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Appearance A green-gold pastry topped with stark white cheese.
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Dunbrae bakers
Class Upper and Middle Classes
  • 1 half lentils
  • 1 half green peas
  • 4 tablespoons of finely chopped green tea leaves
  • Pie pastry, powdered with powdered tea, for baking wrapper
  • Topping of any variety of cheese (most commonly Geep cheeses)

Pinteel is a Dunbrae savory pie, but its composition is distinctly foreign. The food is extremely simple, but is usually expensive as it incorporates lentils and aromatic green tea imported from foreign ports. It has rapidly spread through the food customs of wealthy elements and aristocratic families of Gallovia and other Ceardian-cultured lands. Given its status as a product catering to them, it remains a staple consumption of the region’s higher classes, especially those who aim to appear sophisticated without succumbing to the complex palette of the wealthy near the Regalian Empire’s core.


Pinteel originates as a fairly recent synthesis of tastes originating from Gallovia and the Dunbrae Culture which dominates the region. The dish’s life began within the major port cities of this northern landmass, where foreign trade goods flowed to suit the international tastes of the locals and the upper classes which to this day dominate these cities. Whether it was a single chef and a community of like-minded men and women who began the practice is unknown, but upcycling remaining foods from one’s cupboards into culinary experiments became a popular fad for several years shortly before the dawn of the fourth century. It was during this time that Pinteel was born, crafted from the remains of previous pastries as well as the greenery that could easily spoil in the Highland cold. Other such dishes existed at the same time, but Pinteel caught on in a way unheard of before, perhaps because of its layered flavors acquired due to the tea baked within the pastry’s crust, and not just as a filling. Regardless of how, the dish’s popularity made its way first to the other bastion of Dunbrae Culture, Clannadh Alba, followed by the Heartland Ceardian territory of Dragenthal through the trade lanes. However, the dish did not catch on much beyond these regions, and today remains local to Ceardian cultured areas across the Regalian Empire. Some among the nobility from the Highland Territories enjoy having it alongside Gallovian Geep or other forms of capran meat.


Pinteel, despite being a food produced from expensive and imported ingredients, is a comparatively simple item to create. The prospective baker first builds a basic crumb pastry dough and kneads in the powdered green tea. The pastry is then molded to a pie tin or similar container, and filled with a mixture of lentils, green peas, and finely chopped green tea leaves. The dish should then be baked at medium heat for ten minutes and can either be covered with a thin layer of pastry dough or not. Midway through the baking process, the dish should be topped with any variety of cheese, though the most common are varieties made from the milk of the Gallovian Geep. The dish should then be covered for a further ten or fifteen minutes, being removed to cool for a short time afterward. Pinteel is best served hot.


  • Pinteel, because of the green tea added to the pastry, appears as a golden-green street pie topped with white, melted cheese. When broken with a fork, the pie reveals even more green at its center, which is its vegetable filling.
  • The aroma of Pinteel is dictated by the scent of its internal greens, slightly sweet, and slightly pungent.
  • In taste, Pinteel is politely described as sharp, and rudely as bitter. The texture can be fibrous in places but is balanced by the cutting addition of green tea, which mitigates the worst traits. The taste is fringed by the cheese that tops the pastry, which adds sweet notes to a complex item.


  • Pinteel is sometimes accused of being a bastardization of Heartlander tea pies, pastries made with tea as a filling.
  • Pinteel Smashers is an insulting term sometimes thrown around the politics of the Highland Territories, and is used to refer to Caeren isolationists who are more aggressive in their desire to split from the Regalian Empire and its economic marketplace.

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