Noble House Viduggla

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Noble House Viduggla
Surname Viduggla
Titles Norrland
Origins Ellador

House Viduggla is a relatively quiet family living in Norrland, but one that claims an ancient, consistent lineage going back 300 years. They claim to be descended from a legendary warrior, blessed by the Old Gods in the form of a Brown Owl, which they have kept as their crest ever since. They swore fealty to the fledgling Regalian Empire over two centuries ago in their desire for revenge against the Skagger Horde and in return for their service, they were given Norrland where they have lived since the end of the Skagger Wars. From this height, however, the family started a slow slope of decline which they have only recently been able to bounce back from. Today, the Viduggla family seeks to help protect the Old Faiths and Velheim culture from the encroachment of the Regalian Empire as well as aid in the power’s military efforts.

Family Lineage

Many Viduggla, of both sexes, are weathered by hard lives in the military or from the rigors of hunting.

Garth Viduggla, Duke of Norrland, is a first-generation ruler of House Viduggla. The previous ruler, his uncle Ardige Viduggla was removed by other nobility during a settlement in 306 AC to provide greater peace in the North. Garth went along with this somewhat numbly and unable to do anything to stop it. Before this, House Viduggla had a virtually unbroken line of male leadership, usually from oldest son to oldest son, dating back as far as 59 AC with Kjell Viduggla, the first Viduggla known to Regalian records. The family has only once had a female leader and even that was for a mere few years. Norrland has been held for decades by House Viduggla though with time, their land claims were gradually swallowed up by other Velheim noble houses. Today, however, they control all of Norrland and parts of Drixagh thanks to a resurgence in relevance. The House also held, briefly, lands in the Kingdom of Nordskag but those claims were given up several years ago to focus entirely on the Regalian Archipelago.

Family Holdings

The northern tip of the Regalian Archipelago is a bleak place for anyone to lay down roots, but the Vidugglas have succeeded in surviving here for years. The Viduggla lands have long been ones of the sea, with a large population of fisherpeople plying their trade there since the Ailor reached these lands untold centuries ago. However, the land that these people live in is very decentralized, even for the Velheim. Large swathes of the land territory in the Vidugglas holdings have not one person as the harsh sea winds and frozen ground make living tough. Fishing villages dot the entire coast while the windswept interior of the island holds mines that bring up basic minerals for use by the locals or sale elsewhere. The Viduggla family lives near one of the only forests in the region, found nearest to the western coastline of the region known as Ingentingland. This structure is a combination of Anglian and Velheim design, with thick stone walls and small windows but also fine wooden features both outside on the roof and inside in the main eating hall. The original structure once belonged to an Anglian family which ultimately left Norrland when a brief Copper boom there ended some three decades ago. Viduggla territory is almost entirely faithful to the Old Faiths, largely Oldt Fayth but also Old Gods especially among the Anglian population that came three decades ago. Unionists, by comparison, are confined to several villages and show little likelihood of growing in number.

Family Overview

Financial Capacity

House Viduggla occupies fairly poor territory in terms of revenue for themselves. The cold land makes it difficult to farm most crops, which results in much of the foodstuffs supplied being what can be harvested from the waters around the region. Hastdrepland is particularly skilled in this and has an abundance of food produce, certainly enough to make the fruit of the sea their main export. In addition to this, the region is known for its abundance of common metals, largely on the western islands which are traded elsewhere, but also to the central region of Ingentingland, where weapons are made from these materials before also being exported. With their newly acquired territory in Drixagh, they have managed to glean sources of fur and spirits, which only add to their economic diversity.

Military Capacity

As a Velheim House, the Vidugglas have long had the capacity to call upon a collection of hardy and fierce warriors. Most are land-based forces, skirmishers, though few are Skaggers since the Burning of the North, but also the lack of any major Lodges in Norrland. In addition to these land troops, ships designed for raiding and the men that crew them can be called upon to serve the House in their conflicts as the extensive coastline of Viduggla territory gives them great access to such individuals.

Relation with the Local Lords

House Viduggla had a quiet relationship with their neighbors for over a century, but under Garth Viduggla, such relations have vastly changed. Before the Iron Peace enforced in the summer of 307 AC, the Vidugglas conquered and then dissipated the power of one minor Velheim House, absorbed the remains of House Sorenvik, and waged warfare against several nobles from Greater Calemberg. Their disruption of social normality was greatly disliked by many, and for a time Garth Viduggla suffered under the appearance of being a warmonger. As for those lords directly local to their territory, their longtime loyalty to the Vidugglas had them go along with Garth’s desires without much question. However, since the Iron Peace, things have greatly calmed down, and most of the local Velheim have returned to a somewhat neutral opinion on House Viduggla, though those in Norrland have generally maintained positive opinions for much of that time. Despite this, some local nobility in Drixagh and indeed those more far afield were and have remained alarmed about the contracts of semi-autonomy the Vidugglas have established with those Anglians within their territory, as well as those of some of their Drixagh possessions.

Relations with the Imperial Court

As Velheim, House Viduggla has neutral to poor relations with the Imperial Court. Emperor Cedromar disliked the Culture, and Emperor Alexander as at best neutral in his opinion of this particular group of Velheim.

Cultural Reference

House Viduggla has a strong Cultural Reference to Brown Owls, the creatures who supposedly were the instrument of blessing from the Gods upon their ancient founder. The creatures are commonly incorporated into the House’s weapons, in both bone and wood carving form, and the forest near their Norrland estate is also known to house the creatures. The animal is also symbolic of many of their leaders, many being named as stern and silent men, and of great skill in the hunt, just like owls.

Prominent Members

  • Duke Garth Viduggla, an important Duke of Norrland
  • Ardige Viduggla, a notable figure in the Regalian Army


  • The Vidugglas have been at odds with House Typhonus in recent years as in 302 AC, the more powerful family attempted to claim power over the Vidugglas through an old one-off marriage. The claim did not stick and there has been silent, though infrequent, animosity between the two families ever since.
  • There are several tall tales about the Owl Warrior the Vidugglas claim is their ancestor, the biggest being he died while killing a Dragon which is usually named as an Ice Wyvern today.
  • While they do not often discuss it, their lands in Nordskag were abandoned due to the Bone Horror Crisis, a most chaotic and disastrous time for them.

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