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Interact with NPC’s, fight, craft, choose your own path, and find your fortune when you Quest on MassiveCraft. Powered by our own MassiveQuest plugin, you'll find this interactive Minecraft experience only on Quests may be found in our spawn city during festivals or permanently in the quest worlds of Warrenord and Arach'n, available through the survival hub. There are currently more than 70 quests waiting to be discovered. To learn more about how to quest, please visit the MassiveQuest Player's Guide.

  • Note: Quests from Warrenord and other areas will soon be added to this page.

List of available quests

To begin any of the adventures below, try and locate the Quest giver. Usually, it's an NPC with a purple name above its head. Have fun and good luck!

Difficulty Ratings

  • Easy: Beginning questers should be able to complete this quest by following the hints and objectives.
  • Average: One or two aspects of the quest may prove tough. This might include puzzles, combat, or extended travel.
  • Difficult: Not everyone will be able to complete these quests on their first try. You’ll likely need good gear, time, and an eye for detail.
  • Extreme: Only the most experienced players are expected to finish challenges. May require fully enchanted gear, advanced problem-solving, and luck.
World/Release Name Authors Description Quest Giver Difficulty Special Notes Tags
Arach'n Sneak Away Awes0meLawson You must turn back from your voyage to your vacation destination, but there might be some fun in store for you yet if you take a chance. The world Easy story
Arach'n Sweatshop leversandpulleys You find shrewd businessmen exploiting resettlers. Can you help the oppressed break the cycle that is keeping them in poverty? Margrave Average combat, story
Arach'n His Only Memory Terence29 A mysterious, mourning undead wanders along the coasts of Arach'n. Would it be a clever idea to approach him? Crying Undead Average multiple endings, lore reward
Arach'n Take From The Poor Alj23 If you liked the story of Robin Hood, but you were cheering for Nottingham, then this quest is for you! Thief Gavin Average combat, lore reward, multiple endings
Arach'n A Race Against Time Awes0meLawson While walking the beach you stop to talk to someone fishing. Take the bait and unravel this mystery, if you can. Callous Fisher Average searching, lore reward
Arach'n Protection Money JakkDhread, leversandpulleys Spiders are a part of life in Arach'n, but for a few coins the protector will keep you safe. Right? Timid Father Average combat, lore reward
Arach'n A Cup of Tea leversandpulleys Breaking out in a cold sweat at night? In Arach'n, everyone does. Try this tea. It helps. It really does. Wae Halma Easy lore reward
Arach'n It Gets Cold At Night JakkDhread A donkey has been lost! Maybe he's only a stone's throw away. Farmer Tidril Easy lore reward
Arach'n The Well imboring56 Is it worth risking your life to fetch the magical, healing waters from the old well? According to the townsfolk, yes. Dalia Kanwell Average searching, combat, lore reward, multiple endings
Arach'n Revenge leversandpulleys Follow your suspicions to a very dark place, just be careful not to get lost there yourself. Ammon Harum Difficult story, combat, lore reward
Arach'n Arachnid Demise Satisarah The blacksmith is fed up with the spiders. That gleam in his eye? It's a plan. Ansar Deron Average combat, lore reward
Arach'n Leaps of Faith Addrion, Alj23 Can you survive the treacherous course, retrieve the treasure, and make it back unscathed? Ronald Hearth Difficult Premium Only parkour, regals
Arach'n One Small Favor Satisarah A stranger in need is a friend indeed. You're not the only one having issues with armor down there. Robert Endahl Average Premium Only combat, parkour, lore reward
Arach'n Temple: Into The Depths leversandpulleys Learn the tale of Arach'n as you cautiously venture into the temple. How far is too far to tread? Upon entering the temple grounds. Easy story
Arach'n Temple: No Turning Back Now imboring56, Awes0meLawson There's nothing to do but push onward. That is, at least, if you want to survive. Temple continued. Average story, puzzles, combat
Arach'n Temple: Are You Going To Give Up? JakkDhread Expect to be tested here. Not everyone can pull themselves up from the depths, hence the skulls. Temple continued. Difficult story, parkour
Arach'n The Spider's Web Addrion Your steel is not the only thing to be tested in this place. Sharpen your wit and approach the strange spider. Temple continued. Average story, puzzles, combat, lore reward
Arach'n Temple: Don't Stop Now! OldManJ98, Awes0meLawson There's no rest for the adventurer. Watch your periphery, don't get caught, and whatever you do, don't slip. Temple continued. Difficult story, parkour, lore reward
Arach'n Temple: Going Deeper... Terence29 Choose your reward, but remember, the temple doesn't give up its treasures easily. Temple continued. Difficult story, combat, lore reward
Arach'n Temple: The Chamber of Arach'n Addrion, Awes0meLawson, leversandpulleys Her body is of your body, but it's your blood that she would spill upon the altar in the chamber of Arach'n. Temple continued. Extreme story, combat, lore reward
Arach'n Temple: Into The Light Awes0meLawson The end of a nightmare. Temple continued. Easy story, quick
Arach'n The Lost Key Terence29 Eight pieces of a broken key are scattered all over Arach'n. Will you find them, restore the key, and claim the treasures hidden behind the lock? Hidden Signs Difficult travel, regals, long, lore reward, searching
Warrenord: On Second Thought Blame Someone Else! leversandpulleys Help Eldric’s son recover his deceased mother’s jewelry and prove himself in the eyes of his father. Aldus, Eldric's Elixers Average story, lore reward
Warrenord: On Second Thought A Cooling Apparatus Alj23 What’s he building over there? Whether a visionary inventor or just another fool on a hill under a tree by a church. Williford Easy lore reward, regals
Warrenord: On Second Thought Do You Dare? leversandpulleys Can you keep up with Moll? If you think you have what it takes, meet her towards the back of the church. Moll Easy lore reward
Warrenord: On Second Thought The Fool’s Trick Awes0meLawson Is your mind as sharp as the wit of that jester that’s been wandering around town? Follow the Fool to find out. The Fool Difficult puzzles, lore reward
Warrenord: On Second Thought Rogue 3: A Golden Chance Darkfarce Like most respectable endeavors, this begins in the sewers. Joshua has a job for you, one that might make you squirm a bit. Joshua Average lore reward
Warrenord: On Second Thought Rogue 4: Snack Time Darkfarce Continue your adventures within the Collective in this fourth installment of the Rogue line. How could something so precious, and hungry, have gone missing? Joshua Average
Warrenord: On Second Thought You’ve been used! Awes0meLawson What will you do when you learn the truth? The lives of the inhabitants of Warrenord hang in the balance. Beggar Difficult First complete Bossy Circci and Caretaker Mira story, combat, regals, lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Grave State of Affairs leversandpulleys Gordon needs you to rob a grave, his own. Have any experience with that? Gordon Hue Easy story, multiple endings, regals, lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Bullying the Bullies Terence29 The entire town has teamed up on Byron for his entire life. It is time to make a change! Talkative Tim Average Premium Only lore reward, searching, combat, regals, story
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Loyalty leversandpulleys Smoke billows from the windows of a home as a fishwife calls out in distress. Someone’s still in there! Bosun, a kitten Easy regals
Warrenord: Community and Conflict One Good Meal Addrion A poor man is starving in the streets of Warrenord and wants some delicious meat to eat, but the local butcher has a problem of his own that needs solving. Philip Riedel Easy Premium Only lore reward, searching
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Mine Sweeper Addrion Mike Sterling has lost his friends to a group of Orcs. Will you be strong enough to put an end to their killing? Mike Sterling Difficult Premium Only combat, multiple endings, regals, lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict A Miner Problem Addrion There has been a collapse in the mine, and a man's life depends on the choices you make. Tired Miner Easy multiple endings, lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Free Haircut OldManJ98 The local barber needs your help to cure his sick brother. If it gets you a free haircut, why not lend him a hand? Susan Easy Premium Only story, regals, lore reward, combat
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Invasive Species OldManJ98 The Warrenord Fish & Game is recruiting new hunters! Go try your luck at hunting some of Warrenord's most evasive species from foreign lands. Will Goode Difficult Premium Only travel, combat, lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict You Are My Idol OldManJ98 The Quarry laborers cannot work with their shrine to the Old Gods of earth destroyed. Its probably for the best; working conditions are not safe here. Miner Lue Easy regals, lore reward, multiple endings
Warrenord: Community and Conflict The Very Important Customer 0Deedee0 Even the scruffiest of barbers sometimes needs to look good. Help him look his best before the V.I.C shows up. Sign in the Scruffy Barber's Easy Premium Only lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Fishing With Your Hands Thortuna Think you can fish? How about with your bare hands? Listen closely to the lessons of an old Maiar. Ululani Easy Premium Only lore reward
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Sold Down the River OldManJ98 You see Ralf Muller, a old man, struggling to get his mill to work. He needs you to go up stream to find the source of the problem. Ralf Muller Average combat, lore reward, regals, multiple endings
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Rogue 5: Turning Lead to Gold Darkfarce Rogue Joshua has a plan, one that hopefully will teach that Jeweler Jake a lesson. Olga Easy Bonus Premium Reward regals, story
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Rogue 6: Creating a Legend Darkfarce Joshua wants to keep people off the island so they don’t find his secret. You've come this far, why back out now? Rogue Joshua Average regals, story, combat
Warrenord: Community and Conflict The Lone Maiar Brycea111 The bartender needs a hand. Why not help? After all, I'm sure nothing remarkable will happen out there in the sugarcane. Barkeep Tez Easy story, lore reward, combat
Warrenord: Community and Conflict Hendrick's Wagon leversandpulleys Your soles are worn, the road is dark, and the signs are easy to miss. Why travel on foot when Hendrick is ready to give you a ride? Hendrick Easy Premium Only warp
Warrenord The Distressed Fisherman BboyMVB, imboring56 Fisherman Max needs help fixing his broken vessel. You need to go and retrieve the many items he needs to fix his ship and get back to his life. Fisherman Max Easy travel, story, lore reward
Warrenord Two Sides to the Coin imboring56 After talking to Merchant Alicia, you must decide who the real villain in the robbery is, Alicia or the forest thug. This is a harder decision than it seems. Merchant Alicia Easy regals, mutliple Endings
Warrenord Let the Fat Lady Sing imboring56 Claire is standing alone on the square and needs help to regain her voice. Help make a potion to heal the singer of her unfortunate ailment. Singer Claire Easy lore reward, combat, story
Warrenord A Farmer's Dilemma Alj23 Like every good husband, Farmer Rowan has forgotten his wife's birthday. Being the helpful hero you are, you help the man to gather the supplies he needs to bake her an amazing cake. Farmer Rowan Easy lore reward, travel
Warrenord Imperial Propaganda imboring56, Alj23 A man at the end of the pier you arrive on, there is a man excitedly recruiting people for the Regalian Navy. Overtaken by his enthusiasm, you make your way to the recruitment office. Eager Ike Easy
Warrenord A Night Forgotten imboring56, Alj23 After a night of fun and intense drinking, Hay Bale Hao is having trouble remembering what really happened. He is also missing many of his possessions. You better help this drunk out; there may be something in it for you. Hay Bale Hao Easy travel, regals
Warrenord Caretaker Mira Questline Cayorion Caretaker Mira is having a hard time taking care of her cats. Help her out on a series of adventures full of cute kitties, fun foods, and the trip of a lifetime! Caretaker Mira Difficult combat, lore rewards, travel, regals, story
Warrenord Fisher Luna Questline imboring56, Alj23 This local fisher gives you an offer you can't seem to ignore: the locations of ship wrecks scattering the Warrenord coast filled with loot! Time for a treasure hunt! Fisher Luna Difficult combat, lore reward, travel, regals, parkour
Warrenord The Sweaty Sweetrolls imboring56, Shayin Barbarians are looting a local baker, who has ventured into the woods to try to save her sweet rolls. Can you be her knight in shining armor and save her delicious pastries? Baker Sally Average combat, lore reward, travel
Warrenord An Insistent Circci Ryciera, AetherVagabond, imboring56 It is a rare site to see a Mekett in Warrenord, so you decide to approach him. Soon, you become entangled in pleasing his many needs and desires. After all, who knows what this strange creature will do when angry? Bossy Circci Average travel, story, lore rewards
Warrenord Fisherman Nate Questline imboring56, Alj23 The brother of Fisherman Nate has not returned yet from his usual fishing trip, and fears he may never return. Can you help the worried man save the life and mind of his shipwrecked brother? Fisherman Nate Average lore reward, regals, combat, travel, story
Warrenord Captain Ted Questline imboring56, Azas This Captain is having a hard time solving his own problems. Looks like you need to fix his ship, get him a map, and do some fishing while he drinks in the tavern. He's a clever man. Captain Ted Average regals, travel, fishing
Warrenord For the Dark Has No End imboring56 After finding an old and lonely Elf crying in the woods, you set out on a perilous adventure to save his lost heirlooms in the caves of Warrenord. Old Elf Difficult combat, multiple endings, lore reward
Warrenord It's Not Really Stealing If... Feawyn, imboring56, PickAccess A local farmer has been robbed of a family heirloom that has been with his kin for generations. He would do anything for its return. However, how far are you willing to go to help him get back? Farmer Robert Average combat, regals, lore reward, travel
Warrenord The Great Caravan Robbery imboring56, Shayin Thug Joseph informs you of a rich caravan headed to the noble manor. You need to stop their advance and sabotage them so the robbers can do their work. Thug Joseph Average combat, regals, lore reward, travel
Warrenord Beautiful Bouquets imboring56, spectec Gardener Eden needs help finding a rare rose bush for her collection. It must be very rare, because it is going to be a hard flower to find. Gardener Eden Average travel, story, combat, regals
Warrenord Corruption is a Plague imboring56 It is odd for a noble to be taking up residence on such a small island. After helping him out, you're going to need to make some tough choices about where your loyalties lie. Fisherman Brad Easy travel, story, regals, multiple endings
Warrenord Grumpy Alchemist Questline imboring56, Unluvable The alchemist is in a bit of a predicament. His brother has suffered a fatal wound and all his other attempts to heal him have failed. He has tasked you with collecting the ingredients to keep his brother alive. This questline revolves around collecting each item for the healing potion. Grumpy Alchemist Average storyline, combat, lore reward, travel
Warrenord Rogue 1: Michael's Redemption imboring56, Tahmas, Azas Rouge Michael needs your help to clear his name. A bunch of bandits out in the woods have framed him for stealing jewels from the local jeweler. Begin the Rogue questline as you help Michael and fight off bandits! Rouge Michael Average storyline, combat, regals, lore reward
Warrenord Rogue 2: Initiation imboring56, Tahmas, Azas Rouge Hector is skepitcal about your admission to the rogue guild, and decides that a form of hazing it the best way to test it. You need to rob the local black smith to prove your worth to Hector. Rouge Hector Easy storyline, travel, lore reward
Warrenord Badly Burnt imboring56, Azas The blacksmith has made a mistake and accidently given himself devastating burns. Help the poor man by obtaining the supplies for a healing salve to save the man's hand, before it is too late! Blacksmith Aaron Average travel, lore reward, regals, combat
Warrenord Sandwich Vendor Questline yendor46, Feykronos, AetherVagabond Feeling hungry from all this questing, you stop to get a bite to eat at the sandwich stand. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to work for your meal. Reuben Average travel, lore reward, repeatable
The Rift Running Out of Time imboring56 The camp is being overrun by the zombies of the Rift! Quickly, destroy the attacking hordes before you do the same to the Regalians inside. Guard John Average searching, lore reward, regals
The Rift One Last Shot imboring56 Phineas is trying to slay the flying monster near the camp but is all out of ammunition. Time to venture in and out of the Rift to supply the archer with more arrows to keep the guards safe. Guard Phineas Easy travel, regals
The Rift Last Words imboring56 Billy wants to keep track of his time in the rift, but he forgot to bring things to write down his adventures with. Help him out, so his story does not perish when he does. Guard Billy Average mob hunting, travel, regals
The Rift Necessary Sacrifice imboring56 The guard camp is running low on supplies, and Jack needs your help to restock. You need to help him to keep his men alive. Guard Jack Difficult searching, regals
The Rift Thinning the Herd Alj23, Unluvable The lieutenant is ready to begin the assault on the rift, but he asks your help before he begins. To ensure the safety of his men, he asks you to help by killing some of the demons first so they know what they will be up against. Get ready to combat all the Rift has to throw at you! Lt. Lucas Difficult searching, lore rewards, regals
The Rift Basic Protection imboring56 Thomas is looking to make sure the guards are ready when they go into the rift, but he needs a new helmet to feel safe. Gather the supplies to forge a helm worthy to fight the demons outside the guard base walls. Guard Thomas Easy searching, travel, regals