Salade Potatte

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Salade Potatte
Appearance A mix of potatoes, cut celery and small bits of ham and cheese.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Vladard of Morlaz
Class Lower and Middle Classes
  • ½ parts steamed/baked and cut potatoes
  • ¼ parts chopped celery
  • ⅛ parts chopped ham
  • ⅛ parts chopped hard yellow cheese
  • Cider vinegar
  • A dollop or two of heavy cream (optional)

Salade Potatte is a simple mix of various ingredients originally created to use up a variety of disparate foodstuffs. The dish is thus relatively lowbrow and easy to make, resulting in its spread beyond Kintyr to various parts of the Regalian Empire. While not as prestigious as, say, Breizh Tart, many still enjoy this dish as a fine piece of edible Culture from the Breizh Ailor.


Salade Potatte originates from northern Kintyr, in the city of Morlaz, and has a fairly lacklustre history in comparison to most other Breizh food. It was simply an invention of a chef wanting to use up a variety of foodstuffs that were likely soon to go bad or were left over. In fact, one of the potatoes was somewhat rotten, but he chopped, peeled and steamed them to burn away the miasma of the bad food. The end result was the curious creation known today as Salade Potatte, which soon expanded in popularity across his town. By 250 AC, the dish had spread across the entirety of the Breizh Lordship and even beyond it as a curious blend of ingredients. Today, the dish has not been elevated much, and remains a food of the lower classes.


Salade Potatte has a simple preparation process; the first step is that the potatoes should be peeled and gently steamed or baked. While that is underway, the celery should be finely chopped, with the ham and cheese similarly cut up into small pieces. The entire array of food should then be combined together and tossed with the dressing of cider vinegar, however much is desired. In addition to this, heavy cream can be added if individuals want to achieve a creamy texture to the dish.


  • Salade Potatte often appears exactly as the mixture of ingredients it is, largely dominated by the potatoes and scattered or dotted with the bits of green, yellow, orange or white of the cheese and the pink of ham.
  • When smelled, Salade Potatte has a light, starchy aroma.
  • The dish is known for an interesting blend of flavors and, depending on the helping placed inside the mouth, can feature anything from the meeting of cheese, ham and potato, like one might find on other dishes, to the taste of vinegar, celery and potatoes in a slightly odder combination.


  • Salade Potatte is sometimes confused with potato salad, though the two dishes are fairly different, excluding how both use potatoes as the base.
  • The only effort to make Salade Potatte sophisticated was completed by Vladard of Morlaz’s grandson, Theodael. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the dish, he crafted an intricate bowl with mixed and mashed cream with potatoes representing water and a boat made of celery, filled with ham and cheese which portrayed the Angel of the Lake giving Arthair his holy sword. It was praised by the one Ithanian observer to the meal.

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