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Official Name Redstanite
Common Nicknames Redstone
Origin All over Aloria
Uses Dyes, paint, tint, carrying Red Power
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Somewhat of an oddity in Aloria, Redstanite is not often thought of as a rock, but instead as a powder, as it is most commonly sold in powder form. It is capable of holding a charge, known to Alorians as Red Power, and is most commonly used by the Elves as dye. Its discovery of holding electrical charge is due to the Qadir, who, as usual were experimenting with the technological applications of different materials, only to find the Redstanite in powder form was the only one capable of holding a charge.


Redstanite was most likely found prior to the Cataclysm by the Elves, being used as a dye for several hundred years before the Qadir properly got a hold of it in order to begin experimenting. In the year 200 AC, the Qadir found that the Redstanite could hold a charge, which, to most of the nations, meant little, but to the Qadir it unlocked a whole new realm of possibility. The Qadir Hadritya hold a bulk of Redstanite at all times, supplying their inventors with enough Redstanite to make a small town drown under the sheer amount that they have. Elsewhere the Avanthar keep a small supply to use as war paint, and the Elves occasionally dabble with it. The Regalian and Songaskian Masaya have little interest in the material all together, simply disregarding it for the most part, as they always have.



Redstanite is a dark red porous rock that is found deep underground, generally near areas that have volcanic activity. Though, it is nearly never found in that form, because as soon as it is disturbed, it begins dissolving into dust. Similar to how coral dies on contact with a human’s touch.

General Uses

The most common use of the Redstone material is that the Elves use it for dye and tinting purposes.


It can hold an electrical charge known as Red Power over short distances, proving useful in Qadir machinery.


  • A mechanic that once used Redstone as a material in their work, ultimately electrocuting himself to death on accident.

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