Régis’ Regal

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Régis’ Regal
Name Régis’ Regal
Origin Regalia
Classification Modern
Found Yes
Location Regalian vault

Régis’s Regal has been going around for the longest of time amongst con artists on the streets. Oftentimes used to perform coin tricks with, it drove any owner to perform all day and night, drawing attention to the performer for their vigorous displays, until they simply had to stop to sleep. Occasionally, someone too curious for their own good acquired the coin, becoming afflicted by a curse which would move from carrier to carrier. What makes it so appealing to steal is its mesmerizing appearance and its obvious worth; however, while the keeper is driven to avoid parting with it, they never feel regret once it's gone. Instead, they feel surprisingly relieved. This Artifact is referred to as the "Crazy Coin" by swindlers and street folk, as its effects are a notorious street legend. Up until recently, the Regal was spotted being used in some back alleys of Old Town in Regalia.This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


This Regal began its life as a normal coin in 278 AC. It was forged to be used as valuta, a coin of value to trade for goods. Eventually, this coin found itself in the pocket of an ingenious Mage by the name of Régis Howard, who was simply buying supplies at the local market. His reasoning was innocent at first; this man wanted to make an item for himself in order to stand out from all the other Parlour tricksters. At home that day, he began an experiment. Not all went according to plan; at the very last step of his experiment, he was to carve on the coin's edge a mysterious script he'd acquired from a friend of a friend of a friend. A single mistake was enough; instead of boosting his own skills, the script instead cursed both the coin and with that Régis himself. He did not know, of course, believing the sudden stimulus he had to work was a given considering his initial purpose for the coin. He did get the fame he so sought after eventually, but not after succumbing to his mental conditions after a month of owning the Regal during one of his greatest performances, scaring off his audience of dozens. He was promptly arrested and the Coin disappeared without a trace in the late summer of 278 AC, only to occasionally surface in 291 AC, 299 AC and most recently in 306 AC.


Régis’ Regal is a particularly shiny coin. Even when dropped in dirt, it never becomes truly dirty and is never damaged by little scratches. It looks, in essence, like the perfect coin. Appearing like any other tenpiece, the coin has a normal head and tail side. On the ridge, however, discreet void script is inscribed. This characteristic of the coin is thus the only aspect of it that can distinguish the coin from any mundane ones, despite the fact that a coin’s ridge is hardly ever scrutinized.

Uses and Abilities

Upon picking up this coin, the carrier will have the sudden urge to perform tasks with their hands to extreme extents. This can be anything from working out to tinkering, cooking, tidying, or, in the creator’s case, performance. It makes any person who may hold it vigorous in their work, not able to resist touching the Coin or having it on display for anyone to see. Oftentimes the owner has the urge to flip the Regal from time to time to feel its presence. The effects last for as long as the coin remains on their person, be it in a pocket or touching bare skin, and cannot be overcome. Even during sleep they will remain restless, causing any holder to slowly go crazy over the span of a month.

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