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Template:Info Technology The Qatil has become an item synonymous with the Qadir and their association with the School of Soul Magic. Its origins are unknown, but are theorized to be related to the Almuttaq that the Qadir hold so dearly to their religion. For years, the soul mages that inhabit Aloria have used these small cubes to store Soul Essence—or, on rare occasions, entire souls—which can be used to alter another being or power machinery. Alternatively, if the Qatil contains a full soul harvested through Soul Cleanse, it can be used with a rare item called a Soul Clock to “resurrect” the dead. Specifics can be found on the School of Soul Magic page.


For as far as is known, the Qadir have always had some sort of contraption to hold souls, though not as refined as it is today. The Qatil was first invented during the era of the Sariyd Empire by an unknown Qadir craftsman. Over time, it was refined from its previous bulky, gear-laden iterations and made into a portable, pocket-sized clockwork machine with many moving parts. From that day forward, most Qadir clockwork inventors were trained to create these small machines as a practice for the much larger contraptions that they would be hired to build, should they continue to pursue inventing. In the School of Technology it is one of the first things to be taught to Qadir that enter the school. Now widespread, Qatils can be bought from any street corner as a novelty item, though finding one with a soul inside is an exceedingly difficult task due to the rarity of the mages that wield them. Soul Mages are known to have dozens of these Qatil all filled with different soul shards and souls, waiting to use them when the time is right.


Those experienced in the School of Technology can create a Qatil, as the complex and intricate machinery within the devices is sufficiently difficult to require special training. Thankfully, the process behind their creation is also taught to any inventors a Hadritya educates, as these machines play a key role in Qadir machinery. Qadir also have an added advantage in the form of their meticulous precision, which allows them to produce these devices far faster than other races. The Qatil consists of a metal box that fits easily in the palm of an Ailor, along with many gears and a glass window that has been specially refined by Qadir blacksmiths within the Hadritya. To any normal person, the inside of the Qatil will always appear empty, but any person connected to the Void or Exist will be able to see the cube glowing when it is filled with Soul Essence. All the gears are located within the cube, and move constantly when soul essence is contained within it, a non-magical mundane person can look through the glass and see the cube’s gears moving. This allows them to discern whether one is active or not.


Physical Characteristics

The cube of the Qatil is a coppery umber color dictated by bronze, the most common material used for creating a Qatil cube’s outer layer. Some Qadir within the Hadritya do, however, use different materials for the exterior of certain cubes. For example, gold or silver are often used for Qatil that are used carry the souls of Qadir elders before they are interred into their respective Almuttaq. When filled with a soul, the cube will appear to anyone connected to the Exist or Void to emit a glow from its glass panels, though to any mundane person it will only appear as a cube of bronze machinery. On one side of the cube there is a small opening, which soul essence is generally siphoned in and out of. This aperture opens and closes via an interface on the front of the cube, which has two buttons. One is used for opening, and the other for closing. This means that any person can release a soul soul essence from a Qatil, regardless of if they are a Soul Mage or not. Without the assistance of Soul Magic however, the soul will continue to leak for thirty minutes after the Qatil has been opened, running a strong risk of creating a Poltergeist.


A Soul Mage is generally responsible for opening the Qatil and siphoning the soul essence out for use. While closed, the soul essence can remain dormant within a Qatil for as long as it can remain undamaged by outside influences. A mundane person can also empty the soul essence from the Qatil, though this is a much slower process than when performed by a Soul mage, consisting of a gradual release over the course of almost half an hour. A Qatil can hold an entire soul if need be, though normally it is only used to store soul essence harvested from the dead. Either way, the Qatil will fill, at which point it must either be used, or stored for later.

The most common use for the Qatil is as a power source. In any Qadir machinery that requires power, it is not uncommon to find a socket that allows the user to ‘plug in’ a Qatil in order to power it with soul essence. Some scholars even believe that ‘soul power’ is the most powerful power source in all of Aloria.


  • It is rumored that Qatil were used to power the Addir machines used to kill the Bone Horrors. However, the secrecy surrounding their creation has left the truth—that a similar, but derivative piece of technology was used to power the weapons—unknown to all but a few.
  • The most beautiful Qatil ever was designed for the Massya of Farah'deen by a Qadir engineer in 130 AC. Studded with multiple pieces of Amberite, Topaz and gilded in Gold, most Qadir mechanistics of today look at it as purely decorative and utterly non-function and an embarrassment to their race.

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