Nuevo-Uso Empanar

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Nuevo-Uso Empanar
Appearance A colorful dish made of stale bread, seasoned with many herbs and spices
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Daendroque chefs
Class Lower and Middle Classes
  • 1½ lbs Day-old bread
  • 1 cup Water
  • 6 cloves Garlic
  • ¾ cup Olive oil
  • ½ tsp Paprika
  • 1 cup Spinach
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 Dragonflower, dried and chopped

Nuevo-Uso Empanar is a dish that finds its origins in the rise of the Daendroque Culture; it became popularized following the harsh circumstances that befell many former Ailor slaves after the collapse of the Allorn Empire. The dish is a vibrant blend of many simple herbs and spices that produce a tantalizing aroma which often lingers on the clothing of those that eat it. The dish is a staple of modern Daendroque cuisine, often served in sequence prior to Sótano Soup.


Nuevo-Uso Empanar originates in the poor food fed to the slaves of the Allorn Empire. Bread a day old or more was thrown at them along with other far worse food, but over time, the Ailor developed methods to soften and better use these materials, particularly the bread. In the wake of the Cataclysm and the eventual founding of Daendroque city-states allowed for their cuisine to adapt fully. Thus, Nuevo-Uso Empanar was formed, though due to its freedom of interpretation on the ingredients in the recipe, and the dish became a representation of the freedom and merriment of the Daendroqean people. There are several variations on the dish. As a result, ranging based on region and Culture producing it as, for example, Bragacao Ailor have its own variety of the dish suited to them and their wide trade connections


The preparation of the most basic Nuevo-Uso Empanar begins with the preparation of the bread, often leftovers from meals the day before. The bread is cut into very thin slices or cubes and laid out in a bowl. The salt water is added to the bread in amounts just enough to dampen the bread, and the bread should not be soaked or submerged by the water. Following this, the bread is left to sit for twenty minutes in a warm area, covered by a clean cloth. During this time, the cloves of garlic are to be peeled and chopped finely, before being minced by pressing the garlic onto the chopping surface with the flat of the knife and dragging slowly in a horizontal motion. The garlic is then added to a pan over an open flame with the olive oil and fried until the oil becomes fragrant. The garlic paste is removed and set aside for use further on in the cooking process. The bread is then added to the now-flavored oil, and fried over the flame, constantly stirring until the bread breaks down from the cubes and forms small lumps of bread which are toasted and golden on the outside, but soft in the center. Once the bread has reached this stage, the spinach is added to the pan and cooked alongside the bread, with the re-addition of the garlic paste. This mixture is fried until the spinach is adequately reduced. The dish is often served alongside cuts of pork, or seafood such as shrimp, or fish.


  • Nuevo-Uso Empanar is golden brown in appearance - with a dusting of red due the Paprika used to season the dish prior to cooking - and large amounts of green from the spinach. The dish is rather colorful and is certainly greater than the sum of its components.
  • The dish often displays a very strong, garlic-centric smell which lingers even after fully consumed, with the addition of other herbs and spices the dish may take on a plethora of different smells.
  • Nuevo-Uso Empanar is famed for its simplicity and its flavor. The dish makes use of the slight saltiness of the bread to cut through the spice granted by the Dragonflower and the tart flavor of the garlic. Depending on the preferences of the chef, the dish can lean towards becoming more heavily spicy, or more mellow with the addition of soured cream.


  • In some smaller settlements in Daendroc, it has become something of competition amongst children to add additional Dragonflowers to their Nuevo-Uso Empanar; the competition is a harmless test of courage between children to see whoever can handle the hottest Nuevo-Uso Empanar without needing milk. The winner of these competitions is affectionately titled ‘Quispecia!’ by the other children.

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