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Author Unknown
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Printer Regalian Library
Accessibility Obscure Library Readers


“Ridder-Draaken” is a long non-fiction text written by an anonymous author somewhere before Cataclysm, an assumption based on the fact that it was written in a pre-Cataclysm Alt-Anglian dialect. The original book was lost to time, but snippets of the book’s contents have been saved through a half-translation, meaning that while the majority of the text has become translated, some untranslatable words remain. The book itself reads like a historical narrative or scholar’s assessment, but modern scholars have rejected the contents as purely fictional and unprovable. Some Dragon fanatics however believe that it holds some key fragments of history that have been lost to time, and the book remains classified as non-fiction due to its writing style. The book is split in so called Kapiteels of which fragments of text remain scattered. The book is commonly assumed to reference the Feathered Dragons as the “higher soaring”, though it is never fully elaborated in an explained way what Ridder-Draaken actually means, beyond being a literal translation of “Knight Dragon”.

Kapiteel Eene

“A Dragon’s Blood gives forth onto the people, a gift from the higher soaring, a gift from the sky to the land and from the water to life, and return to life what it giveth. The Dragon Heere own the eyes of olderen, The purple haloer of the sky’s blessings…”

“...Kraakchten Knight’s vagchten to become one with sword and armor, to be the strength of the smith, to be the strength of the sword arm, and to strike with bolded fury of the skies and all that giveth life. To be Kraakchten Knight’s vagchten is to be one with one’s arms and means unlike any other…”

“...Hechten-aan his own power that a Dragon’s Blood may render the powers of the sky and scale as they scale, and rage as they rage, yet remain of Human possession and Human form. To wichten aanzee and kraakchten heumelen, they will not stand, against the ruinous forces of old…”

“...Elves once stood, where they cannot, for Magic assails the Dragons in the sky…”

“...Collapse Kraakchten vagchten under the bearing darkness of the Gold eyed ones.”

Kapiteel Tweye

“Aspeyrt of Dragons, to trace one’s lineage to those who descended..:”

“...To hold the vessel of gods, messenger of gods and Kraakchten vagchten and to become one with knights, with swords and with armor, to vessel the vessel in the arm of another, to guide, protect, and shield, and to strike… ...foes of the life of the sky… …Gold eyes.”

Kapiteel Dreeye

“To hoaldaar Aspeyrt of Dragons, to beyr a Dragon with vagchten and straayler, but to bow before those that came before, and to once more fall victim and misfortune at the hands of the Gold Eyes ruinous powers of the old ones.”

“They battled on the land when darkness encroached and in making battle did they fall, Dragons and Dragons Knights and Aspeyrt of Dragons and Kraakchten Knight’s vagchten fell to the ruins of old and bones buried in dust and sand...”

“...Hold the lines they did…”

“...Steadfast and stalwart Aspeyrt to continue the Urtlaaklijnen of the Dragons…”

“...One day may Raakhr’s Ring be used to unlock the herldverhaalen of the Dragons.”


  • The book, when found, was badly weathered, but most of the damage was incurred by burning. It remains uncertain who or what burned the book, as it was found in a deep underground cistern underneath a long collapsed and forgotten ruin in the Anglian Moors.
  • Some of the words in the book continue to perplex linguists to this day, as the book’s actual content meanings are one of Anglia’s greatest mysteries.
  • Supposedly, a translation chart exists somewhere for Olden Alt-Anglian words which are written in a heavy dialect form that cannot be cross referenced with either Alt-Anglian or modern Anglian. Still, no such translation chart has ever been found, which led to the conclusion that this was intentionally written in a misleading way by a cult.

Writers MonMarty
Last Editor HydraLana on 12/23/2017.

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