School of Alchemy

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School of Alchemy
Proficiencies Alchemy Science, Horticulture Art
Race Any
Location Various
Origins Unknown

The School of Alchemy is one of the central Science Schools in Aloria. While it has now arisen in many lands and with many Races, the Als-Allar were the first to master alchemy, much to their benefit. Now part of the Regalian Empire, Allar work alongside Ailor to produce new alchemical products as well as to perfect old ones. The School of Alchemy is well known for its openness to all possibilities and is driven by motivations of innovation, profit, and application to the wider world and other Schools of thought. It is known as the School which teaches the combination of all sorts of materials together, from plant bits to animal parts and mineral flecks into unique Alchemy creations, some good and some evil.


The School of Alchemy, as a formal institution, has an ancient history closely tied to the Allar of Sendras. The Als-Allar, the most populous subrace, became involved in alchemy very early into their history. Their Dragon Worship claims that their creators, the Green Nature Dragon, gifted them with the ability to harness the powers of nature into unique creations; thus, Alchemy was born. Unfortunately, as the Allar were one of the last civilizations to develop writing in Aloria, and so the early years of alchemical experiments are now largely nothing more but fables and tall tales. By 200 BC, the Soor-Rassa-Allar had been formed as a civilian council which lead a variety of “Alchzzrella Lrefezlors” or, translated into Common, “Alchemy Academies”. These academies taught Alchemy Science to dozens of students and helped to foster the creative spirit of the Allar by also producing many impressive works of glass to contain the diverse tropical ingredients Allar alchemy. Ultimately though, the Sendrassian Civil War saw the Soor-Rassa-Allar forced to abandon decades of research to their enemies as they fled into Hadar. They founded new academies there and, while these flourished too, some bitterly resented all which had been lost on Sendras. In the wake of the Chrysant War though the Allar were again denied their academies, but with the rise of the Digmaan and the actions of the Soor-Rassa-Allar in Regalia, a scant few were opened in the major population centers of Allar-controlled Hadar.

As for wider Aloria, some Allar proudly believe it was their Race that introduced alchemy to the wider world. This may have merit, as some believe Allar slaves kept by the Allorn Empire might have transmitted the knowledge to their masters, but the truth is that alchemy is a universal science. The Allorn Empire focused on alchemical beauty products at the beginning of their reign, but later, poisons and powerful drugs were also sought out as part of the imperial politics and Ancient Worship. Despite their focus on technology, the Sariyd Empire intensely pursued certain areas of alchemy to discover the best lubricants for their most powerful machines, while the Ailor created herbal medicines, grounded powders, and watery blends to try and grant many effects for centuries on Ceardia (though few were ever actually effective). However, few of these nations and peoples were ever devoted fully to formalizing the study of alchemy. Plenty changed after the Cataclysm when Ailor alchemy underwent a renaissance in what is now the Kade-controlled Duchy of Dorinn. A more urban region of Anglia, the Duchy has produced several noteworthy alchemists and their creations which have since gone on to spawn other creations from all Races. In the current day, several notable academies teach alchemy to dozens of hopefuls within the Regalian Empire, and few other nations pursue alchemy with the same level of focus. Especially within the last several years, alchemy academies have grown in number as more and more people have become acquainted with the Allar ways as they continue their integration into the most powerful empire in Aloria.


  • The School of Zzariss: A school founded by Allar alchemists in the city of Barazzt, currently the capital of Hal Pormonth. It focuses primarily on medicine and utility potions. Als-Allar receive a reduced cost of tuition, though many Races are free to enter its halls.
  • L'Académie de Bouteil de Mordealé: Not just one school, but a chain of academies found across Ithania with their main campus established in the capital. These academies mainly focus on beauty products but also potions with political uses. The School of Bouteil de Mordealé gives access to anyone, but the campus in the Lapalaise Plus-rême accepts mostly Ailor with a preference for women.
  • Die Akademie von Kaiserman: The Akademie von Kaiser is the major alchemy academy of the Regalian Empire, existing across the water from the Crown Isle in Waldmark. The campus teaches hundreds of diverse students every year, has many skilled Ailor and Allar teachers, and primarily focuses on experimentation, research, and innovation in the name of the Regalian Empire.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for the School of Alchemy is diverse, primarily thanks to the various number of Races who practice it. However, the three major areas of thought can be generally outlined. In Allar institutes, openness is ideal, whether this is frankness between students, or students looking outward to a diverse world. The Allar also often focus on medical and utility potions to help and aid others in penance for some of their more violent creations during the Sendrassian Civil War. Then, there is the school of thought in Daen. Daen alchemists are largely focused on material wealth and producing high quality alchemy (or low-quality scam products) to sell to the highest bidder. Some are particularly obsessed with Allar myths of unique alchemical potions which could turn any metal into Gold or purify water into a sweet-tasting healing liquid. Finally, there are the ideas found in the Regalian Archipelago. While some facilities, particularly in Dorinn, follow ideas much closer to Daen alchemists, in general Regalian alchemical thought is intensely focused on innovation. While such innovation is overall rare or done by offshoots of schools in foreign lands, when something new is produced, Regalian alchemists seek it out and intensely study it to test its uses fully and to see if it can be improved. Many do this to aid the Empire they live in, either for more public use or in the case of a few potions, for private/government-only use.

Each school and academy which teaches alchemy also has its own enrollment criteria. Some ask for prior experience, forcing prospects to prove themselves to the School, while others only ask for a monthly payment (or a lump sum up front) as the students usually live in a campus setting. This second model is the most common and is employed by many Daen and Regalian academies. Graduation is also very open-ended, with some schools sending pupils on their way after their classes and sessions are complete or once a difficult-to-create alchemy product has been successfully made, tested, and confirmed. There is one largely unifying ideal in the School of Alchemy: a distrust of Magic. While Als-Allar society have an entire cast of mages (the Izu-Allar) and are therefore usually not as untrusting of extradimensional essences, Daen and Regalian schools teach a distrust in magic to their students. In both cases, this generally comes from the rejection of Magic by the Regalian Empire though in Daen specifically, Daendroque Ailor, Asha and some other Ailor alchemists reject Magic directly in the face of their former Altalar overlords. In return, many Mages see alchemy as a cheap attempt to mimic them, with none of the effort or substance mages must endure to become connected with other dimensions to produce their Magic. Most Mages also don’t like alchemy as, over the years, several alchemy products have been used to dampen or reduce magical abilities, something which never sits well with a dependent Mage.


Learning times in the School of Alchemy are highly varied. Many Daen and Regalian institutes allow students to complete blocks of classes or courses which collectively last up to, at most, five years. After that, additional classes can be taken, or the student can seek to join the staff at the institute, working as an assistant to further one's skills. In Allar alchemy schools, the minimal number of years needed to graduate is five. Allar and other dedicated students can stay on for even longer, as long as ten years, before they formally graduate with special honors in the form of contacts and major alchemical career opportunities in other lands. During the period of learning, students are educated on many basic ideas concerning plants and animals, specifically the anatomy of these forms of life, especially those of unique animals. Additionally, mineralogy and other explorations of natural elements are common as alchemical potions can be made with Lead or Mercury just as it could be made with dog bone marrow or ground flower bulbs. Sometimes, such learning comes naturally to a student thanks to their cultural upbringing or racial focus, but more often than not it is long hard work. Students, once they have passed through these beginner-level courses, are usually told about the most dangerous and illegal potions, though not how they are made, as a warning to avoid them. This practice is rarely done in the Daen schools. Following another year or two of these middling courses, which involve tests on identifying living and dried plant or animal parts and observations of instructors creating simple potions, students can begin to create their own products. These early products are often learning experiences and help to teach the aspiring alchemists time management, organization, and planning. Ultimately, by the time the student graduates they will have knowledge of several simple alchemical creations, as well as basic understandings on the uses of plants, animals, and natural resources in Alchemy.

OOC Rules for the School

  • Your Character cannot have claimed to have invented a new Alchemy product in their Life Story. For example, you cannot claim that, while attending school, your character developed an extremely popular tooth-whitening substance.
  • Characters who have gone to this school should primarily focus on putting points into Alchemy Sciences over Nature Care Sciences if they want to be a proper alchemist.
  • The School of Alchemy is not suited for a character involved with Combat Schools, except perhaps the School of Battlemed.


  • Allar are most commonly sought after as teachers in the School of Alchemy.
  • There exists an entire branch of alchemical education independent of many official academies. This apprentice and master style of education is often seen among the middle classes, who are unable to pay the tuition needed at attend the more formal academies, or when graduated students wish to find work with other alchemists to pursue a career in the field.
  • For more humanoid students of the School of Alchemy, there is a period right at the beginning of a new school term where it is common for some pupils to be missing their eyebrows or have singed faced due to the new chemicals introduced to them at this stage.

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