School of Feer-Drakken

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School of Feer-Drakken
Proficiencies Blunt Combat Skill, Extra Heavy Combat Skill, Athletic Training
Race Any Race capable of reaching Muscular or Strongman Body Build
Location Anglia
Origins Anglia

The School of Feer-Drakken is Anglia’s notorious heart for developing great brute strength warriors for the armies of the Regalian Empire. The school focuses on large weapons and on delivering an absolute bombardment of constant swings and driving hits, with no intent on dodging or parrying attacks, in an endless and aggressive push forward. The School largely takes its structural and thematic inspirations from Dragons and is considered a bastion of Dragon Worship as a result, though, with the rise of the Imperial Dragon, this has been seen as an act of tremendous foresight instead of drawing the ridicule it once did.


The School of Feer-Drakken did not come about through the plans of any one individual. In 100 AC, a tradition in the Anglian territory of Trestamere began between men of Anglia who could wield large weapons. Near the green fields of tea, they had matches of physical prowess and technique over their weapons to test who was the strongest. As other Combat Schools arose around them in Anglia and the wider Regalian Empire, these men agreed to share skills and techniques with one another to remain competitive among the growing military atmosphere of the Empire. As time went by, the group of warriors unofficially formed together and started sharing techniques to further their arts and present new views on combat to their communities. As such, the capital of Trestamere, Magnaar, became a hub for users of any excessively large weaponry to train and hone their skills. In 178 AC, the local rulers chose to avoid complicating daily life due to large, burly men swinging heavy weapons around in the street and instead assigned them a specific plot of land away from the city. A few hefty donations and a decade later, a proper military academy was standing in a place where previously only empty fields lay. The School has survived over the past century thanks to its notoriety, with its focus on Dragon iconography earning a high number of new applicants in the wake of the Imperial Dragon’s new importance in Unionism.


The Academy of Feer-Drakken is located outside the city of Magnamere in the Anglian countryside of the Regalian Archipelago. It previously only accepted Anglian nobility and already partially-trained warriors who were admitted after extensive testing. But in more recent times, it has opened up to accepting more common folk along and other Races, training even the newest of students. However, the barrier on gender remains.

Code of Conduct

Students of Feer-Drakken follow a tight schedule and are heavily disciplined with little to no time for goofing about between classes and events; they are taught discipline before anything else. The school believes patience and discipline are the two main factors in motivating a student to continue their training. Students are given a strict curfew with punishments for those who don’t obey. Despite the restrictions placed on their students, they also believe in letting their students be men; their events are awash with alcohol, crudely-displayed female waiters, and other “fraternity building” exercises. As such, by the time of graduation, students have excellent skills in organization, lack procrastination, and are generally good schedule-keepers, but can still celebrate with the best of anyone.


The School of Ferr-Drakken has a long and tedious learning curve given the intricacies and danger of heavy weapons. It takes at least six years for a student to graduate, though many students stay on for four extra years to move beyond principles and specialize in a specific heavy weapon. In their earliest months, they study smaller weapons and work on principles on how to scale them up into larger weapons. Students are further divided into weight classes to ensure they face similarly built opponents when they use their heavy weapons, producing small groups that work together. In some cases, based on the weapon the student is pursuing, they won’t handle it until halfway into their mandatory six years in the school. Due to this, many students are set to drop out for not being able to master the craft immediately or in a short amount of time. The process is not as much of a waste of time as some feel, as the students also frequently exercise and thus maintain a well-muscled form. By the end of their six years, they will have also learned basic skills with their weapon of choice, such as swings, slashes and heavy bashes.

At the same time all of this is going on, the students are also learning brotherhood through a complex internalized system of “House” factions. Students are separated among the different groups based on where their interests lay and sometimes also where they are from. Each “House” has a different flag and Dragon to represent them, being the Blue Crown Dragon, Red Mountain Dragon, and the Violet Night Dragon. The Blue Crown Dragon students, more commonly nicknamed as “Crowners,” are known to focus more on bastard and long-swords and are better suited for one-on-one combat. Their House is greatly known for having the most children of Noble House lineages graduate from it. Red Mountain Dragon, colloquially “Fire’s Fury,” are known to be the warriors with the heaviest of weapons within the School and are focused on combating small groups. House Violet Night Dragon have no nickname and are reputed for having the “weakest” members of the School, as many who are sorted into this category pursue military or mercenary leadership careers in officer and frontline leadership over the life of a footsoldier or guard. Few if any of them stay the full ten years, desiring to move on to learning these other skills. All of this helps the Feer-Drakken learn fellowship through friendly competition between the “Houses.”

OOC Rules for the School

  • All Feer-Drakken graduates are primarily male. Though female graduates are not unheard of, they’re insanely rare, and Character Applications for female graduates must have a careful and logical explanation for their acceptance into the School (and their ability to deal with tremendous amounts of gender discrimination).


  • On April the 16th, the day of Anglia’s Dragon Festival Day, all Feer-Drakken students are sent out for the day to help with the festival's set-up. Each “House” is in charge of an event. The Violet Night Dragons hold great speeches of their plans after graduating and to honor current generals and military officials. The students of Red Fire Dragon often hold spars against one another for the enjoyment of the festival goers. The Blue Crown Dragon students are known for participating in heavy drinking competitions against the townsfolk.

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