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Official Name Salpeter
Common Nicknames Cannon-Rock
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Metallurgy Arts
Origin All over Aloria
Uses Explosives
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Salpeter is a popular alternative to Sulfur though rare it can be found in several land masses across Aloria, however its most abundant region is the Four Kingdoms of Dexai. It is used as the main ingredient in gunpowder. However, instead of it being used for weaponry, it is more popularly used as fertilizer for farms or as a component in fireworks; the mineral acts as an export for the Sihai for these two reasons. It is also traded for alchemical or utility practices given its abundance and similar properties to that of Sulfur. Salpeter is just as common as Sulfur, making it a common alternative whenever the quantity of Sulfur in the market is at stake.


The discovery of Salpeter was never recorded and likely happened in multiple regions across Dexai during similar times. It was, however, initially used as an alternative to Sulfur in Dexai. During the Common Dynasty, the mineral exhibited fertilizing properties that could accelerate the growth and health of a crop by 15%. When factoring this over several farms and a workforce of thousands, the payoff was extremely large for the Four Kingdoms of the Sihai, lowering the maintenance and growth times for farmers and their crops. During the Xx’an’ha period, alongside the introduction to the War Dynasty, the ways in which Salpeter was used drastically changed. When the Loong Dragons gifted the knowledge of weaponry to the Sihai, it included the use of the mineral known as Salpeter as a means to produce gunpowder weapons and fireworks to assist in fighting off the “blackened creatures” that had arrived to desolate the peaceful way of life in the Four Kingdoms. The fireworks created by using Salpeter to produce gunpowder proved every effective, firmly believed to have scared away the blackened creatures. Later on, as the Kingdoms became equipped with the military means to fight each other, the firework weapons produced from Salpeter became common on the battlefield. The first foreign race to discern the uses of Salpeter as a weapon was the Altalar when their ship made first contact at the beaches of the Empire. Negotiations for trade of Salpeter was brought up during their stay, however the Sihai were very reluctant to offer military knowledge to foreigners. It wasn’t until the upbringing of trading posts throughout the Kingdoms that Salpeter was finally traded and exported. This brought in a trade surplus to the Sihai that benefitted them to such a great degree that even with the expulsion of the Altalar from their country they continued to trade Salpeter, only at higher prices and tariffs along their seaports. As other foreign nations reached east, such as Regalia, the Songaskians, and even Sendrassian agents, the secrets of Salpeter became much more known due to both trade, and espionage. It’s not that the Sihai don’t realize this, as they very much have caught on and predicted this instance since their first contact with the Altalar. The Sihai are vastly indifferent on the matter. Salpeter is such an abundant ingredient in Dexai that the Sihai have abandoned all attempts at safeguarding it, as the benefits of the surplus trading the resource largely outweigh the disadvantages of foreign Empire espionage.



Salpeter appears as a white rock with a chalky substance on it. Various porous holes make its way through the rock in its rawest form. In dust form it appears white with little specs of the rock remaining in the dust if not properly ground up.

General Uses

The foremost use of the material is in gunpowder for explosives, but more commonly, fireworks that are specifically found in Dexai. Salpeter is also popularly used as fertilizer for farms.


Salpeter has a whole slew of secondary abilities which were abundantly used during the more peaceful dynasties. One popular use was the fertilizing properties Salpeter exhibits to plants. It also has its minor uses in alchemical concoctions and in medical treatments. It can be used as a preservative in place of salt when applicable, and nearly every butchery, clinic, and alchemy shop in Aloria carries a large amount of it due to the trade routes connected between the Sihai and Regalia. The use of Salpeter in explosive weaponry has not been very thoroughly explored, though experiments on the stone are being readily concocted by those with criminal intentions.


  • Some people say that Salpeter can stop even massive bleeding, though a trained medical professional will tell you that it does not have blood clotting properties.

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