Qorijjian Auzar

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Qorijjian Auzar
Appearance A cloudy, bright red liquid
Difficulty 5/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Qarhem Naradulla, Farah’deen
Class Qadir

Qorijjian Auzar is a standby Qadir drink that likely originated from a prince’s desire to please his gods. Crafted by a humble farmer, as the story goes, the drink expanded in popularity and was soon a staple of the cuisine of the Sariyd Empire and all other Qadir nations nearby. Unfortunately, the Great Storm obliterated most of the farmland that was used to make this drink, but in the decades since, the Qadir have still sought to make it, clinging to the old beverage as something from their lost past. The drink is low in alcohol content but sweet and fiery, and while loved by the Qadir, it is often an acquired taste for outsiders.


Qorijjian Auzar likely originated before the Cataclysm in Qadir lands, though it is up to personal opinion whether one believes the story of its creation. A prince of the Qadir city of Qorijje, part of the Sariyd Empire, sought to craft a brew worthy of the celebration of the might of the local god of festivals and drink. To this end, he turned to the city’s brewers, but for three months before the grand festival in honor of this god they failed to satisfy the prince. With three days left, a humble farmer named Qarhem Naradulla approached the prince and said that he could do it. Desperate, and despite the jeers of the large-scale brewers, the prince granted him the supplies he needed. For the next three days, he sat in constant attention of a vast brewing keg, before he at last presented his creation to the prince and an eager crowd. The drink, known as Auzar, was a smashing success, and Qarhem Naradulla’s farmlands were greatly added to by the prince as he wanted to share the drink with the wider Sariyd Empire. Whether such a story is true or not is unknown, for Qorijje and the surrounding land was consumed by the Great Storm. Today, a Hadritya of the same name stands in its place and maintains the myth as fact. As for the drink, the Qadir who survived the Storm across Farah’deen carried knowledge of it and how to prepare it with them in their diaspora across the continent. They came to value the drink as a symbol of a racial heritage now lost, and it has remained popular in the Qadir nations of Califaera, Al-Alus, and Mooriye as a result. Beyond these borders, the drink is seen as quintessentially Qadir, and so is largely rejected by the Songaskians, though the blended nation of Hadravia has embraced it, as have Qadir-settled regions of the Regalian Empire.


Qorijjian Auzar has a complex brewing procedure, which tends to last three days just like the origin story. In general, one takes the Vocadine and keeps it at a low heat for around 20 hours. At this point, the fermented dates are added and the heat is spiked for the four remaining hours of the first day. After that, the liquid is left to cool for twelve hours, before being slowly reheated over the course of another twelve hours, which will see the aniseed and Dragonflower powder added. The final 24 hours involve the concoction being stirred every so often, before it is finished brewing. At this point it can be transferred to barrels or glasses as is desired, though the excess sludge/solid sediment at the bottom of the brewing container should ideally be left or strained out of the final product.


  • Qorijjian Auzar appears as a cloudy bright-red liquid, and shining a light through the drink will make its swirling cloud of red sediment visible to the naked eye.
  • When smelled, Qorijjian Auzar’s scent matches that of aniseed.
  • The drink is known to be both sweet and spicy, especially on the way down, which often produces a cough or two in the unprepared.


  • Qorijjian Auzar is not a very strong drink when it comes to alcohol content, which results in it sometimes being allowed to be drunk by those not considered of age in Qadir communities.
  • For a brief time, in defiance of the Songaskians, some Qadir called Qorijjian Auzar “Dragon’s Blood”.

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