Pureza's Powder

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Pureza's Powder
Appearance A bright white, chalky powder.
Application Contact with skin, or applied in paste form.
Proficiency Requires 3 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Reynaldo Pureza
Potency Dependent on concentration.
Injectable No
  1. Bleaching of hair and clothing articles.
  2. Whitening of teeth
  3. Cleaning solution
  4. Anticorrosion properties when applied to metal

Pureza's Powder, first known by its marketed brand name Blemish Be Gone, is a mixture of varying potency with a variety of uses. Found most often in the cabinets of Regalian housewives, its alchemical properties are harnessed as a cleaner for areas of the home such as the kitchen or for scouring chamber pots.


Traveling merchant Reynaldo Pureza during one of his circulations around Daendroc accidentally discovered this powder while attempting to create a way to polish his virtually worthless, rusted metal trinkets, and sell them for a few more Regals. He threw together the most acidic components he could find, then added them to a very small amount of Vocadine he had with him. It was not until later did Pureza think to market his creation as a safe way to bleach the hair and teeth. The idea for which came after he accidentally dribbled the potion onto his infamous red robes, and where the droplets made contact, the fabric turned a bright white and began to smolder. The amateur alchemist watered down the potion into a safe concentration, bottled it, and began selling his new product: Blemish Be Gone. The powder was first marketed in the year 120 AC, and for a long time, only Pureza knew the recipe. After his death in 140 AC, the components became public knowledge.


The recipe of Pureza's Powder is quite simple, as it was created almost entirely through trial and error. It is comprised mainly of dried, powdered Fireweed and slaked lime; distilled Witchhazel; and Vocadine. The dry components are made to react in a simple process, for they are simply mixed in any sort of receptacle. The chemicals leeched by the Fireweed interact with the Witchhazel to create a strong bleaching powder and antioxidizing agent. After the primary ingredients are combined, they are added to the Vocadine at a low heat, then simmered until the powerful alcohol is boiled away. The remaining powder is water soluble, and the strength of the paste is dependent on its viscosity. However, the base powder can be added to either a gelatine made of boiled apple peels, water, or more Vocadine.



The application of Pureza’s Powder is fascinating, and fairly diverse. For the purposes of lightening the hair, the powder must be diluted into a runny liquid, and boiled. The hair is then soaked in the solution, and quickly rinsed to avoid damaging hair follicles. To whiten the teeth, the powder base must be added to an apple peel, coagulated paste, and used daily over the course of six months for noticeable results. For the whitening of clothes and other cloth products, simply bring the powder mixed with water to a boil, and add the garments into it. To remove rust, create a mixture of room temperature Vodacine and concentrated Pureza Powder, which should ideally be the viscosity of hand lotion, then use a rag to spread a thin layer of the potion over the surface of the object. Let the mixture set, then wipe it away to remove patina and age stains. To create a cleaning solution, a small handful of powder must be mixed with equal parts water and Vocadine, and generally crushed lavender blossoms to lighten the acerbic smell. Pureza is reported as saying “If it burns the nose, it burns the dirt!”


When applied correctly, Pureza’s Powder can whiten the teeth when used over the course of a half-year. The serum can be used to bleach hair to platinum blonde, leaving it ready for coloring, or simply to lighten it a few shades. When used as a bleach, it will instantly and irreversibly strip color from garments. Alternatively, the liquid can be used to remove rust and patina from metal, but the object it is applied to is still apt to regain rust. Many housewives have used a very diluted solution of Pureza’s Powder to cleanse filthy messes that refuse to come clean otherwise. Users be wary! The ingestion of Pureza Powder when mixed with Vocadine can cause a nasty stomach ache, a scorched throat that can take months to heal, and permanent damage to the vocal chords, giving the victim a harsh, throaty voice. The healing is quickened a bit by antivenoms or the Springblossom potion. Additionally, overuse of the powder can damage the scalp and the roots of the hair, causing the user to shed once-voluminous locks. Hair dyed with Blemish Be Gone often loses its shine, as the chemicals burn away natural oil.

Physical Characteristics

Pureza’s Powder is a white powder with a strong scent, which is insipid and acidic, much like lye. When inhaled in large quantities, it is poisonous. When combined with water, it becomes a chalky liquid with a milky, colloidal consistency. When combined with Vocadine, it becomes a translucent liquid, and will usually separate if the mixture is left too long. Pureza’s Powder has no expiration date, nor will it become less potent over time. The dental paste is an absolutely appalling, acidic and bitter flavor.


  • Half-Isldar are known to use Pureza’s Powder to dye their hair, thus appearing pure-blooded.
  • Many cheap wedding dresses are whitened with Pureza Powder, and can be handed down for generations that way.

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