Qui'quilli Disease

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Qui'quilli Disease
Affected Races All.
Contraction Contact with infected birds.
Mortality Rate 12% Non-Humans, 100% Humans.
Origins Daenshore
  • Coughing.
  • Fevers.
  • Organ troubles.
  • For humans, death.

Qui’quilli Disease is a disease that is only just beginning to spread in Daendroc. Carried by birds, it infects all races, though Humans are the most vulnerable. The disease began to spread from infected birds flying about Daenshore. Its original symptoms consist of a fever or coughing. The disease then progresses to organ difficulties or failure and, for humans, death. Currently, there is no cure for this disease, and the most anyone could recommend is to avoid the birds entirely. Regalia is keeping an eye on its Daendroc colony to ensure the disease has a difficult time spreading outside Daenshore.


While the origins are unclear, it is believed that infected birds began to mingle with bats to carry this disease. Since its effects are different for birds, it is easily and inconspicuously carried and received, making it somewhat dangerous. However, speculations as to how it spreads predominantly revolve around contact with infected avians.



Contact with infected birds will very likely cause somebody to become infected.


There is no known treatment for this disease. Many speculate juicing fresh herbs will help quell or mitigate symptoms, but this has proven time and time again to be a home-spun remedy that does not work.


  • Since the original spread of the disease, bird poaching has increased to mitigate it. Now, the chance of infection is extraordinarily low, and most people in Daenshore will go their entire lives not knowing an infected individual.

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