Reliquary Order

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Reliquary Order
Pronunciation Reliquary Order
Origins City of Regalia
Grandmaster High Administrator Geneviève Baroness of Ellefaire.
Symbols Religious symbols, Ithanian fleur-de-lis, varied by Chapter.
Colors Pink and Magenta, but varied by Chapter.

The Reliquary Order or Relic Order is both one of the oldest and youngest Knight Orders in the Regalian Empire, with its founding chapter the Villiers being established early on during the reign of Prophet-Emperor Theomar, and the more recent addition of the Blackmark Chapter being added to the Reliquary Order in the reign of Emperor Cedromar I. The Reliquary Order as the name suggests is an order hyper-focused on faith and religion, both in terms of the protection of holy places and clergy of a variety of Religions, but also in the prosecution of blasphemers and and anti-theists who would attack or destroy the tranquility of spiritual life in the Empire. The Reliquary Order has often been mistaken for the Regalian Inquisition, but the two groups are unrelated, with the Regalian Inquisition only periodically being called into action to hunt down blasphemers, while the Reliquary Order maintains different more humane methods than outright burning transgressors, and has a permanent mission of protection instead of prosecution. The repository of all played Knights can be found here. When you make a new Knight character, please file a ticket in the Discord Ticket Bot to have them recorded. You only need to provide their name and Order.


The Reliquary Order is a larger alliance of smaller Orders uniting and bringing together a larger collection of duties and responsibilities that are all centered around Religion. Reliquary Knights are part Knight, part priest (sometimes), protecting clergy of various Religions, and protecting holy shrines and sites as well as religious ceremonies of the accepted Religions of the Regalian Empire. The Reliquary Order is very varied both in what weapons they use and who may join, with many different Races as well as Mundane, Occult (where legal) and non-Occult holding ranks in the various Chapters that accept them. There is no limit on Races, though some Chapters may have restrictions. Primarily Reliquary Knights fight with melee weapons, but God Magic users and in limited measure Mages are also able to join.

Internal Reliquary Code

The Internal Reliquary Code contains additional Honor and Behavior Codes for Reliquary Knights that are supplemental to the Common Code described on the Knights Page.

  1. Reliquary Knights must protect religious sites and Temples in Regalia, permitting they are Legal Faiths in the Empire.
  2. Reliquary Knights must defend Temples that are being attacked in a Divinium Siege (for System, see Crime Rules).
  3. Reliquary Knights must protect Priests and Holy figures belonging to Legal Faiths of the Regalian Empire in the City.
  4. Reliquary Knights must protect public events and Religious events either in Temples, or anywhere in the City.
  5. Reliquary Knights must protect the freedom to worship of any faithful belonging to any Legal Faith in Regalian Empire.
  6. Reliquary Knights are expected to extol the virtues of Religious freedom and the rights of the Citizenry to their Gods.
  7. Reliquary Knights are expected to assist repenting Afflicted, and those Infected in early stages, to cleansing.
  8. Reliquary Knights ought never criticize the Religious choices of others, and protect them from ridicule.
  9. Reliquary Knights are expected to declare Holy Site vandals Blasphemers, and hunt them down to punish them.
  10. Reliquary Knights are expected to self-educate on Religions, and answer curiosity from others towards them.


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