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Steigenfrit’s Ring of Macaï
Name Steigenfrit’s Ring of Macaï
Origin Meraic Empire
Classification Dragon Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Steigenfrit's Ring of Macaï is one of very few still-existing Rings of Macaï, a previously mass-produced medical tool from the Meraic Civilization of old. It is a deceptively simple ring composed of a small and richly blue crystal set into a smooth band of shining, near-white metal, both materials being unknown to Aloria. It formerly belonged to esteemed physician and surgical pioneer Helmut Steigenfrit and was passed down through his family for generations as an heirloom.

This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


The Meraic Civilization was renowned for their keen craftsmanship and ability to utilize crystals for unique and inventive purposes. One such purpose was medical pursuits, exemplified by the Ring of Macaï: a tool widely produced across the Empire and made standard among all Meraic Civilization practitioners of medicine. Its capability to display the body in ways that even the most trained of eyes could not and the enhancement it gave to physicians and medical experts alike made it a must-have. Unfortunately, due to the Civilization’s collapse, its production was ceased and most were destroyed or lost to the vast, all-consuming passage of time.

One of the few remaining Rings found its way into the possession of one Helmut Steigenfrit, a Regalian physician from the early 100s AC who was known for his penchant desire to push the boundaries of medicine and surgery, constantly seeking new knowledge and understanding. It is unknown what price he paid for the ring, whether it was coin or something darker, but it fell into his hands. His work surged in intricacy and success from then on thanks to the Ring’s ability. The details he learned from its projections helped him in composing and publishing his seminal work, The Mortal Coil: On Anatomy and Surgery, which has gone on to become practice-standard among physicians, though the Ring disappeared after his death to distant cousin lineages.


Steigenfrit's Ring of Macaï is beautiful but simple in its design. It is a simple and smooth band of near-white metal that shimmers in the light, set with a single dark-blue crystal the size of a pinhead.

Uses and Abilities

Steigenfrit's Ring of Macaï allows the wearer to project a detailed anatomical image of a person into the air. To do this, they must place their ring-less hand upon the body of any individual and then extend the ring-bearing hand outward. The gemstone lights up and then beams a luminescent, spectral image into the air before them that takes the shape of the person they are touching with their arms outstretched as if they were being examined on a surgery table. Active, fresh wounds of any kind appear marked in red on or inside the body, old scars and injuries in orange, and mental damage (but not mind alterations) appear in purple. The image remains in place afterward. The image can be manipulated by the wearer to their desires, with them able to inspect particular places closely or rotate it as they need to.

In addition to this, the Ring can have an ‘enhancement’ activated on it by twisting the gemstone on it counter-clockwise. A shimmering, translucent blue sheen will cover the hands of the wearer and give them an enhanced steadiness and precision that is clockwork-like in its precision and lack of error. This allows the wearer to perform delicate and almost impossible surgeries and other medical operations with relative ease, guided along by the ring’s power.

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