School of Ïstorei

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School of Ïstorei
Proficiencies Statecraft Command, Linguistic Science, Arcanology, Writing Art
Race Altalar
Location Daen
Origins Alar Talea, Teled Methen

The School of Ïstorei is a School born and developed to support the core ideals of the Altalar people and their now-dead Allorn Empire. It took the destruction of most of the well-known academies that teach this School for the Altalar to properly update the curriculum, which they have done at an even pace to ensure that the Altalar who attend are able to fully and properly express the School’s ideals. The School of Ïstorei has therefore been able to maintain its role as the backbone of formal education in Altalar society, though it may be dying out as Daen continues to be a battleground between a wider variety of nations and Races.


The School of Ïstorei has long been a centerpiece of aristocratic Altalar culture. It was founded during the Awakening within the capital city of the Allorn Empire, Alar Talea. The story goes that the Empress herself saw a need to educate courtiers and nobles in what was expected of Altalar society. As a result, she started the mother academy of Lerellena Osibralla before her death, which marked the beginning of the Consolidation. Over that period, a series of academies spread out to educate the Altalar population in these same principles in every provincial capital. But as time went on, they became corrupt and filled with the darker aspects of Altalar society, from Void Worship to political infighting. Maternities in some particularly far-gone areas even assassinated members of other maternities, all for the glory of better grades, the Void, or other various reasons. At the end of the Floundering, a stern attempt was made to reinforce traditional Altalar ideals but this failed in the context of the Grandening. For the next millennia, this School continued on its downward slope. This is not to say the quality of education was seriously altered, but as most Ailor note, the school curriculum in 200 BC was largely the same as the one taught in 1200 BC (merely with extensions for each new Empress and other information regarding the new history of the Allorn Empire). Some have also blamed the decay of the Allorn Empire on this very problem; young Altalar were educated in traditional ways well past the time they were useful or made sense to the world which surrounded them.

In the wake of the Cataclysm and the Wildering, the School of Ïstorei underwent an immediate shift. Many of its major academies vanished in the vast jungles of southern Daen. Without ample access to Magic, an entire division of the School had to be restructured though it was eventually reintegrated when the control of Magic increased. Also, the Altalar finally properly updated their practices of schooling, but ultimately these are largely still seen as failures. They maintained tradition to the point of denying truth and logic, especially regarding the events that destroyed their Empire. In the years since then, the academies of the School of Ïstorei have taught many students the ways of the Altalar, even accepting Ailor in some special cases. But in the wake of the Elven War of 302 AC and the turn of the Regalian Empire away from the Altalar as allies to their hated foes, the Eronidas, all Ailor students have been ejected from the academies. At the same time, the School of Ïstorei is largely in decline, forced to deal with Regalian conquest of L’Elvellen and the closing of all academies in that region along with the warfare in recent years in southern Daen between the Altalar, the Regalian Empire and the Kathar.


  • Il’siüelle Osibralla: The Il’siüelle Academy is located on the western coastline of Daen in Hyarroc, serving as one of the few institutions with structures back from the time of the Allorn Empire. They are most well known for their great libraries and history programs.
  • Seram’jellan Osibralla: The Seram’jellan Academy is found in eastern Daen in Teled Methen, serving as a center for the education of future political leaders from the city of Grae Rie, built near the remains of Alar Talea. The facility is also well known for being the place which taught Alexander Kade in his younger years, and once had the largest number of non-Altalar students, being four.
  • Ithannsia Osibralla: The Ithannsia Osibralla is one of the newest established facilities and is located along the shoreline of La Laque du Prospérité in Ithania, in northern Daen. It is best known for its education in literature or once was, as there are rumors of the facility closing soon because its wealthy female Ithanian patrons are chased out by more patriarchal forces.

Code of Conduct

The School of Ïstorei has a rigorous Code of Conduct which serves as a reinforcement of Altalar mental characteristics, such as their belief in their innate superiority. To enter the School at any of its academies, you must forswear “partnership with members of lesser Races in all aspects of your life.” This is also coupled with general rules involving dress code, use of academy facilities and your stay at the academy ( as it is a boarding school), and finally ending a pledge to your chosen figure from the Altalar Pantheon of upholding the values of the School. From then on, students often see themselves as learning skills to help encourage or maintain Altalar superiority in the world, though the Ithanian academies walk a delicate balance between this and acknowledging the Ithanian Ailor as allies and valuable partners (for example, they are usually excluded from the list of “lesser” Races read out in the partnership promise). Aside from this, the School of Ïstorei emphasizes the correctness of Altalar beliefs, lifestyles, decisions, and culture in comparison to others. The School is also seen as highly prestigious and takes in dozens of students each year from the highest and most well-known families in the Altalar world, though some academies, particularly in the maritime cities, are a bit more open and focus more on students being able to pay the expensive tuition cost than a prestigious background.


The School of Ïstorei, like most Nelfin-based Schools, is accepting of years, sometimes decades, of learning. In the basic system, an enterprising student is sent to an academy at 16 before being put into a dormitory with up to, at most, five other students. Four dormitories form a “maternity” in the case of female students and a “collective” in the case of male students. The segregation of the sexes does not extend to classes, where throughout ten years individual students choose a path through the courses and sessions offered in languages, the literary arts, Altalar history, and even Magic. Magic specifically often requires additional payment or tests of knowledge to gain them the privilege of accessing a Magic tutor. By the age of 20 (and after year four of their studies), students can return home for longer holidays and possess less regimentation in their instruction. By the end of their tenth year, when they graduate with the smallest level of prestige, students are largely educating themselves and pursuing what interests them within the realm of Altalar education as offered by the School. Once a student has spent ten years in the academy, they write a series of exams which test them in basic knowledge of their main subjects. The student is also silently judged throughout their entire final year to see if they are true to the vows and rules they accepted when they joined the School. If everything works out, a student then graduates with knowledge in at least three of the School of Ïstorei’s major subject areas. But an astounding 90% remain at the School to continue their learning; most helping to work off the Vaïel Promises their families gave to have them attend, or to become faculty and more widely integrated into the School’s structure.

OOC Rules for the School

  • The members of the School of Ïstorei should take their vows seriously, as a serious deviation from them results in widespread revulsion back in their home academy. Any honors they accrued there are removed from records.
  • Members of the School from Ithania should make an effort to appreciate Ithanian culture, but ultimately Altalar culture is understood as superior.
  • The School of Ïstorei teaches Altalar knowledge in all areas; it would be odd for an Altalar to learn Ailor history from the Ailor point of view instead of from an Altalar perspective. Read the Altalar lore page carefully to see their opinions and explanations for things, especially historical events.


  • The School of Ïstorei has been a bastion of anti-Asha sentiment for years.
  • The maternities of the modern School of Ïstorei are not quite as deplorable as those of the past, but Magic rituals and competition between the maternities remain fairly present. The same can be said of the collectives, but often to a lesser extent.

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