Red Fairfin Fish

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Red Fairfin Fish
Official Name Red Fairfin Fish
Common Nicknames Redfin, Eau-Revoir Fish
Classification Fish
Habitat Daendroc
Domesticated No.
Current Status Common

The Red Fairfin is an iconic fish commonly found in meals from the cities across Daen. The Elven Empire once served the fish to its leaders, but now it is commonly found throughout the towns that dot the continent. The Fairfin’s flashy fins and obvious brood give it no chance to stand against its Ailor hunters. Its large numbers and steady population have caused it to surge in popularity, and nobles want it as a live pet but have failed to domesticate it as the animal requires moving water to live. Predators on its native continent often feast on it due to the fish not having any defense mechanisms, save for remaining in large groups at all times.


The Elves have records of the Red Fairfin as far back as their history goes. According to these documents, the Fairfin has seemingly always inhabited the freshwater rivers and streams of Daen, albeit with small variations in appearance according to where they are located on the large landmass. When humans came to Daendroc, they quickly found that the Fairfin was a good source of food, being one of the most common animals found in the rivers of Daendroc. It was easy to catch, being attracted to mostly anything shiny, and it doesn’t have any poisonous glands. From that point forward, the Ailor that inhabited the Daen landmass have incorporated this fish into their diet.

Physical Appearance

The Red Fairfin’s color diversity by region is unmatched by any other fish; depending on the region of Daen that you are located in, you will find differing colors and size. Despite these differing colors on the body of the fish, the Red Fairfin always has red pectoral and tail fins, hence their name. North Daen holds the smallest version of the Fairfin, coming in at just under six inches at full length; with scales ranging the spectrum of blues due to the water tending to be clearer in northern Daendroc. Southern Daen, by contrast, is home to the largest version of this species, with the biggest recorded fish being over a foot and a half. The southern Daendroc version of the fish has a speckled body coloration, with the main color being a green hue, with black or brown speckles going down the length of the spine.

The eastern variation of the fish is considered the most aesthetically pretty, coming in at a foot in length. Its scale color is dark purple, causing it to stand out in the water as it swims by, as schools of Fairfin appear as large dark spots in the water as they pass. The western coloring of the fish is considered the ugliest, also coming in at a foot in length. It is entirely black, save for its red fins, and tastes the worst of the four variations. All variations of the fish have small mouths that are used to pick the freshwater algae that grow around the beds of the rivers. These fish are incredibly docile, swimming past young Ailor playing in the river frequently.


The Red Fairfin’s gender diversity tends to be split down the middle, there is no significant difference in the number of males and females. The female Red Fairfin tend to be larger than the males due to the fact that they defend the brood after mating. Males have a large lump where their throat would be that is used during mating season.

Life Span and Development

Like most fish, the Red Fairfin starts as an egg, with females laying the eggs in the hundreds during the mating season. This takes place in July, and causes the riverbed in some areas of Daendroc to change to a maroon color due to the fins of the developing fish shining red through the outer layer of the eggs. The Fairfin tends to live a long time when it isn’t caught and eaten, the maximum age being thirty years. It grows to maturity at age five, and the length, as mentioned previously, depends on the area it is found in. Generally they live for about a third of their maximum lifespan due to their common place as meals on Daendroc.

Mental Overview

While the Fairfin is not particularly aggressive in any manner, it is not tamable simply due to the lack of equipment to properly house it within a pool or pond. They inhabit freshwater rivers and require the flow of the stream in order to breathe. Attempts have been made to solve this issue but to no avail. Whenever the animal is placed in a pond it dies shortly after. They do show a level of school preservation as when confronted with approaching predators, the school all turns around direction, flashing their fins at the approaching creature to try and confuse it.

Territory and Groupings

All Fairfin have a school that they operate in, usually a large family unit. They migrate toward the ocean in the winter and inland in the summer, but always remain in freshwater. Generally, during mating season, the males tend to seek out food for the females and they have a special organ on their throat which the female can suck the food from while guarding the brood.


  • Red Fairfin’s large wave of their fins they use to try and confuse approaching predators has resulted in the Ithanian name for the fish which is a play on their words for “water” and “good bye”.
  • Red Fairfin have sometimes proven strangely intelligent in the past. An Ithanian fishing boat reported how their boat was capsized after they had grabbed half of a school of the fish. The second time they threw out their nets, the rest of the school fell into it but suddenly all swam down resulting in the boat capsizing.

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