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Writing Art

Writing Art includes the arts of poetry, essay writing, biography writing and fiction and historical writing. Higher Proficiencies provide better word usage and less frequent errors.

Theatre Art

Theatre Art includes the act of stage performance of plays, as well as general acting. Higher Proficiencies provide better and more convincing acting. Investing 10 Points often has other benefits. At 10 points invested, all emotional state reading or emotion detection mechanisms simply do not work. Additionally, the Character becomes immune to any opinion reading Abilities.

Dancing Art

Dancing Arts covers the act of dancing and body movement performance. Having a higher Proficiency adds more skill, poise and grace to the movements, as well as teaching the dancer more dancing types. Having 0 in this Proficiency does not mean your character cannot dance, it just means they cannot dance well, and are prone to making errors/stepping on others' feet.

Circus Art

Circus Arts covers performance in a circus setting, more related to Acrobatics. This involves acrobatic acts like trapezes, moves like handstands and saltos, and other shows of agility and contortion-ism. This Proficiency also includes performance with animals, and other activities like fire-breathing, juggling and trampoline jumping. Higher Proficiencies lead to better, error-free performances. This Proficiency cannot be used to back-flip or salto out of a Combat Roleplay, but it can be used for dramatic effect and aesthetics during Combat.

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