Saa'trya Luxxa

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Saa'trya Luxxa
Name Saa'trya Luxxa
Origin Allorn Empire
Classification Elven Artifact
Found No, Destroyed
Location Regalia

Saa'trya Luxxa is a mystical harp made of fine and whimsical pearlescent silver material which emits a gentle sheen in the hands of its owner. Saa'trya Luxxa’s exact origins are not necessarily unknown, but it is rumored to come from the earliest of generations of the newly emerged Isldarin people as a way to control the creatures and horrid blizzards found in Ellador. The harp is somewhat of an elusive artifact, yet manages to find new masters throughout the ages. Mages are especially prone to locating the harp, though this does not exclude elders of Isldar or even Altalar communities that use this instrument for otherwise good, divine, or deemed-necessary purposes. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore.


Saa'trya Luxxa is rumored to have emerged from a crystalline pool in a remote portion of Ellador. The age of the harp is believed to be around nine hundred years, though what historical records used to remain have since been lost over time. According to rumor, the harp emerged into existence when the first Isldar emerged as their own. The mysterious instrument met the hands of one Elder at a time, and soon shifted to remarkable Isldar priestesses. The artifact, once settled in the hands of a master, tied itself to said-master by shifting its appearance into that of an opalescent necklace. Through the ages, the owners of the harp progressed from mere elders to those talented in magic. It breached the lands of Ellador and found its way to some of the wealthiest Altalar communities. Saa'trya Luxxa’s elusive nature is one of its more notable traits, as it manages to relocate itself to particularly chaotic or unsettled locations while remaining undetected.


In its most simple form, Saa'trya Luxxa appears as a handheld harp laden with pearlescent silver coating and other engravings and markings that detail the body of the instrument: Upward grooves that appear to hug the face of the harp and swim down the spine all the way to the bottom. The strings appear mundane when not used, but give a faint and nearly-unnoticeable gleam when plucked. When used, the body of Saa'trya Luxxa will cast a soft light from its surface, though not so much that it would glow profusely. When dormant and in the clutches of its master, it takes the form of a necklace with an iridescent stone in the center and a silver chain that drops the pendulant stone to about mid-center of the chest. A small rounded green stone that lacks any gleam is hooked on the bottom of the pendant.

Uses & Abilities

This harp’s primary use and ability is that when playing any type of music, the character can become lighter than air (levitating up to a foot off the ground), while their hair and clothing turns more ethereal and floating, as if underwater. In this playing state, the character receives +15 Athletic Training applied to the levitating dancing mechanic, which can be used during dodge rolls to avoid attacks. The levitation can move at around the speed of a running person, or slowly depending on the character’s movements, and they are capable of making elegant dances to avoid being attacked, if her rolls are adequate. The Character can also choose not to engage in this defensive dodging stance, by simply remaining on the ground, which makes playing music with the artifact more subtle, and does not add the ethereal effect to their clothing or hair.

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