Praeter Stew

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Praeter Stew
Appearance Thick, light blue liquid with small chunks
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Drovv
Class Drowdar
  • ¼ Praeter Stew Horn.
  • ¾ Water.
  • Desired amount of meat.
  • Desired amount of vegetables or seasonings.

Praeter Stew is a hearty soup made using the primary ingredient of Praeter Stew Horn, which was given its name by this stew. After establishing themselves in Drowda, one of the first things the Drowdar sought to learn was which foods were safe and what were the best ways to make them. Praeter Stew Horn offered them better digestion and so was incorporated into their diet and this soup. Flavored by other safe plants and meat, it is commonly known to outsiders as “Blue Soup” due to its light blue tint.


Praeter Stew originated with the Drowdar but they themselves based what they did on what information they knew of the now extinct Drovv. During their time on Aloria, unmutated Praeter Stew Horn was used in multiple dishes, particularly in stews. When the Drowdar reached Drowda after the Cataclysm, one of their first jobs was to discern if they could discover this plant. When they did, there was a pause of several years as they attempted to determine if it was safe for consumption. When this proved true, they eagerly added it to their meals, namely Praeter Stew, supposedly named after a great Drovv combat master. In the centuries since then, Praeter Stew has become a major part of the Drowdar diet, eaten by a large part of their small population. Outsiders are rarely allowed to eat the Stew unless they have proved themselves to the leaders of the Holds. Some have sought to replicate it elsewhere in Aloria, namely homesick Drowdars, but the key ingredient of Praeter Stew Horn only grows on Drowda. It is likely that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future, denying the world the benefits of a healthy digestive tract.


Given the militaristic lifestyle of the Drowdar, the process of making Praeter Stew is quite simple. Firstly, two or three Praeter Stew Horns are open to expose the light blue-purple tinted inner “flesh”’, which is to be extracted and placed in warm water. This water is preferably purified by boiling, with the “flesh” being added as it cools. After this point, the water should regularly be stirred to allow it to evenly thicken into a soup-like consistency over the course of twenty minutes. After this point, it is ready to serve. At any point during the dish’s preparation, meats and other forms of seasoning can be added to enhance flavor and texture. Drowdar of all ages are taught how to make Praeter Stew in most Xaster citadels, meaning that even outsiders can learn how to make it.


  • From a first look, Praeter Stew appears to be a thick, pale blue soup with prominent chunks of meat in it.
  • Despite the appearance of meat, the dish smells and tastes much like potato soup, though its texture is slightly grainy.
  • The flavors of the meat and mushroom are most prominent as an aftertaste, overpowered by the liquid of the stew until swallowed.


  • The grainy taste the soup produces is actually from the thousands of tiny spores that make up the inside of Praeter Stew Horns.
  • Most Drowdar who are homesick find comfort in potato soup due to the similarities between it and Praeter Stew.
  • While most agree that Praeter is the name of a Drovv combat master, others believe the Stew is named after the main leader of the Cults of Dronnal, the precursor to the Drowdar.

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