Qorijjian Auzar

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Qorijjian Auzar
Appearance A cloudy, bright red liquid
Application Consumption and potion-making
Proficiency Requires 8 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Qarhem Naradulla, an alchemist from Mooriye
Potency 6 straight sips for its effects
Injectable Yes, increases intoxication
  1. Dizziness and Lightheadedness
  2. Soothing mental clouding, with a sense of peace and vulnerability

The Qorijjian Auzar is a popular strong alcohol of Qadir origins, and has found itself widely used in the alchemical concoctions of Farah'deen. It is famed for the soothing light-headedness and distracting mind muddling that it grants upon consumption. Beyond its many uses as a potion base or an ingredient, it also is a pleasant beverage often served to stave off the cold nights in the desert. At a glance the Auzar appears as a cloudy, vibrantly red anise-flavored liquid. It is consumed liberally in Mooriye, Hadravia, and the Territory of Al-Alus.


The history of Auzar is well-documented, as its initial creation was a public spectacle by an alchemist named Qarhem Naradulla. Naradulla was employed by the court of Prince Moniya Shallem at the time, and was commissioned to show off his alchemical prowess to the general populace. It is said that whilst stood within a well-known town square in the city of Qorijje, Naradulla painstakingly performed the distillation and brewery of the alcohol for over 3 days, resting only to eat and sleep in a tent beside the stands he had created the lab upon. He finished the process of its brewing around a large crowd in midday, where the drink turned a violent shade of red upon its completion. Since then, Shallem granted Naradulla a plot of land in the city to brew the Auzar, where it has grown into one of the nation’s few notable exports.


Auzar is brewed from dates and fortified with aniseed, Dragonflower, Ogrebait and Vocadine after its first distillation. The process is long and arduous, but not overly difficult for alchemists who are familiar with the equipment. To start, dates are crushed, juiced, and left to ferment in a barrel for over two weeks, before being transferred to copper-lined stills. The alcohol is then distilled, filtered, then distilled a second time with aniseed and Vocadine to achieve the strength and flavor. Finally, the Dragonflower powder and crushed Ogrebait leaves are added to the mix, whereupon the entire drink will adopt a powerful red shade. To further clarify and fortify the Auzar, it is sometimes placed in clay amphoras for long periods ranging between one month to three years. This can be mitigated by simply placing the Auzar out in the sun for three days, but the potion will require an entire cup to reap it's full effects.



Auzar is exclusively consumed straight without any additives. It is said by the people of Mooriyye that mixing the alcohol with anything will dilute its characteristic effects of light-headedness. At the behest of many hosts across the face of Farah'deen, Auzar is to be drank from clay cups to ensure that the sunlight does not ruin the drink. It is a commonly used scam for thieves to force Auzar onto a wealthy patron so that they may steal their coin when occupied with the mental clouding.

To alchemists, Auzar works much like the Vocadine it was derived from. However, unlike Vocadine or the similar Dorinn Herbal, Auzar retains its own natural effects of light-headedness and mind-halting mental clouding alongside whatever potion effects are added to it. This gives it a natural edge to be used as a sedative or poison, and has settled in a comfortable niche as the premium alchemical foundation for those uses.


In both its beverage and potion form, Auzar has its two key characteristics of dizzying light-headedness and distracting mental clouding. The combination of these two effects causes a somewhat debilitating state of peace and vulnerability that may feel pleasant when at rest. A shot of Auzar is often prescribed for sleep troubles by healers in Farah'deen. In addition, the mental lucidity that Auzar grants makes one vulnerable to mind-altering effects.

Physical Characteristics

Auzar appears as a cloudy bright-red liquid. Shining a light through the drink will make its swirling cloud of sediments visible to the naked eye. When smelled, Auzar’s scent matches its aniseed-laden flavor to the tee.


  • Smuggling Auzar to Ailor states is an extremely lucrative business. There are many buyers for such an alcohol, from housewives to practiced potion-makers. In addition, there is a consistently high demand for the alcohol.
  • Auzar is sold in many pleasure houses, especially ones that employ magic users who cast upon their clients for an additional effect.
  • Auzar doesn’t make one drunk more than it boggles their mind with its soothing effects. It takes a somewhat large quantity of the alcohol to become intoxicated.

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