Salt Sea Spinphin

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Salt Sea Spinphin
Official Name Salt Sea Spinphin
Common Nicknames Pale Acrobat, Hose’s Dolphin
Classification Mammal
Habitat Southern Bodies of Aloria
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

The Salt Sea Spinphin is a species of dolphin native to the warmer waters of Aloria. Well known over the centuries, perhaps even before the Altalar formed the Allorn Empire, the species is best known for its pale coloration and its unique spinning jump which it performs as a pleasant act of happiness. Additionally, the animal is highly social and has suffered minimal impact over the centuries as few have hunted it for its meat beyond those seeking to cater to certain wealthy crowds.


The Salt Sea Spinphin has interacted with a wide array of Races and Cultures over many centuries, though the first of these is relatively unknown. Certainly the most well published are the Altalar, who encountered the animal perhaps as far back as their pre-Allorn period when they were fragmented into various small nations. Regardless of how far back, this species was rapidly connected with the sea and made synonymous with joy, peace, and the water. It was unfortunately, for this exact reason that Void cultists got to work eradicating them several centuries into their rise. Their work was minor though, and the animals were largely hunted and killed for sport and skill, with a bit of sacrifice on the side for those who were true Void savants. However, when the Allorn Empire collapsed, the reports of interactions with the species democratized and spread as many new nations soon turned to the seas. The earliest of these were the Tolonne, Bragacao and Daendroque Ailor, sailors and traders who encountered the creatures in abundance in the tropical waters of Corontium and Hadaria. Meanwhile for the Altalar, the Fin’ullen with their nautical focus retained and perpetuated the ideas surrounding the animal in Altalar society. As for the Naylar of Hadaria, the rise of the Chrysant Kingdoms saw the animal also gain notoriety there, but it was limited due to general Allar indifference about the sea mammal when it was proven there were no useful alchemical ingredients. Today, the Salt Sea Spinphin is generally well regarded by many Humans and Altalar, and has largely avoided purposeful hunting by anything by their natural predators. Some still seek the exotic pedigree that comes with eating their meat, but such hunts are few and far between.

Physical Appearance

Salt Sea Spinphins are anywhere from eight and a half to nine feet long and up to 450 pounds heavy depending on their gender and time of year. Their heads are as wide as their bodies, much like other cetaceans, and possess small eyes and a wide mouth at the tip of their body. From there their bodies are generally rotund, possessing a thick build. However, their fins are designed in such a way to help the animal perform the act that gives them their name, spinning in the air when they leap from the water. To this end their fins are long and capable of movement, while the tip of their dorsal fin, found on their mid-back, has been observed to be capable of turning slightly to the left or right. Finally, their bodies end in a small horizontal lunate-shaped tail. The animal’s skin is entirely smooth and colored pale grey, with their underside being entirely white with a clear dividing line along their side. On their upper underside, just beneath their head, is often found a splash of pale pink.


Salt Sea Spinphins have no sexual dimorphism, with males and females both capable of reaching the limits of the animal’s size. The only thing that sets them apart is the seemingly random splash of pink that occurs in every one of ten members of their population.

Life Span and Development

Salt Sea Spinphins are born in singular pregnancies, and emerge as smaller versions of their parents, though for those individuals marked with pink, much of their underbelly will be that color during their early years. From there the animal matures and will be of adult size andmentality by the age of ten. The Salt Sea Spinphin can then live for up to 60 years.

Mental Overview

Salt Sea Spinphins are frolicing, generally social animals with a deep family connection. Mothers care for their babies with great diligence, and the pod will defend itself as best it can. Additionally, the animals are highly playful with each other: racing, play fighting, and of particular note, jumping out of the water. When they do the latter they almost always spin, usually to the left or right, but particularly energetic members of their species can even do front or backflips. This joyous act, committed by many dolphins, appears enhanced with the Salt Sea Spinphin, though why or how it developed is unknown. As for other features of the animal, they hunt deeper into the water beyond the range of humanoid vision, but are assumed to hunt and eat like other species of dolphin. Finally, Salt Sea Spinphins are known to get along well with Humans and Nelfin. They don’t actively seek Races out, but when they do encounter them, they are just as playful and happy as they are with other members of their species, though depending on the experiences of the individual pod they will avoid contact with boats.

Territory and Groupings

Salt Sea Spinphins live in pods of up to 1000 individuals, though most are a mere hundred or two. They are most commonly found in the Southern Bodies of Aloria and migrate across the local region they are found in. Few pods actually make their way across every and all Southern Bodies, instead often keeping to one, and perhaps two if they are next to each other.


  • Salt Sea Spinphins apparently taste naturally like lemon-seasoned chicken, at least according to Ithanian master chef Jean de Pompleburgette.
  • One of the Salt Sea Spinphin’s other names is Hose’s Dolphin, a reference to the first Ailor scholar who ever examined a corpse of the animal before deboning it, and then examining its skeleton, Professor Heinrich Hose.

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