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Note: Every section should be 1 paragraph (250 words max) with a link for expansion should people wish to do further reading. Click here for more info on the Races box to the right.

Pronunciation Pronunciation (No period)
Classification Racial Classification (Human, Dargon, etc.)
Subraces Subraces (leave blank if not applicable)
Common Nicknames Common Nicknames.
Languages Common Languages.
Naming Customs Naming Customs.
Racial Traits
Maximum Age Max Age.

Introductory paragraph.

Physical Characteristics

  • Physical overview: (Include what is most important. This may include some or all of the following: size, strength, build, coloration, proportions.)
  • Notable physical traits: (For example: hibernation or natural immunity to poisons.)
  • Gender and population diversity: (Self explanatory.)
  • Life span, development, and common health issues: (Self explanatory.)

Mental Characteristics

  • Mental overview: (May include properties such as: lack of self-control, intense curiosity, cooperative bias.)
  • Creativity and intelligence: (How do they excel or fall behind compared to other races. May include: conceptualization, processing power, attention span.)
  • Mental health, population diversity, or any notable age-related differences: (Self explanatory.)


(Brief summary of history, from the beginning till now. 1-2 paragraphs)


(Intro, 1-2 paragraphs)


  • Government Structure: (Do they typically prefer a monarchy? Communism?)
  • Social Classes:
  • Centralization: (Is their government centralized or decentralized?)


  • Social Norms: (List a few things that are very typical for people within the main culture)
  • Gender Roles: (How are men and women seen as different or similar, if at all?)
  • Cuisine: (What kind of food do they eat?)
  • Education and Technology: (How do they educate their young, and how technologically advanced are they?)
  • Art and Recreation: (What's distinct about their art? How do they recreate?)
  • Fashion: (How do they dress?)
  • Subcultures: (Mention a few other cultures that aren't the majority)


  • Most popular religion: (Self explanatory.)
  • Lesser popular religions: (Self explanatory.)
  • Cults/sects: (Outcast religions and cults outside of the popular religions.)


  • Mercantilism versus Bartering: (Do they maintain an economic system? How does it work?)
  • Primary production line versus crafts: (Is domestic manufacturing present in these people? Do they have an organized system of production? If not, what do they have?)
  • Efficiency and unique factors: (Do they happen to produce specific products? ARe there monopolies of a sort? Do they possess any curios in their economic system?)

Combat and Warfare

  • Primary Military doctrine: (What's the general strategy that this race shares in combat? What's the shared philosophy?)
  • Warfare Behavior: (Frequency of behavior in wars. Are they aggressive or passive? Do they take prisoners?)
  • Major Conflicts: (Self explanatory. Major conflicts in the past and present)


Introduction, if needed.

Subrace name

  • Overview of the subrace:


  • Overview of interbreeding:


  • One
  • Two

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