Pygmee Trunk Tucker

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Pygmee Trunk Tucker
Official Name Pygmee Trunk Tucker
Common Nicknames C'm'c'bae'ra, Little Phant
Classification Mammal
Habitat Islands off the west coast of Dexai
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Rare

The Pygmee Trunk Tucker is the smallest of all Elephau in Aloria, but also the most distant from all of the others, being located on the jungled islands found west of the distant eastern continent of Dexai, an area now dominated by urban centers dedicated to trading. Thanks to the recent establishment of many of these settlements, their population has plummeted, and a majority now live in captivity or domesticated surroundings. Their appearance and attitude, however, is sure to earn them fans among the Sihai youth, and while for now, their survival in the wild is up in the air, the animal will undoubtedly endeavor over the coming centuries with the aid from smitten animal lovers.


The Pygmee Trunk Tucker is one of the most recently discovered examples of Dexai Fauna, which is a shock considering the many millennia of history unique to that region. Still, the animal was only uncovered in 155 AC in a joint venture between the Regalian Empire and Sihai Empire. This venture had been established to chart coastal islands long left wild by the Sihai due to their focus on internal matters, with only infrequent visits paid to these islands for supplies or rest by passing ships. The charting was meant to carve the way for new centers from which the Regalian Empire (and Songaskian Masaya) could trade with Dexai. In their exploration, the surveyors uncovered the Pygmee Trunk Tucker, the smallest Elephau species in Aloria known to date. Since their discovery, the Trunk Tucker has seen its fortunes decline. Despite the new species, the island settlements were still created, pushing many of the creatures into domestication, if not the bellies of interested parties. As a result, it is estimated that only a few hundred Pygmee Trunk Tuckers remain alive on the islands that have yet to be colonized in the region. A far greater number exists in domesticated surroundings or in captivity, either serving as fresh and interesting entertainment for Sihai crowds and nobles or as a creature they can watch from a distance. As a result, the future of the Pygmee Trunk Tucker is uncertain, but its rapid persona as an adorableand lovable animal is likely to ensure there are future generations of Sihai and Regalian children who will fight to keep such a creature around.

Physical Appearance

The Pygmee Trunk Tucker stands at a mere nine feet tall, is only ten to fifteen feet long, and weighs some 400 to 600 pounds. Their heads are large, with huge floppy ears on either side, with a pair of small brown eyes resting above a pair of short white tusks emerging from a small mouth. Their face is also dominated by the physical feature most associated with them, that being their trunk. Unlike other Elephau species, the Trunk Tucker does just that, rolling its trunk up beneath its head, only extending it to help it eat or drink. At all other times, it remains curled, giving them a “bashful” look in the eyes of those who have seen or known other members of this category of mammal. The rest of the creature is standard for other Elephau, with a large physical body supported by four strong round-footed legs. However, unlike other members of the category, the Pygmee Trunk Tucker has a long tail, one so long that it slightly drags on the ground behind it. Additionally, the animal is covered in a thick hide of varying shades of grey.


The Pygmee Trunk Tucker has no sexual dimorphism between the different genders and is believed to have an equal gender population. However, considering how few are left and the long time it takes for them to produce a single child, such a fact is liable to fluctuate within only a few years.

Life Span and Development

The Pygmee Trunk Tucker has a gestation period of 20 months before one child is born. In this state, the child is a very pale grey with ears almost comically too big for its body. However, within a few weeks, its skin tone darkens and it grows into its ears. The animal’s tusks don’t come in until the age of one, and following this, for the next ten years, the animal will gradually grow into its adult size. At the age of ten, it is considered fully mature and it will break off from its parents to live a life on its own. The animal is believed to be capable of living some 80 years.

Mental Overview

The Pygmee Trunk Tucker is a naturally shy animal, having only recently come into contact with sentient Races. It will shuffle its feet, give small sputtering noises and generally appear “bashful” when approached by new people. Once the creature gets used to them, it will be very affectionate, which can be hazardous as while they are the smallest of their kind, they are still very heavy and can accidentally harm people if not trained properly. They also show this same caring and affection toward their offspring as well as their mates, for this species of Elephau mates for life. Further information on the species is fairly obscure due to their recent discovery but also a great distance from the Regalian Empire.

Territory and Groupings

The Pygmee Trunk Tucker is a herd animal, existing in collectives of about seven to twelve family units together which roam through the jungle terrain of their island homes. A few of such paths require brief swims through shallow water to reach separated islands. They are not territorial and had no natural predators before the arrival of outside civilization.


  • Reports from mainland Dexai indicate that Pygmee Trunk Tuckers are often made to balance on balls and perform other feats that appear extraordinary for such large creatures.
  • There are already well-loved Sihai children’s tales of a baby Pygmee Trunk Tucker who, thanks to the enchanted feather of a Lova Dynasty Sihai, was capable of flight.

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