Pygmee Arloran Pig

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Pygmee Arloran Pig
Official Name Pygmee Arloran Pig
Common Nicknames Nakkutte Gris, Throatslashed Pig
Classification Mammal
Habitat Essalonia
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Rare

The Pygmee Arloran Pig is a diminutive swine once bred exclusively in the Kingdom of Arlora. No one is quite sure how the animal came to live in the region, but in recent years it has been undergoing extensive studies by biologists attempting to determine why this species of swine was so much smaller than other pigs. The pig's other notable trait, aside from its diminutive size, is a set of fleshy wattles on the side and underside of their neck. Due to the recent Bone Horror Crisis, the animal's population has continued to drop, and it may go extinct someday soon if the Bone Horrors have their way.


The Pygmee Arloran Pig is an animal that has grown up alongside the native Arlorans for over three centuries. Hedrylli records and history point to the animal already being present in the region, yet was mainly avoided by foreigners as the pig was associated with Alu, the Goddess of Death. This common myth came from the wattles the animal has on its lower neck which the Velheim believed was a sign of dripping blood. At this stage in history, the animal existed both in the wild and on small farms, but over the following years, particularly in the first few decades following the Cataclysm and as the war with the Kingdom of Torse began, the animal was further domesticated. Eventually, all feral populations of the animal were removed from the forests they once lived in as the war with Torse escalated.

From 100 to 304 AC, the animal remained unchanged as the Arlorans proudly protected their pigs from other species to prevent a reversion of their unique traits through breeding, as well as an inherent belief that the animal was special. When the Bone Horror Crisis began, however, the widespread animal was one of the first to be felled by the Bone Horrors which swept the region. Due to their small size, the animal was unable to fight and instead turned to their intellect. Some escaped into inaccessible areas of ruined towns or to the remaining forests in the nation, intent on waiting it out, while others were taken to safety by fleeing Arlorans. Today, the Pygmee Pig is spread out much more than it was even in the past and due to the continued threat of Bone Horrors in the region, may soon never grace livestock pens again.

Physical Appearance

The Pygmee Arloran Pig is a miniscule pig which, when matured, only stands just over a foot tall, with a lean, compact body that sits at slightly over a foot and a half long. Average Pygmees weigh anywhere between forty-five and sixty pounds. Their heads are small, with a long, straight pink snout, almond-shaped dark blue eyes, and small pert ears. On the underside of the head, several small wattles of red-pink flesh often called the “cut point” (due to the myths around the creature) hang from the neck. The body is supported by four small black hooves which allow the animal to scurry along the ground at a surprising pace. Their body is ended by a thin tail while all along the body, a thin layer of pale brown or beige hair protects the pink skin. There are also random patches of dark brown or black hair along the creature, which is due to similarly colored spots on their skin.


The Pygmee Arloran Pig had an equal gender population before the Bone Horror Crisis, but following that event, females are currently more common than males. Additionally, there is a roughly equal split in the four possible color combinations for the pig.

Life Span and Development

The Pygmee Arloran Pig is live-born in litters of three to five piglets. These piglets are tiny at first and completely rely on their mother for food and milk. They grow quickly on their mother's milk over three weeks, developing to eat more solid foods at the four-week mark. Afterward, males take two months to mature physically and mentally into adults while females take three months. Arloran Pigs have a natural lifespan of seven years but rarely live past their first two years, let alone a year due to slaughter.

Mental Overview

The Pygmee Arloran Pig is a very friendly and active pig. Both genders get along well with each other and maintain their lean build by running around and playing in their pens. They are also very sociable with their owners, running up and around them to when they approach. They are also similarly friendly with domesticated animals as they are seemingly aware of the subtle differences between fellow domesticated animals and wild animals. They are flighty, however, when approached by new people or unfamiliar animals, though the Pig warms up if there is no perceived threat after a time. The pig is also noted for being quite bright and curious, which required Arloran farmers to construct unique pens to prevent escape.

Territory and Groupings

When the Pygmee Arloran Pig was in the wild, their herds were small, never numbering more than fifteen pigs each. However, the animals stayed in “clusters” where several herds stayed within proximity to the others as a system of defense. If one group was attacked, the others could more easily survive. They ranged throughout the primordial forests of Veløya before being tamed and placed into farms. With the Bone Horror Crisis, the animal can now be found both in the remaining forests of Veløya or some farms in neighboring lands which accepted fleeing Arlorans.


  • It is unfortunate that Arloran farmers were able to outsmart the pigs in their pen design. When the Bone Horrors came, some of the Horrors rose right in the middle of these pens and, unable to escape, the pigs were soon added to the Bone Horror’s numbers.
  • There are several well-documented cases of pregnant dogs and cats doting and caring for Pygmee piglets due to their small size early on.
  • There exist a few versions of the Velheim myth on how the Pig gained its wattles. The most common is that a man once sacrificed one of the pigs to Alu in hopes of appeasing her. Instead, she immediately resurrected the pig and reattached its still bleeding head. She berated the man for giving her such a poor offering as Bev had tricked her by talking about all the huge pigs he himself was receiving. When she learned of this trickery, she leapt off a nearby cliff creating what is now known as “Pygmee Falls” where in ancient times, Arloran Pigs were easiest to be found.

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