School of Alchemy

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School of Alchemy
Combat Schools
Race Any
Location Various
Origins Allar

The School of Alchemy is an intellectual school is one of the most prestigious and controversial schools across all of Aloria. Its application has been praised by the common man for its uses in medicine, recreation, and everyday life. However, mages often regarded the science of Alchemy in a negative light, as many societies and cultures formerly invested in Magic have turned to Alchemy for more natural solutions to their problems. Similarly, alchemists, rarely including Al-Allar, themselves reject magic and view it as primitive or unnecessarily risky. Alchemy itself has origins with the Allar people as a whole, though more basic forms of Alchemy have been seen in almost every culture. Alchemy is one of the most advanced science schools and often requires very intense study and a lot of hands-on experience to fully master at any level. Students are often subject to gaining knowledge through repetition of creating concoctions at their level, many of which may go wrong and sometimes serve as a more permanent lesson. While not inherently dangerous, the school of Alchemy often forces a sort of discipline onto its students that encourage them not to be reckless with what they create.

School Location

  • The School of Zzariss: A school founded by the Allar alchemists when the Allar people moved to Hadaria. This school tutors purely Allar and Slizzar, as well as the subraces of Allar capable of advanced thought and learning. Al-Allar receive a reduced cost of tuition. It is located in Hal Pormonth.
  • L'Académie de Bouteil de Mordealé: Not just one school, but a chain of academies found across Ithania with their main campus established in the capital. The School of Bouteil de Mordealé gives access to anyone in its various regional schools (which can be found nearly anywhere), but the campus in the Lapalaise Plus-rême accepts mostly Ailor with a preference for women.
  • Die Akademie von Kaiseman: The Regalian Academy for alchemy and alchemical experimentation, the Akademie von Kaiser is accepting of anyone of any race or culture and is taught by some of the finest Ailor and Allar alchemists on the Regalian Archipelago, with certain other races working as researchers or teaching assistants. Imperialized individuals can join the Akademie von Kaiser for a lower price, and often receive more praise and personal attention from teachers.


While the practice and application of very trivial and basic Alchemy has existed for well beyond recorded history, the Academies and Schools of Alchemy are far more recent in creation. The first Academies that instructed people in Alchemy in any kind of official capacity were established by the Al-Allar in their former homeland of Sendras. While the advanced knowledge was formerly only contained in Sendras, after it was released many other people all took a deep interest in the sort of natural magic of Alchemy. From there it spread further and several officiated academies were born from it, all with the idea in mind that they would progress farther than one another. This was especially the case after the Regalian Empire took Hadaria into their fold, forcing the Allar into their Empire en-masse. In its current position, Alchemy is in a constant state of progressing and expanding as the various academies and individuals all taking part in experimentation.

Code of Conduct

  • Characters involved in the School of Alchemy should look down upon Magic being used in general, and especially where concerned with using Magic to solve problems that could be solved with Alchemy instead.
  • Characters involved in the School of Alchemy should take note from the School of Medicine’s Oath of No Harm and try to keep a similar mindset, but understand that sometimes doing harm is necessary in certain situations.


  • Many Student level alchemists attending non-official academies have been known to walk around with their eyebrows missing, as many volatile chemicals are introduced that year.
  • Experimentation is not only viewed in a positive light, but also actively encouraged at any level of Alchemy. While levels below Expert and Grandmaster are not likely to uncover any secrets, it is not unheard of for a group or one very lucky individual to be able to. Official academies also offer decreased tuition for individuals who partake in experimentation.
  • Certain recipes for dangerous alchemical concoctions are only known by Grandmasters.

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