Raakhr's Ring

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Raakhr’s Ring
Name Raakhr’s Ring
Origin Regalian Archipelago
Classification Dragon Artifact
Found No
Location Unknown, presumed Regalian Archipelago

Raakhr’s Ring is known as one of the many rare Dragon Artifacts related to the blood of the Dragons, forged by the magical powers of the Blue Crown Dragons. Raakhr’s Ring is particularly useful because it was said to hold the key to unlocking the Dragon murals, ancient engravings in scripture that has never been deciphered. The Ring itself was held by many Regalian kings before it disappeared from the history books shortly after the Five Family Rebellion, though many presume it is held somewhere by the Empire’s secretive Scholar’s Court. k

This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


Raakhr’s Ring was an object supposedly given by the Crown Dragon Raakhr in his Human form to the King of Regalia, Becaldmar, in 376 BC. Why the Dragon chose to give this ring to the Ailor king was unknown, though the forging process was described in an old tale. According to legend, the Dragon Raakhr raged against the dying of the light, a metaphorical hint to the fact that the Blue Crown Dragons were aware that the end of the Dragons was nearing in the next centuries. As the story goes, Raakhr raged at the stars, and the stars wept back, sending down one of them with great violence near a town that is called Drakken-traan in the present day, or Dragon’s Tear in Anglian.

After its creation, Raakhr supposedly took on a Human form and presented the ring to the King as a gift, explaining that it would one day unlock the mysteries of the Blood of the Dragons, and to keep it safe beyond all treasure. The Regalian Kings passed the ring down from generation to generation until the Five Family Rebellion caused chaos in the state and usurped the Royal government. It is unknown what happened to the ring when the Regalian Kings were ousted, and the Ivraes took over. In some more controversial historical theories, the Dragons incited the Five Family Rebellion because they were under the impression that the Regalian Kings were not worthy of carrying the torch of the Dragon’s future, though no collusion between the Five Great Families and the Blue Crown Dragons has ever been proven. The Ring has been lost ever since, though many also claim that the government simply seized it and hid it away from the public eye or ear.


Raakhr’s Ring appears simple yet elegant, as a single golden ring band that magically fits any wearer. It is decorated with purple sapphires that lead towards the main piece, which appears like an Anglian Lilly on top of a Magenta Rose, with a Dragon head icon in the center. It was said that the Sapphire eye of the Dragon always lit up with a faint purple glow and that the ring whispered Dragon secrets to the wearer.

Uses and Abilities

Not much is known about Raakhr’s Ring beyond that it could supposedly unlock the future of Dragon Blood, whatever that was supposed to mean. With the disappearance of the Blue Crown Dragons and the ring itself as well, this object remains one of the more significant mysteries of the Regalian Archipelago that has resulted in many adventure-seekers attempting to locate it. Frequently in Anglia, such adventurers are called Dragon’s Fools, trawling over through the Anglian countryside looking for a Ring that likely cannot be found anymore.

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