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Official Name Nenya.
Common Nicknames Walking Bark; Emissary of Estel.
Classification Magus.
Habitat Dense forest environments.
Domesticated No.
Current Status Mythical.

Subject of many tales, myths, urban legends, and even religious fanaticism, the Nenya are an extinct species of sentient trees. These great Magus mysteries were thought to be taller than most Regalian buildings, and capable of walking—and even talking—with others. The Nenya have played an important role in Nelfin history; they are thought to have preceded the Elven Empire, and to have been magical emissaries of Estel herself. Unfortunately, the Nenya haven’t been seen since before the Cataclysm; during the Night of the Fallen Star, the Kathar ensured that the few remaining emissaries were driven into hiding, or further eradicated.


The Nenya are thought to have existed since the dawn of time; or so Nelfin history might have one believe. The trees are, without a doubt, ancient, though very few records can accurately depict them. What is known is that the ancient Nenya lived in Daen, Hadaria, and were even suspected to be living in Serass at one point. Legend has it that they kindled the pre-historic Nelfin race, and acted as emissaries of the Nelfin goddess, Estel. These trees were sentient, and were known to portray themselves as light projections that closely resembled modern Yanar. Through this, they taught the early Nelfin various secrets in an attempt to corral them into the worship of Estel. Successful in this endeavor, they indirectly encouraged the formation of the Elven Empire and the standardization of the Faith of Estel.

Records of the Nenya become very vague during the reign of the Elven Emperors. Most Nenya migrated from heavy metropolitan centers in favor of more secluded groves, where their Nelfin servants tended to them for centuries on end. As Elven society began to decline, Estel saw the need for more mobile servants to warn the Empire of the coming Void Invasion. Consequently, the Nenya gave birth to the Yanar, who acted further as emissaries telling the Empire to prepare for the coming invasion. They did not heed their word. In the event known later as the Night of the Fallen Star, thousands of Kathar agents rose up and took to the forests, bringing fire and axe to the trunks of the colossal trees. In one night alone, the Void-worshipping faction of the Elven Empire had successfully orchestrated and executed a plan that would cut off the entire world from the influence of Estel; they imprisoned the statue itself, and removed the vessels she communicated through. This paved the way for the further instability of the Empire, and eventually led to the last Void Invasion. Finally, the Nenya went into further hiding, secluding themselves from the world in a last-ditch effort of self-preservation.

Today, the Nenya are believed to be completely extinct. Every so often, a Cielothar or Yanar may come forward with “insurmountable evidence of the existence of another Nenya,” however these claims and theories always fall through. One rumor that kept cropping up was that one tree still lived somewhere in Ithania, though the factors of where and how were never revealed. Another story mentioned the existence of a baby Nenya in the Holy City of Regalia, though no proof ever came forward. More stories come and go just as time itself, and even still, more cling to the hope that the ancient trees may not be completely lost.

Physical Appearance

The Nenya are best described as a colossal tree that can span anywhere from the height of a small Regalian townhouse to that of the Azure Spire. Because of their millennia-long lifespan, Nenya are forced into a hibernation mode. In this sort of stasis, the Nenya may appear just as any other tree, with roots, a trunk, and branches all present. This will change when the Nenya awakens; the roots of the tree converge and form into three legs, which can be used to carry the Nenya wherever they may choose to walk. Nenya do have hearts, though where they are and how they function are very vague at best.

Astral Appearance

A little-known ability of the Nenya is the ability to project themselves into an astral representation of themselves. These "Astral Appearances" are the paramount method that Nenya use to communicate with the mundane, and are the reason that many magics such as Evergrowth Magic exist today. The astral appearance itself appears as an Altalar-Yanar hybrid, though is purely made of light. While Nenya are exceedingly rare, the last recorded occasion of an astral appearance being used precedes the Cataclysm.

Mental Overview

The Nenya are unique because while they are technically trees, they are sentient, and can detect and react to various stimuli around them. Additionally, they can fall into hibernation and emerge from it similar to animals in the winter. A Nenya in hibernation will involuntarily sing sweet lullabies through the telepathic Nenya Speech, and little gardens will begin to grow around it. Furthermore, strange plants designed for defense may appear around a dormant Nenya as forms of protection against wandering strangers and wildlife alike. Only Yanar trained to hear Nenya Speech will be able to hear and understand the melodies.

Territory and Groupings

The Nenya are peculiar in that they cannot be conventionally born or give birth. It was only through the interference of Estel that they created the Yanar, and even then, it was a once in a lifetime occurrence. Nenya tend to stay away from each other; during the days of the Elven Empire, it was more advantageous to have the Nenya spread out in order for them to teach and influence as many people as possible. This was further reinforced after the Night of the Fallen Star; any sort of Nenya gathering would attract the ire of the Kathar, who would take the opportunity to eradicate them.


  • The Nenya trees are the only place to find Nenya Stakes; one of the most powerful weapons against all vampires. Unfortunately, the stakes cannot be harvested without harming the Nenya.
  • A lot of controversy has arisen in recent years among Elven scholars. Some Seraph wall carvings seem to indicate that the Nenya did not always appear as they do now but instead seemed to be some sort of humanoid.

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