Saaktus Flower

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Saaktus Flower
Official Name Saaktus Flower
Common Name Un-Urlan Flower
Classification Flower
Common Use Utility
Origins Jorrhildr
Habitat Cold regions

Saaktus Flowers are unique plants that are ignored by Oorl Worm to the degree that carrying or wearing a salve of the plant is enough to prevent possible victims of the Urlan transformation from turning into the bovine Race. For this reason, they are loathed by many Northbelt-native Urlan, and have been a major trade good for the Velheim Ailor of the area, who sell them to the Regalian Empire for a tidy profit. The plant allows the Empire to treat with Urlan relatively safely, and allows for monitors and observers of Oorl Worms involved in the creation of Urlan Legions for the Regalian Military to avoid the fate they watch happen to others.


Saaktus Flowers have an unknown history going back to perhaps before the Cataclysm. However, others assert that the plant is likely the result of some form of essence-based mutation, perhaps the Exist. Some local Velheim also claim the Urlan caused strife amidst the Fornoss gods when they were first encountered, fearing for the lives of the Ailor faithful. In response, from the bones and flesh of an albino Oorl Worm, some of the gods created the Saaktus Flower to forever help deny the Urlan transformation in those who wished it. Whatever the case, it is clear that the Saaktus Flower has been used by the local Velheim for at least two centuries, to do exactly as the myth discusses, to deny their ability to transform into Urlan. To the Urlan of the north and their Throngs (tribes) that have risen across the region in recent years, the plant is the bane of their existence. Its ability to avoid the attention of the Oorl Worm means that, somehow, the Urlan rarely spot the flower either, easily overlooking it even when for other Races, its appearance is fairly obvious. Of course, if pointed out, the Urlan can rapidly find and then crush the plant, but this strange camouflage ability has allowed the plant to survive countless Urlan coordinated efforts to destroy it. With the arrival of Regalian interests to the region, the plant was rapidly exported and utilized by explorers and those of the Regalian Empire seeking proper diplomacy with the Urlan. Today, the flower thrives in small, secreted away regions of the north, overseen by tenders who sell the plant at a high profit to the Regalian Military, who eagerly create their Urlan Legions for military service. However, the plant is also scattered across the icy wilds of the northern wilds, often going overlooked by the one Race who despises it.


Saaktus Flowers are strange plants, being perhaps the only flowers in Aloria to be literally rooted into the ground with almost no height whatsoever. Their root system is vigorous though, based around a central, hardy and thick-surfaced root up to two feet long known as the pseudo-stem. From here, the flower then blooms right at the surface, with an array of large obcordate leaves emerging from just beneath the flower’s blossom. The blossom itself is about six inches in diameter, and when closed about one to two inches in height. The blossom is also built by two layers, an outer layer of pointed and thick outer petals and a series of delicate, softer petals around the plant’s key organs. During snowstorms, other harsh weather and a lack of sunlight, the flower closes up to protect this softer interior. The flower is colored from and specks of yellow on the inside to pale pink lined with white on the outside, occasionally taking over the white lining entirely for a more obvious coloration.

Uses and Abilities

Saaktus Flowers only have one real use by the wider world: their use as Oorl Worm protector. Somehow, the creature is unable to sense anyone with the Flower on them either in its raw form, or in the more convenient salve that alchemists created with advice from Jorrhildr-local Velheim Ailor. Its use as a decorative object, so common with other flowers, is often seen as a waste and very difficult to accomplish. Saaktus Flowers drain square meters around them of all other plants to ensure their total survival, and their relative rarity even in their homeland means that all of them are used for Urlan infection prevention.


  • Saaktus Flowers also tend to go unseen by Urlan due to their high likelihood of being buried in snow but also in being naturally camouflaged, as simple white bumps on the ground.
  • The virtual extinction of Jorrhildr-based Velheim Ailor means that any future campaigns by the region's Urlan are likely to be greatly successful.

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