Profaned Hand of the Conqueror

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The Profaned Hand of the Conqueror
Name The Profaned Hand of the Conqueror
Origin Sendras
Classification Arken Artifact
Found No
Location Unknown

The Profaned Hand of the Conqueror remains forever outstretched, index finger pointing forward in an accusatory fashion. This shriveled and desecrated Cro-Allar hand remains in a mummified state and still sports tarnished rings. The hide is devoid of color, drained gray and mottled brown over the ages. The Hand bestows visions of grand splendor and vanity upon those who covet it and keep it on their person. The owner finds themselves in a limitless state of pride and often has this hand exchange hands because of it.


The Profaned Hand of the Conqueror was the right hand of a Sendrassian Cro-Allar theorized by the Ezrul-Rassa-Allar council. It has seen many owners, one elder managed to pinpoint its origins back to Sendras Pre-Cataclysm. Hadarian archives of the Ezrul-Rassa-Allar managed to match the warning marks of one of the rings to an ancient Digmaan named Hurek. According to a tablet within their archives, the Digmaan Hurek often dabbled in Void Essence and the time of his reign existed long before the Sendrassian Civil War. He brought upon his own doom after forging a pact with some greater power, and in return, lost his hand as payment.

While the details of his pact are not specified, scholarly archives do speak of his fall. In myth he is considered to be the only Allar ever to not regenerate their missing limb, cementing the severity of his deal and the price it came with. Foolhardy and described as mad, he challenged foes far greater than he and for a time he succeeded up until he bit off more than he could chew and had paid the ultimate price for his arrogance. Digmaan Hurek was laid to rest and, while his body is now just dust and bones, his hand has lived on without him. The Hand spent merely a month in possession of the Es-Allar scholars before it had gone missing along with the Allar which focused his research on it. It is unknown where the hand has gone since, but the occasional tale of some proud fool toting around a macabre fetish meets the ears of those which have studied its existence.


The Profaned Hand of the Conqueror appears to be the mummified right hand of that of a Cro-Allar long preserved by unknown magic. Around the wrist exists are black marks accompanied by scrawling void text around the palm. It is a clean cut, as though it were magically removed from its host in an instant. The scaly hide is shrunken and tight against the thick bones. The scales are devoid of most color, drained gray and mottled brown over the ages. The long, black claws on each fingertip are gnarled and sharp, stretching far longer than any other Cro-Allar. Two to three rings remain upon the main fingers of the hand, minus the pinky. The rings are oxidized and rusted, save for the largest ring on the index finger on which is a worn seal: a crude depiction of a star.

Uses and Abilities

For someone with no pre-existing knowledge of the Digmaan Hurek, they would see this as some strange accessory which is more fashionable to those with an affinity for inelegant oddities. However, the hand holds a presence with it that seeps into the owner’s personality over a monthly period of time. It starts in superficial actions being taken that the owner would normally avoid; for example, defensiveness over subtle actions and fault-finding in those around them even when unnecessary. The next stage of the prideful possession is a desperation for attention and the neglect of others who will not acknowledge the owner as superior. In the late stages, this manifests as dependency on possessing the hand. With the hand, the owner feels a comfort and feels unstoppable with The Hand even in close proximity of them. In a way, The Profaned Hand of the Conqueror could be seen as a boon. Those with strong willpower, after all, make rulers.

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