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Affected Races Ailor and Nelfin excluding Kathar, Drowdar, Mages,or Silven
Contraction Near-death Experiences
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Dragons

Archblood, previously known as Witchblood or Phantasma, is a soul-curse produced by Dragons many millennia ago to aid them in their fight against the Void Invasions. Archblood were the foot soldiers of the Dragons who fought against the hordes of Demons with their enhanced Void and Exist fighting abilities, and usually formed ranks under a Dragon Knight as their commander to fight even on the battlefield. Much of the history of Witchblood was recently shrouded in mystery, as after the Immortal War, Witchbloods effectively disappeared from the global playing field, as they could only be created by Dragons, and Dragons had all gone extinct. With the resurfacing of the Imperial and Dread Dragon however, Witchblood started increasing in number, and more and more information was brought forward about them. Notably instrumental to their widespread acceptance and integration into the Regalian Empire was Leufred du Briërust, a noble Witchblood who became the champion of his kind, not only laying bare many of the mysteries surrounding Dragon lore, but also putting to good use the skills of Witchblood to fight the impure enemies of Unionism. When the Conduit connected the final Leyline installation to the World Network, all Witchblood experienced an event called the Uplifting, where they transitioned from the broken state of Witchblood, to the more complete state of Archblood, like they had originally been intended, as Dragon power extended itself onto Regalia.

Witchblood Infection

Archblood infections can occur one of three ways. Specific Dragon Temples scattered across the Archipelago have a good chance to guarantee a person turning into an Archblood. These Temples are equipped with ritualistic sacrificial chambers, empowered by Dragon Wards to succeed in uplifting the soul to Archblood status. Another way to produce Archblood is through the Blue Crown Dragon Soultouch. Dragons are capable of creating Archblood without killing the host. Finally, any person who dies around the world can become an Archblood, however the odds of becoming an Archblood are 1 in 3000 this way. For the first and last method, the person who is being made Archblood is clinically dead for several minutes before, through some unexplained means, their soul is snapped back into their body albeit changed. Some Scholars have theorized that this actually classifies Archblood as Undead, and this is partially also true. Contact with Dragon Soulcores and other research has pointed out that the Dragons always considered Archblood indebted to them, for giving them another chance at life after death in service of the Immortal War and to fight the Void Invasions.

The change to Archblood is effectively instant, with their eyes turning a glowing violet. They will receive visions of how to use their abilities in the form of dreams over the following days, where they will become acquainted with their purpose to the Dragons also. Archblood is not contagious, and those who are infected with it remain fully functional and mortal also, though there is some implication based on archeology that Archblood actually do not age, and instead when they grow old become mindless husks that protect Dragon Temples as silent guardians. This has led Scholars to believe that Archblood (or Witchblood) is a temporary infection, sort of like borrowing time from death to live out a life as if death had never come for them, but eventually it would claim them to become the silent protectors of their legacy. Archblood infection is not curable in any way. There are certain people with Abilities to temporarily suspend the Archblood change on someone's soul, but it cannot be permanently undone. One must not be a Touched Aberrant and higher (excluding Primal Abberants) at the time of death to have a chance at becoming an Archblood. Altalar Archbloods additionally lose access to their Will spells. Only Ailor and Nelfin (except for Sihndar and Kathar) can become Archblood.

Archblood Mutations

Primal Power Ability Category Range Description
Archblood Scrying Primal Power Emote Distance The Archblood is able to aim a weapon or fist skyward, which will then create a ripple wave of violet energy to flow out in rapid succession to Emote Distance. If any Infested-type and up Aberrants are in Emote Range, their fist or weapon will produce a howling sound for several seconds. This Ability can be used repeatedly, but if it successfully detects an Aberrant, it will go on a 15 minute cooldown. This Ability does not say who the Aberrant is, just that one is present within Emote Distance.
Archblood Arsenal Primal Power Self The Archblood is able to summon a weapon in hand made out of ghostly glass. This glass can have the color of the Dragon the Archblood mostly associates with. Weapon Proficiency still dictates effectiveness with the weapon, and it cannot be handed to others. Thrown weapons will blink back to the hand of the Archblood, and any ranged weapons will have infinite ammunition that disappears shortly after landing on its target or missing, and all weapons are tough as steel. This weapon may also give off a faint colored trail as it is wielded, give off gentle static crackles of electricity, and have Dragon runes inscribed on it that glow.
Archblood Mindwall Primal Power Self The Archblood is immune to Target Illusions, Object Illusions, Target Curses and Object Curses. They cannot even perceive them as being there. Inversely however, shielding their mind with Draconic powers makes it so Archblood can be mind-controlled by Dragons if they are present, or projecting their powers through the Leylines.
Archblood Scalehide Primal Power Self The Archblood can use this ability to cast a self-defensive ability. Following the casting, the Archblood's skin turns into Dragonscale, the scales colored with the color of the Dragon the Archblood mostly associates with. Dragonscale makes their skin immune to slicing and cutting damage, but still allowing brute and piercing damage. Additionally, the Archblood cannot have their skin pierced by Vampire or Werebeast teeth or claws.
Archblood Siphon Linked Channel Emote Distance The Archblood is able to produce a Magic-siphon with either or both of their hands. If using one hand, the siphon can only attach to a Mage or Sorcerer, producing a draining sensation in them, and making them unable to cast any Magic Spell, Sorcery Spell, or benefit from any Passives dictated in their Spellbooks. The Archblood can also immobilize themselves, allowing them to use both arms. While they can no longer move, a siphon powered by both hands does not only stop Magic and Sorcery Ability usage, it also cripples the target with intense agonizing pains (only if they are a Mage or Sorcerer), immobilizing them and making them defenseless. Using both hands however requires a 10 second charge-up that affords enough time for a person to attempt to disengage and run away. In order to siphon with any hand, it must be completely empty. This Ability can be used perpetually, but can only ever target one person. Additionally, while one Siphon is active, another one cannot be initiated within Emote Distance of the target that is being siphoned.
Calling of Old Toggle Passive Self The Archblood is able to manifest their hatred of Mages, Silven and Sorcerers, if they so desire, through physical changes. These include more vibrant violet eyes (brighter than usual) that have violent crackles lighting up and flowing away from their eyes. Their hands glow violet, with the glowing effect traveling up to their elbows. Their voice can turn more hollow and ghostly.
Calling of War Toggle Passive Self The Archblood is able to manifest an Archblood's Armor in a ghostly see-through violet form on themselves. These are purely aesthetic, give no actual armor. The Armor is reminiscent of Dragon Knight Armor, which will always overlay existing worn real armor.
Calling of Lords Constant Passive Self The Archblood is able to detect either a Dragon Soulcore, or Dragon that is present within Emote Distance. Once they enter Emote Distance, the glowing effect of their eyes starts flaring up, and they feel it internally also.
Calling of Faith Toggle Passive Self The Archblood can manifest Dragon runes and Script on their body in glowing lines as if they are tattoos. The color they are made of can be dictated by any of the Dragons the Archblood mostly associates with. They can be made to disappear or appear, and their glow can be turned off and on, but they never glow enough to produce light in a dark room.


  • Rumor has it that the Grand Vigil of the Azure Order was actually an Archblood. The woman never showed her face in public, so it could not be confirmed nor denied, a secret she took with her to her grave.
  • Many suspect that the Azure Order used a host of Archblood to hunt runaway Mages from the Azure Spire when it still existed, and that this is how they managed to keep the Mages under control.
  • One Archblood by the name of Sebastian Salbard was said to be incredibly powerful—able to fight multiple Mages at once. He was eventually killed when a group of Dark Mages tracked him down and killed him in revenge.

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