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Appearance A green-gold pastry topped with stark white cheese
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Gallovian bakers
Class Upper Class
  • 1 half lentils
  • 1 half green peas
  • 4 tablespoons of extremely finely chopped green tea leaves
  • Pie pastry, powdered with powdered tea, for baking wrapper
  • Topping of any variety of cheese

Pinteel is a Gallovian savory pie, but its composition is distinctly foreign. The food is extremely simple with straightforward ingredients but expensive as it incorporates lentils and aromatic green tea imported from foreign ports. It has rapidly spread through the food customs of Gallovia’s wealthy elements and aristocratic families. Given its status as a product catering to them, it remains a staple consumption of the region’s higher classes, especially those who aim to appear sophisticated without succumbing to the complex palette of the wealthy near the Regalian Empire’s core.


Pinteel is a comparatively recent synthesis of Gallovian tastes, and the variety of cultural influences proliferated through the province’s port cities. The food began as a cottage pie composed mostly of greens and leftover meats, but it shifted over time to better appeal to mainly Heartland Ceardian upper class. Today for many of Gallovia’s wealthy, Pinteel is both a taste of home and a strange adulteration of traditional gastronomy, the latter making several influential Highland Ceardian families reject it as an insult to Gallovia’s traditional fare. However, because of its manufactured prestige and target population, Pinteel still presents a viable option for the feast tables of Highland Ceardian nobles and wealthy families. As a secondary result of its unique history, Pinteel has not found much reverse traction or popularity within other provinces of the Empire. Despite the taboo that surrounds Pinteel, the taste of the dish synthesizes well with the Gallovian Geep meats and accompanying greens that form the core of much of Gallovia’s fare. It thus remains a general staple of Gallovia’s upper classes and presents some variety in a diet that is among the world’s most simple.


Pinteel, despite being a food produced from highly expensive import ingredients, is a comparatively simple item to create. The prospective baker first builds a basic crumb pastry dough and kneads in powdered green tea. The pastry is then filled with imported lentils and local green peas, as well as several well-integrated tablespoons of finely chopped green tea leaves. After baking, the pastry is generally topped with Gallovian Geep cheese - a soft, musty-smelling cheese originating from the wild Gallovian steppes.


  • Pinteel, because of the green tea added to the pastry, appears as a golden-green street pie topped with stark white cheese. When broken with a fork, the pie reveals even more green, much like the many shades of mossy bark.
  • The aroma of Pinteel is dictated by the scent of its internal greens, slightly sweet and slightly pungent.
  • In taste, Pinteel is bitter. The texture is chalky and fibrous in places but balanced by the cutting addition of green tea, which mitigates it heavily. The taste is fringed by the Gallovian Geep cheese that tops the pastry, which adds sweet notes to a complex item.


  • Pinteel is sometimes accused of being a bastardization of a similar dish from the Regalian Empire’s crown city, which is an even simpler pastry of tea and sugar taken with mid-afternoon tea.
  • This food item is currently in the process of branching out regarding variety, and now includes pastries made with several different types of tea and various greens. However, these varieties have not yet been adopted as major popular items by Gallovia’s wealthy.
  • Many of Gallovia’s peasantry bastardize Pinteel’s recipe in their own special way to recreate the green pie for the children of their households and often replace the dish’s lentils with blanched acorns.

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