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Curia Salutem

The Curia Salutem are the closest advisors and positions one can attain near the Emperor, some of which are extremely involved and intimate with the Crown himself. These are separate from the Regalian Government yet still semi part of the general government due to their relation with the Crown. As such, the Undercrown cannot get involved with any appointments or dismissals, at least directly, though may still advise on some of the offices. Additionally, if no Steward is present, offices may only be appointed directly by the Emperor, after a letter of recommendation has been sent in. If a Steward is present, they may recommend an appointment to the Emperor.

Curia Salutem


Custodian Bellator

Einarr Norrvakt

The Custodian Bellator is the court provider of gladiators for the Emperor’s personal entertainment and training. As such, they manage both the court warriors, but also the Emperor’s personal training partners and challenge tiers, where they set up court gladiators to fight for the Emperor to watch, and to allow the highest ranking court gladiators to challenge the Emperor himself to provide the Emperor with the best possible training regiment.

  • Has expanded Weapon and Armor rights
  • Is permitted to ignore Imperial Protocol
  • Is permitted some freedom in terms of law enforcement when it comes to public violence


Custodian Lener


The Custodian Lener is a state provider of lease property, controlling a number of properties around the city which can be lent out to groups or individuals. The Custodian Lener can hand any property on a permanent or temporary base to any person with no limitations as long as they can provide some stringent explanation as to why it serves the Empire’s best interests.

  • Can rent out certain state owned properties across the city


Custodian Adherent




Custodian Adherents are also commonly just called Court Adherents, which are individuals that perform menial tasks for the Royal Family like sending a letter, communicating a certain plan, or simply collecting parcels and talking to a certain someone. They aren’t quite servants in the way that they don’t do tasks in the Emperor’s personal retinue, but they aren’t quite Black Hand informants either in that most of what they do is non-violent or non-secret.

  • Has no-obstruction right during their errands, meaning to obstruct them is a crime


Custodian Librarian


The Custodian Librarian is the individual in charge of the Imperial Archive and the Royal Library. They can borrow out books from the Palace to individuals, and may, with approval of the crown, lobby for someone to either borrow or make insight into one of the forbidden literary pieces that are stored in the Imperial Library, secret knowledge either arcane or mundane that the public does not have access to.

  • May posess illegal literature and documentation without qualms


Keeper of Bestia


The Keeper of Bestia is the highest position anyone can have to represent the non-Humanoid-like races, which includes any race that is not Ailor, Ch’ien-ji, Qadir, Dwarf or Songaskian. They are to gather the complaints and sentiments of these lesser races, and communicate them directly to the Government or the Emperor where applicable.

  • Is permitted to ignore/question Imperial Protocol with regards to Non-Human Unionist views


Keeper of Health


The Keeper of Health is the Emperor’s personal physician, which is both a very intimate, but also very dangerous position. The Keeper of Health is privy to the Emperor’s health issues, but under an oath of secrecy, any fault or error in administration of healthcare can result in dire consequences for a failing physician. Alternatively, the Keeper of Health is also in the unique position to administer Alchemical concoctions to the Emperor for good health, or ill will.

  • Is permitted to own forbidden substances and produce illegal Alchemical mixtures


Keeper of the Arcanum

((Note: This position is not yet open until the Magic rewrite is done))

Vacant Minister

Vacant Arcanum

Vacant Arcanum

Vacant Arcanum

The Keeper of the Arcanum is the Emperor’s personal Court Magician, a mage that has a great range of freedom, but also acts as the Emperor’s personal advisor on all matters pertinent to Magic, Demons and the Void and Exist realms. The Keeper of the Arcanum can also appoint three lesser Arcaners, which have similar rights and positions as advisors and servants to the Emperor’s prime advisor on Magical matters.

  • May cast any form of magic and use any magical device within certain limitations of reason-ability
  • May do the above anywhere and any time aside from Regalian Law Enforcement institutions and the Palace


Keeper of the Bailiwick


The Keeper of the Bailiwick is a position very similar to the Keeper of the Justice and Peace, but has a more nuanced role. The Keeper of the Bailiwick is simply a constant vigilant eye to ensure that all those within the Curia Salutem and the Curia Alius behave according to the lawful regulations set forth by the Emperor, and that none are excessively abusing their position, or being seduced to corruption.

  • Has expanded Weapon and Armor usage rights
  • May, in case of an emergency if a Palace member has gone rogue, command any military Charter or Guild