Rozzoth Flower

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Rozzoth Flower
Official Name Rozzoth Flower
Common Name Leechrose, Void’s Kiss
Classification Flower
Common Use Utility
Origins Southern Sileria
Habitat Various

The Rozzoth Flower, more commonly known as the Leechrose by those who have become familiar with its unique properties, is a wildflower with crimson-colored petals placed upon a black stem. Discovered in the lands of the Kathar as a result of the Void's corruption of the local Flora, this tainted flower was used by many for decorations or worship due to its dark complexion. Curiously enough, it seems the flower’s appearance was not the only thing touched by the Void, as the nectar has been used by the Cult of Reason for the replacement of blood in its ceremonies for centuries.


The Rozzoth Flower’s origins date back to the early arrival of the Kathar Race to the lands that would become the Dread Empire. Between their wars and savage slaughters which purged the land of its native inhabitants, the Kathar had to explore their environment. If the plant was known to the natives prior to the Kathar’s arrival, this knowledge was lost in their extinction. Even if it was known, the plant it eventually turned into, might have been alien to those Races, for the native flora became tainted by the Void. As the Dread Empire claimed rulership over the continent, the black and red flower was discovered to grow across the new imperial possessions, and found a use in decorations as both potted plants and wreaths by most, sometimes even being the centerpiece of religious practices. It gained greater use later on, mainly in the culinary tradition when its sweet, dark red processed syrup was first uncovered. But certain Kathar took notice of this byproduct more than others. With the rise of the Cult of Reason, the plant was used to develop a form of synthetic blood to be used in their religious practices, as the acquisition of real blood became problematic. The plant is still most often found in its original homeland, yet some expert gardeners among the Kathar of Corontium have found success growing clippings in special greenhouses that replicate its original climate.


The Rozzoth Flower is a perennial flowering plant, most commonly compared to the common rose in terms of appearance and size. The flower grows in bunches of three, all connected to one blackened stem. The flowers themselves are large, with petals blooming out to be about the size of a human hand, all centered around a single midnight-black center. Rozzoth Flowers rarely sprout with leaves, and their stems are instead lined with sharp thorns that dissuade the haphazard picking of inexperienced gardeners. These bushes typically sprout from the ground in clumps of five or more, and it’s not uncommon to come across patches of plains or woodland that have been overtaken by a sea of red flowers.

Uses and Abilities

Rozzoth Flowers are primarily used by those invested in Void Worship, as they are considered one of the finer plants within the Dread Empire. Those within the Cult of Reason have found a way to create a form of synthetic blood from the nectar of the plant for their ceremonies. This synthetic blood is not blood at all, that is to say it has none of the properties of blood, but it looks and behaves exactly like real blood, and on top of that tastes deliciously sweet. Some eccentric chefs use the plant to sweeten their desserts, though this is typically only found within the upper classes. As a result, the plant’s diluted syrup has been used in a variety of ways for its exquisite taste.


  • Due to its less than friendly origins, the Rozzoth Flower can be quite difficult for any non-Kathar to purchase, with the cost of full, high-quality bushes rivaling the cost of fine jewelry.
  • While mostly harmless and by all accounts edible, some Dread Kathar alchemists are said to have found a very potent poison lurking in the stem of the plant.
  • The nickname ‘Void’s Kiss’ comes from the appearance of the plant’s victims looking like they’re wearing dark red lipstick, that being the only coloration on their otherwise pale body.

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