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Nenya’thêa, Branch of the Sylphwood
Name Nenya’thêa, Branch of the Sylphwood
Origin Allorn Empire
Classification Elven Artifact
Found No, Destroyed
Location Regalia

Nenya’thêa, Branch of the Sylphwood is an Atraves stave fashioned of a long, lithe tree branch wrapped by an ever-blossoming length of vines, moss, and budding flowers with a crystalline hand grasping the top, entwined with the wood. It is said that upon the Night of the Fallen Star one of the foremost priestesses of the Nenya temples praid to Estel for salvation and protection from the oncoming hoard of Voidlings raiding their groves. Estel blessed the priestess by transforming her into a great and everlasting Nenya tree called the Sylphwood which survived the onslaught and stood strong for years to come. Eventually it did wither for all but a single branch that fell and has then been carried from Yanar wielder to wielder, withered and only blossoming when in the clutch of its worthy wielder. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore.


Nenya’thêa was made along with the Sylphwood when it first sprung up from the earth. Thêallia, one of the head priestesses of the Nenya temples, knelt in the earth on the fateful night of the Night of the Fallen Star and bowed her head in prayer for hours upon hours. They called out to Estel, pleading and desperate to save their groves and people. Their prayers were answered, scholars say, as all the gathered worshipers huddled close and the priestess themselves underwent a collective metamorphosis the likes of which have not been experienced or recorded since. The huddled throng bonded with one another and formed a great Nenya together with silver bark and great leaves of starlight. Try as the Kathar did to burn and destroy it, they were unsuccessful and destroyed the rest of the grove and temple around it. But this Nenya, the Sylphwood, braced the ravages of time thereafter and became a guide for the wandering Yanar afterward, roaming the world with their lost people. It is unknown exactly when it settled into the earth and began to wither, but the process was slow, and eventually it died save for a single branch which fell into the hands of a priestess there. They wielded it from then on, letting it act as a guide and guardian for the world’s Yanar.


Nenya’thêa is a rather curious tree branch, long and lithe in its form. The bark is a shining silver like a well-polished Nightsilver blade, with patches of moss and thin, living vines wrapped around its length. Budding flowers of many shades of blue and white find their home upon the greenery on it, opening and closing with the dawn and dusk of every day. At night they glow with a gentle blue light, only giving off some ambient luminescence. The head of the staff is fused with a crystalline hand of gradient lavender and navy blue that reaches upward and toward the sky.

Uses and Abilities

Nenya’thêa has two uses. When slammed upon the ground by its worthy wielder, the roots of a great plant break through the the base where it touches the ground, shooting forward and rapidly latching onto a targeted person (a single targeted person). This root remains latched onto the enemy, from where the wielder is able to yank the atraves stave backwards, causing the person to be pulled towards them, or simply hold them in place while the root is tightly wrapped around their arm/leg/chest wherever applicable. The root cannot be cut through in one go, but can get cut by repeated hacking. As soon as the root is disabled, it can be cast again, the previous root wilting away, or it can be broken by will of the wielder. The second function also requires the wielder to slam it on the ground, targeting a doorway or gateway. When struck on the ground, roots jump out of the earth there and rapidly grow, cracking stone and pavement if it is in the way as they stretch upward. The roots turn into vibrant, verdant shrubbery and vines, growing to fill the entirety of a doorway or hallway up to the size of a keep’s portcullis where they then stop. Flowers bloom and glow after the wall is finished growing. It can be hacked through or burned, but re-grows and heals itself at a rapid enough pace that it requires three peoples’ combined efforts to break through it. This effect only remains while the wielder stays stationary in a "you shall not pass" posture, with both hands on the atraves staff. If they take their hands off or leave their posture, the greenery wilts away immediately and opens the doorway.

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