School of Feer-Drakken

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School of Feer-Drakken
Combat Schools
Race Any Muscular or Strongman
Location Regalia or Anglia
Origins Anglia

The School of Feer-Drakken is a military discipline that focuses on the usage of heavy Blades, such as Great Swords and Longswords. The combat school entirely relies on the use of these heavy weapons to inflict brutish blows, constantly barraging a foe with little to no regard for parrying, dodging, or defense. The entire idea of the school is to utterly overwhelm an opponent with large weapons and heavy strikes, so that any misstep on the enemy’s part will be a fatal one. The School of Feer-Drakken and the School of Turall are often used in contrast with one another as the giant and the giant’s bane, in that Turall Bladesmen are uniquely equipped to disable Feer-Drakken fighters, though in every other field the Feer-Drakken can go toe to toe with anyone and even break the defense of the School of Blackmark. Feer-Drakkeners are also extremely vulnerable to ranged weapons, but often make up for this deficiency by wearing heavy armor. The name Feer-Drakken is a combination of the Anglian word for feather, being veer, and Dragon being Drakken. The school itself carries an homage to the Feathered Dragons of Anglia in that they were always considered the apex predator that lived there before their supposed extinction. The Feer-Drakkeners, as their fighters are called, aim to perfect their aggressive combat technique of swinging heavy things around to also become the apex warrior of Anglia, but perhaps also the world beyond.

School Location

The Academy of Feer-Drakken is located in the city of Magnamere in the Anglian countryside of the Regalian Archipelago. Formally, the School of Magnamere as a boarding school only accepts Ailors. However, private tutors of the School of Feer-Drakken also teach from the Regalian capital itself at a somewhat increased training fee, yet open to any and all races.

OOC Rules for the Order

  • Men who practice this combat style should always aim for the Body Shape ideal of Strongman, though Muscular may also be used at a slightly reduced rate of efficiency.


The School of Feer-Drakken, unlike most other disciplines of combat, did not come about by any individual or group of men at a predestined point. Over the progression of the first century after cataclysm, Anglian men proficient with large weapons created a local tradition to challenge each other in the fields of Trestamere. There they would have matches of physical prowess and technique over their weapons to test who was the strongest. As other combat schools arose around them over time, they agreed to slowly share skills and techniques with one another to remain competitive in the growing military atmosphere of the Regalian Empire. As time went by, the group of warriors (which often got new blood due to frequent deaths in war at the time), unofficially formed together and started teaching as well to further their arts and induce new views into their community. As such, the capital of Trestamere, Magnaar, became a hub for weapon users of anything excessively large to train and hone their skills.

By 178 AC, the local rulers chose to avoid complicating daily life due to large, burly men swinging heavy weapons around in the street and instead had them assigned a specific plot of land away from the city. A few hefty donations and a decade later, and a proper military academy was standing in a place where previously only empty fields lay. The School of Feer-Drakken retained its very non-structured approach; as opposed to teachers, the students are all fellow students, and everyone trains together and constantly exchanges techniques. While Anglians are innately racist and xenophobic even to other cultures, at the School of Feer-Drakken, they see past creeds and colors to further their military art in homage to the Feathered Dragons, even if the new recruits don’t necessarily revere or even acknowledge the now-extinct Dragons as a worthwhile target for deference.


  • Many Imperial Guards as well as the Household Guard of the Sovereign Princes of Anglia are those trained in the School of Feer-Drakken.
  • The School of Feer-Drakken does not have a hierarchy or a teacher, nor do they really have any particular symbols to themselves, but when represented in local military parades, they sometimes have a banner depicting a Feathered Dragon on a solid blue canvas.
  • The School of Feer-Drakken is a full-fledged combat discipline that is actually quite popular among the taller and broader warriors of the Empire, but it has nonetheless never been truly represented in official capacity. For example, it lacks official representation as the Turall Bladesmen and Viridian Knights have due to their absence of a structured organization and leadership.

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