Regalian Sewer Rat

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Regalian Sewer Rat
Official Name Regalian Sewer Rat
Common Nicknames Black Rat, Sludge Rat
Classification Mammal
Habitat Regalian Sewers
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

The Regalian Sewer Rat is not nearly as widespread as its other vermin counterparts, because of its habitat -- The Regalian Sewers. Distinguishable from its relatives by the patchy, black fur and constant smell, the Regalian Sewer Rat has proven to be one of the dominant species in the sewers. Because they are much more intelligent than their cousins, they are very difficult to domesticate. Despite the attempts to quell the population, the Rats responded each time by increasing their numbers and have even been seen working together in large packs to chase off exterminators.


Most believe that the Regalian Sewer Rat has been around since the slums were first established, though that isn’t true. In reality, the Rat first started to differentiate itself from its cousins around the time when Alchemy was first brought to Regalia. Some Regalian scholars theorize that the Common Rat was exposed to early alchemical creations. This caused a mutation that transformed the original brown fur into a much darker black, and led to the rat increasing in size. As they continued to grow, they eventually reached a point they could no longer inhabit Regalian houses, and thus were chased out into the sewers. Their new habitat further facilitated their growth, and their population began to grow exponentially. Today, the Regalian Sewer Rat is a common member of the sewer community, and can be seen regularly in both the sewers and the slums.

Physical Appearance

The Regalian Sewer Rat is much bigger than its counterpart, simply because they are often grossly overweight. Usually, they weigh about ten pounds, and are roughly a foot and a half long. Their body is round, with four legs, and a pink tail. Their head is befitting of their body, ends in a pointed muzzle, has large black eyes, black whiskers, and small ears poking out on the top of their heads, and large square teeth. They have patchy, black-green fur that covers their body and looks the same throughout. They are talented swimmers, aided by particularly large lungs. Regalian Sewer Rats are exceptional because of their swimming ability, size, and their teeth, which open them up to a varied diet.


The only diversity that exists in the Regalian Sewer Rat is usually in their exposure to light and sewage they come in contact with. Regalian Sewer Rats that are exposed to less light have much longer whiskers and sunken eyes, resembling moles. Sewer Rats that are exposed to more sewage have oddly green fur.

Life Span and Development

The Regalin Sewer Rat is born live in litters of anywhere from eight to sixteen. They have large litters out of necessity, as they are often the subject of mass exterminations, and due to their tendency to be overweight they are easily hunted. They mature very quickly, and start to develop fur within the first few days after they are born. As the gestation period for a rat is usually very low, mothers are capable of having several litters during a mating season and one single mother is often followed by a pack of anywhere from sixteen to twenty smaller rats. This pack period usually only lasts a month and a half, after which they abandoned their mother and their pack to live on their own. Regalian Sewer Rats are incredibly resilient and can live up to ten years in the wild, while they have been known to live to almost twenty when domesticated.

Mental Overview

The Regalian Sewer Rat is unusually smart, and is often captured by scholars to use for studies because of this. They are cowardly creatures, and usually run when confronted by anything bigger than they are. However, they are good at sensing hostile intent, and have been known to let children pet them and even make pets of them on occasion. They are talented swimmers, aided by particularly large lungs. Despite their intelligence they show an odd attraction to chemicals and polluted waters, and their populations flourish around some of the most foul places in the sewers. They can handle complex operations, though nothing as complex as a sentient race.

Territory and Groupings

The lifestyle of a Regalian Sewer Rat is very consistent, usually spent eating or breeding. They hunt as individuals, though because of their numbers it is not unusual for their hunting grounds to overlap. With a diet primarily composed of garbage, insects, smaller rodents, and aquatic creatures, they have a wide variety of spaces that they can inhabit. Due to their size, they often do not occupy buildings like their smaller counterparts. Though they have been known to hunt above ground during daylight hours, they become restless if they stay the surface at night and will always try and return to below ground to sleep. During breeding seasons females are accompanied by their offspring in small packs, and remain almost exclusively in the deeper parts of the sewers for the entirety of gestation and maturation. Males travel often, and both genders have multiple partners during their mating season. They are not very territorial, as they share their territories with many other species.


  • A man once declared himself the Rat King of the Sewers, as he was always followed by a large pack of Regalian Sewer Rats. This is most likely because they young rats had imprinted on him after he killed their mother. It is unknown what happened to him.
  • The Regalian Government has attempted several times to exterminate the disease-ridden creatures. Though the problem wasn’t killing the rats, but finding them and preventing their breeding. The population of Regalian Sewer Rats continues to grow exponentially.
  • Regalian Sewer Rats are incredibly resistant to all forms of disease, and are often labelled as the first cause of major diseases spreading.

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