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Appearance Sliced peaches, coated in thick layers of decadent chocolate.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator South-Regalian chefs
Class All Classes
  • Four Peaches
  • Two cups of chocolate
  • Two cups of heavy cream
  • One vanilla bean
  • A pinch of salt
  • Optional toppings

The Pecharik is a common snack or dessert, originating in Rivellia. Although not particularly high-brow, its relative simplicity and potential for aesthetic design make it a viable option for any class or event. From its conception as an impromptu treat for visitors, the fare has made its way onto dessert trays and party platters in every type of household.


Created by a mixture of an accident and convenience, Pecharik was the result of a surplus of peaches. An Ithanian merchant had docked in a Rivellian port, looking to get rid of his stock, consisting primarily of peaches. As it would turn out, not many were willing to eat the fruit because it had gone soft in the heat, and were scattered with plenty other unappetizing blemishes. In a stroke of bad luck, his other stock of fresh chocolate, had begun to melt. Overwhelmed by despair at the prospect of such financial losses, the man prepared himself to throw both out - before realizing that one problem could solve another. He used the chocolate as a coating, hiding whatever imperfections or scarring his peaches had gained in the time it had been left. Marketing them as a new dish completely, he turned his loss into a profit. In the ensuing years, the locals took the dish for themselves and then spread it outward across the Regalian Archipelago.


To begin making Pecharik, the peaches should be peeled and cored, then sliced into eighths. Afterwards, they should be left to sit. The stove should then be turned up to high heat, and the chocolate and heavy cream added to a saucepan. Incorporate them slowly, stirring gently so as not to produce bubbles. When the two mix and thicken, add a pinch of salt, before mixing evenly. Dip the peaches into the chocolate glaze, before setting them on a rack to cool and harden. Decorate with optional toppings such as candied nuts.


  • Pecharik is simple in appearance, sliced peaches coated in a heavy layer of chocolate. Some chefs have been known to use white chocolate to trace intricate designs into each, though this is uncommon due to the amount of effort it takes.
  • The dish doesn’t have any particularly strong scents aside from whichever chocolate was used to coat it. Being that the peach is tucked away, its smell is only noticeable when one takes a bite of it.
  • The taste is relatively straightforward, consisting of peaches and chocolate.


  • Though normally considered simple, many head cooks determine the worth of a chef by how well he can dress Pecharik up, using second-rate peaches. A common variant includes cutting the peach into thin slices, before rolling it up to look like a rose.

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