingly beautiful; the international smithing community has reached an impasse due to the divide between those who prefer Advanced Nelfinite, and those who prefer Nelfiria. This form was created only a few years before the Cataclysm. Advanced Nelfinite is at about the same durability level as Blacksteel, give or take depending on how much color has been drained out of it.


Nelfiria is the stunning result of the process of Smooth Strike Forging, if allowed to finish in its entirety. This super-refined metal resembles a mirror because of how much luster it has. However, it has a slight gold tint to it that signifies that it isn’t actually made of glass. Nelfiria is so hard to make that it costs thousands of regals if bought at face value; thus, it’s typically reserved for Elves of high positions in the government, or at least, it was before the Cataclysm. Most pre-Cataclysmic Elven forging techniques have been lost to time, so Nelfiria arms or armor are extremely rare and not able to be forged. Nelfiria is the strongest variation of Nelfinite, and is far more powerful than Blacksteel, though it is inferior to Starris.


General Uses

Nelfinite is like Ferr-Iron in that it can be used for nearly anything, but it is so expensive that most use it for arms or armor. Most who own things made from Nelfinite tend to tote the items around, much like the owners of Blacksteel do with their own respective items. It is a diverse and useful metal, so the creations it can be used for are endless and up to the imagination of the smith. Nelfinite, much like most of the other metals in the materials category, is only obtainable through player quests.


Like Blacksteel, Nelfinite is an extremely long lasting metal, but only if enough effort is put into forging it. If the smith does a poor job in forging, it will break just as often as any other material. As such, it has become popular to use in armor, as it’s rare to see Nelfinite pierced by a normal weapon. It is also a very viable material for weapons because of that same durability; once a person wields a weapon of Nelfinite, they should not worry about it breaking. Nelfinite is very light, so it is entirely impractical to use it in weapons of blunt trauma, as those weapons rely on the weight of the end-piece. Nelfinite in swords reflects the elegance that is prioritized by the Elves, as it produces magnificent and spectacular weapons.


  • Neylad Nefterin, an Elven general, was famous for his use of armor forged entirely of Nelfinite, and depictions of him wearing it were common among Alte-Altalar cultural examples of a good general. He fell in the Elven War of 302 AC, and his armor was never recovered.
  • A duel between an Ailor knight and an Avanthar swordsman occurred during the Ranger Crisis, and it soon went down in history because it supposedly pitted Advanced Nelfinite against Blacksteel. No clear winner was ever established.

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