Planar Dimensions

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Aloria as the whole world is confined within the planar dimension simply called Binral (or Real dimension). Binral as a term refers to both Aloria, the void around it, and all Celestial Bodies present; it represents the physical but also non-physical aspects of this world. More planar dimensions exist however, largely due to the efforts of the Seraph in earlier aeons. The Seraph created a gateway to the Prevall dimension often referred to as the Exist, which in turn also created a magical event that opened an opposite dimension called the Nihsil, or the Void. These are the three confirmed planar dimensions that can be proven to exist with tangible evidence, but many scholars theorize that far more planar dimensions could exist. The most solid theory on unseen planar dimensions is that of Essent, or Inner, and Allin, or Outer dimensions. No evidence has been made to support the existence of these dimensions however, and practically all scholars urge against attempting to make contact with these realms, due to the immeasurable destruction inflicted onto Aloria from the Void Invasions.

Planar Essence

Planar Essence in the simplest of terms is simply energy leaking, or being pulled out of another dimension to achieve some purpose or another. Essence exists as energy that cannot directly be explained. It is neither warm nor cold, neither physical nor ethereal, neither visible nor invisible, yet it can achieve things because of its one particularly useful property: it can deny the laws of reality of the Binral dimension, regardless of whether it came from the Exist or Void. A good example of this would be latent Planar Essence floating around in abandoned Seraph Ruins. The presence of such Planar Essence is usually visible because it causes reality to have less of an impact in the area; floating rocks are a good indicator, but also the bending and changing of light, or fire that burns without fuel, and birds that sing without sound. Planar Essence is not inherently dangerous in and of itself, but has a whole host of negative side effects if it somehow manages to infest a living creature in the Binral dimension. In such situations, by Alorian definitions, a Demon is born.

Binral Essence

Binral Essence, perhaps ironically, is the least understood Essences of all, and probably for good reason. The Alorian people have for centuries of their existence formed religions and faiths that are more divergent than even the differences between an Orc and a Lampar. In many cases those who would research Binral Essence, its functioning and being, would be labeled as heretics, especially if they found evidence that contradicts established religious dogmas. Among certain circles, Binral Essence is understood as pure Soul Matter, which is commonly also referred to as Soul Essence among the Qadir and scientifically minded Ailor particularly. This Alorian dimension fuel is used to power the many clockwork engines built by the Qadir, and is increasingly being weaponized by the Ailor against anything magical related. In this way, Binral Essence is understood as the similarly mysterious magical energy that gives life to Aloria, but at the same time works in an opposite manner towards other Planar Essence. While for example Void Essence would deny reality where it is applied, Binral Essence would strictly enforce reality, thus counteracting Void Essence from affecting the world around it. There are some latent theories to indicate that Binral Essence has something to do with Dragons, as the waning and waxing of Soul Essence prevalence seems to be directly tied to the existence or presence of various dragon species. Due to the extinction of dragons in recent centuries however, these theories remain untested.

Note: Binral Essence theories are heresy to every known religion bar Void Worship. Engage in public theorizing at own risk.