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Note for player writers: Lore Staff may edit, or request you to change, aspects of your page for compatibility reasons. For example, the lack of information about the Sarlaan tribe will make it hard to have a Leutz-Vixe house with origins before the tribe went extinct. Or a family being on par with the Five Families would be excessive.

Dynastic Name Last name
Culture Elf
Founder the og
Origins Where the family came from
Current Head the big cheese
  • Lord of the Wiki
  • Protector of Templates

Write a short max 200 word paragraph detailing a short start, identity, what the family does and how it positions itself in the Regalian Empire as a whole. This should give a quick snapshot for a player to get the gist of why they should care about this family, and read the rest of the page.

Etymology (Optional)

Describe in a few sentences where the family names comes from. Sometimes this is named after their founder, sometimes a geographic location, or an estate/castle the owned.

Origins & History


Provide a short narrative of how your noble house became nobles to begin with. Were they a minor soldier during one of the Empire's many wars? Did they become a successful merchant and buy out the local lords to usurp a throne? Did they get adopted by a childless noble and take over as a legal heir?


Provide 1 or 2 paragraphs on brief history from after the Founder's death, to about 300 AC. If needed, refer to the Emperor and Chancellor pages for notable details during the Empire's history during that time (Such as the various conquest wars, Blessed Reign, the Conquests of Allestrain and Alexander, the Purple Bleeding, Pessimism, etc).

Present Day

In a paragraph, cover your family's actions since coming to Regalia. Try to only cover the big events that happened to the family, rather than listing every minor detail, such as memberships in every charter (unless of course the led it or was the powerhouse behind the throne). Older Houses have more details to work with, while newer Houses are fine to just explain why they finally decided to move to the capital full-time.


Write a paragraph which covers the overall "theme" of the family. This focuses on what the family does exactly (as in their day-to day professions, such as socialites, military commanders, administrators, etc). Some minor tidbits of familial values can also be made here, or reserved for later.

Business & Philanthropy

  • In bullet lists using the asterisk (*), list businesses and organizations that the family sponsors, or are members of. This would be where the "house trade" goes, but since nobles don't actually do manual labor, they would be the benefactors of such businesses. For example, a family who may have been jewelers might sponsor local gemsmiths in their capital, or a brewing house may serve as a guildmaster over a local guild of brewers.
  • Try to keep this list between 1-4 organizations/businesses in order to keep the rest of the article balanced.
  • These should only be a few words, rather than full paragraphs as in other sections.

Cultural Reference (Optional)

Does your family have a reputation for a certain trade or action? Perhaps the family has a famous epithet to their name. For example, the insult "Morgannt" is a reference to Chancellor Morgan Kade, infamous for being a corrupt tyrant.

World View

  • This is identical to the world view lists found on Culture and Race pages. List a few bullet points on a few important views the family holds that they will die on a hill to defend.
  • For example, a Krinivaya House might've had strong relations with the Azure Order, sending renegade mages to be reeducated.
  • Perhaps your Wirtem House is actually fine with females serving in the military, and in fact has a private regiment which is led by a female commander in her own right.
  • Perhaps your house completes despises a certain Race/Culture because one of them threw a rock at their great-grandma leaving a Unionist Temple, and declared a vendetta against everyone else for "reasons."

Prominent Members

  • List out living members in the family that are worth knowing.
  • The head of house and their spouse(es).
  • The heir and second-in-line of succession.
  • Other titleholders and family with notable positions.

Vassals (Optional)

We can probably toss the Vassal Nobles a bone and give them a shoutout here.


  • At most three bullets of extra information that doesn't really go anywhere else.
  • Red herrings are always fun to throw here.
  • Maybe the family tries to summon Arken in their backyard every second Sunday of the month.

We will add all the categories and stuff in processing.

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